”It’s okay, we eat can also be packaged.”
  ”Snow goose, eating here is not cheap.We’d save a little better, do not you think?”
  Just when they spoke, a big tall height of at least nine meters in front of the table where they came, “Yan Zi, a dinner party?”
  Liang Xueyan There was a time not seen Big Brother, she heard a familiar voice looked up, smiling, looking at come.Then think of himself flanked by friends, she quickly got up and introduced to Big Brother.
  ”Brother, she is my good friend Jiangxia.Do you know how 广州桑拿clever you?Her lover is the younger brother of Lu Shaoyang with your department, Liu Ming Hai Nguyen and their children.Sciascia sister, he is my brother Liang Sibo.Brother, you do a follow up sister?”
  Liangsi Bo looked at the two children and Jiangxia, politely greeting “Hello!Welcome to Beijing to play.”
  Ranging from their response, he immediately turned around to see my sister, “I am here today with my colleagues come together to eat, do not you sister.What you want to eat casually point, I came a little later checkout.I still do, first passed.”
  Turn around, he looked more than Jiangxia.Such a beautiful young girl, willing to give people when stepmother?
  Sister from small to large this is the first time such a solemn introduction to his friends, he slightly narrowed his eyes, not that he did not believe her sister’s eyes, I hope he is more like a.
  Jiangxia did not miss Liang Sibo fundus inquiry, put that cup down and took a drink.The world is so, the more resources people have, the less easy to believe.They always feel that someone close to them has a purpose.
  Some good eating table, Jiangxia suddenly no appetite.
  Whether it is before or after crossing the crossing, obey their own original mind she live.Do not watch others face, nor the Virgin to empathize consider the issue; Nguyen was an accident, because she is like most of their childhood, for her own good like a good general.
  Lu Jiang’s family and the family of her good, she can still go back ten or even a hundred.However, she would not because I like Liang Xueyan this friend, and her brother Liang Sibo, it means tolerance and understanding of his eyes just rude.
  ”Sciascia sister, how you?”Liang Xueyan teach children with dough and sauce roast duck wrapped it, turned around and found the time to Jiangxia almost less Dongkuaizi.
  Jiangxia gentle smile, “may be too hot, I was a little stuffy oil.”
  See the children to eat sweet, she did not just put things at ease on.By chance the toilet, they will Jiangxia this table meal of financial settlement, a total of fourteen seven cents, really cheap borne.
  Liang Xueyan sensitive mind, she obviously found brother to play after the greeting, the atmosphere had changed on the table.Sciascia sister is still the same to her, talk to her, but she can not tell in the end where not the same.
  After lunch, take a nap Jiangxia take the children back, the two were in front of the store duck.
  Sitting in the back of the school bus, Lu Haiming Jiang Xiahuai asleep in there.Liu Jiangxia Nguyen against him, looked up at her, “Sciascia, I want to grow up faster.”
  ”I do not like snow goose sister’s big brother watching our eyes.”Liu Ruan clenched fist, small eyes, abnormal persistence.
  Jiangxia empty out his hand, touched Liu Nguyen’s head, “You little Crafty.Not in such a hurry to grow up, you grow up, you’ll miss the time now.If we care too much about other people’s eyes, it would mean that live very tired.Every day a happy heart Do not you?”
  Liu Ruan Sidongfeidong nodded, no one ever told her these past.Jia广州桑拿网ngxia holding her arm, attachment to rub the rub.
  Back to the dormitory, Lu Shaoyang is collating information.He heard the door opening movement, quickly got up and meet the past.

  But so, when the host asked why, the more rice is actually just looking for 杭州夜网论坛a reason to stall in the past, no wonder people are too Tang Siu-tong dog, she was often bullied like BAB.
  The more such nonsense meters, we are also happy to hear, finally finished the rice until the rice to Tang Tang’s remarks.
  M kinda more at ease.
  Although he and Tang Tang daily chat is hate each other, but he felt, he was a kind and Tang Siu-tong lady friend.
  After the phone call in the past, Tang Tang notes on your phone shows up, a brief silence, laughter scene of even greater.
  Meters of the Hall turned his head, neat five characters on the big screen.
  [Stupid than the little boy]
  The more meters:???
  The moderator laugh clutching his stomach squatting to go up, Tang Tang leisurely received a cell phone, facing the rice blinked, “satisfied with it?”
  The more meters:.
  ”Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”, the scene j上海夜网ust can not stop laughing, rice collapsed in the overwhelming burst of laughter, “wow you too dog!”
  ”After all false love pretend dog brother thing,” Tang Siu-tong Road.
  Okay, not brake the scene laugh more.
  Moderator fully convinced that this program to be broadcast, but also a new high ratings.
  The more rice was really hit the notes to, until the program has finished recording the complaint Tang Tang chasing a trial of strength, “You said you had not excessive, you first single off you have handled right, you say you abandoned your brother dogs are not dogs, where I was wrong, and you told me that I am stupid stupid than not, you give me change overnight.”
  It’s that fooling around out of the studio, the more rice economy people are happy to see their slapstick, look around, Tang Siu-tong of economic man has not come yet, Tang Tang is preparing to ask whether or not the way her home.
  If not open, the distance a bunch of lights playing over, economic man glanced flair that was extremely attracted to models.
  TM really handsome car bombing this.
  This car is not eight digits?
  M more importune also car slid slowly came glanced a Saowan and a sweep second eye.
  FML, loud noise so familiar it.

  ”S深圳桑拿网hirley, this is your educated boy!”Ruan Fang old woman staring at a face rain, Yin Cece said..
  This face, like most of the sub-old woman.
  Granny looked at the square in front of can not wait for this to spend two to scratch.
  I had never heard this revolt of Fang Xiulan in time and shoved the rise, “the old lady, how about my daughter, you fail to get outsiders to say over.”
  ”Against the days you!”
  Fang Xiulan unwilling to compromise, “Gu Yu Fang did not you say it?Give a book Ruan Yang Lin, considered look at the last Fang face the situation, and since then, Ruan Fang and has nothing to do!”In the end he left a third of the sensibilities, not to tear out of the life experience of things on the spot.
  Granny square angrily, “You’re a dead girl would, wings hard??Finally brought you, and you also cut off from her family!”Talking old woman sitting on the floor side Sapo up,” folks Laikankana!How can this girl ah!She married after her family’s life and death on the matter, and this is simply unconscionable ah!”
  ”My old woman beaten to death ah child!”
  Granny naughty side after this, all the people around to watch, and we Huoer for Granny parties are strange, because Fang Xiulan married for so many years, she was a never went to the house of Nguyen.
  Even then Ruan Fang engagement and time, but also people who go Ruan Fang, Fang’s never been atop the seven-phase Pass Village to see, that is, they Fang Xiulan for this girl is not at all not at ease on.
  Fang Xiulan’s thin face, this is Granny naughty side, her face flushed, under an emergency, she hastily shouted, “Mother, you in the end doing?I have to look at you and Guohua divorce was satisfied it??”
  Granny had trouble parties of that time, almost did not let her come and go with Guohua, also let her mother do not like their own.
  Granny square Comin this trouble, let Fang Xiulan think of things before.
  Her words a rhetorical question, square Granny cried more powerful, just do not say.
  Ruan Fang rain Granny looked so like Sapo, she ordered the Ruan Zhiwu the yard of deck chairs and small tables are moved over, above put a lot of eating, we are curious why it would move this thing?
  Are you going to entertain the family on this Fang Xiulan!
  Who knows, Nguyen Han rain, the tables and chairs are put on the fruit, to the Fang Xiulan on the couch one click, “Mom, if广州桑拿 someone you sing opera, you just listen, this is not free money, tired of listening up, drink water, eat grapes guard against shock, anyway, we have plenty of time Haozhe!”
  As juniors they treat their elders can not play, can not curse, she’d like to see this side of Granny also howl it down??
  Nguyen said the rain, the word went around to watch the people, looked at each other, especially being looked at by Nguyen rain on loungers Fang Xiulan, tilted his legs, the girl responsible for feeding her grapes, the younger son called her fan, with the eldest son Like hill, the former head erect, looked at it like, as long as the Fang people dared stepped forward, fists can not have eyes.
  Also not to mention, it does look like a drama.
  Quite relaxed.

  Shen Yu:.
  Finally, Shen Xia广州桑拿网o finalized: “I take her to tomorrow.”
  Shen Yu surprised, subconsciously refused and said: “No, no, Uncle Li gave me on the line!”
  Shen Xiao looked up to stare at her, “he is to continue in the house, or I send you to, a second election.”
  Shen Yu:.
  Ooo, ooo, she can not choose the third??!

Chapter 25
  Shen Yu feet wrapped around gauze, mobility, is Shen Xiao upstairs hold up.
  In fact, she felt leaning on the wall, one foot jump is possible, but Shen Xiao said, that would seem silly.
  Shen Yu found that Shen Xiao poisonous tongue level is quite high.
  But he has been hugged, Shen Yu is still a little awkward, especially in the case of her saying they were still unqualified.
  So cheap mouth can not help but ask: “Do not you think you re?”
  Shen Xiao take the cold eyes swept her, and said: “I will hold it move you, Uncle Li do want to change, you have long since been crushed to death.”
  Shen Yu:.
  After being sent back to the room, Shen Yu was placed directly on the bed.
  Shen Xiao people go down, seemed very impatient, but went to the door, turned around and was told one, “feet are not allowed to touch the water.”Having gone close.
  Shen Yu lying in bed, exhaled a long breath, then stared at the ceiling daze.
  Shen Xiao Although it is a snake spirit disease, but privately live a long time, but that he is actually a very.Very soft person, but I was scared to his appearance, and thus see his nature.
  In the story in the novel, perhaps this is his hidden attribute, which makes him get along with white Mu Qing, the gradually overcome, finally won, after that let the white Mu Qing stir up trouble, do whatever they want, until completely blackened.

  Wait more than five minutes early, Shen behavior has not come back.
  She bit his lip, tell yourself sink behavior is absolutely impossible to leave her while bored brush with news, waited a few minutes, Shen behavior is finally back.
  Teenage take a black suit and a black bag, she handed her silence.
  Ran Ran took any unknown so, looked at the bag, feeling the body’s blood should be frozen.
  A bag package of sanitary napkins and shocking.A box of disposable underwear.
  She staggering to see him, has not yet had time to say anything, Shen Qing Ke soon behavior, turned away, “I’m waiting for you outside.”
  Ran Ran holding that any piece suit and black bags for a moment, a little embarrassed, and I feel a bit complicated, she kept trained on two black bag stuff looked for a moment, a little helpless laugh.
  Also, it is just that her performance, it is not difficult to guess yourself aunt, right.
  But, I did not expect to be so careful even sink behavior, and even thought of disposable underwear.
  Not suppress her face burned up, reached for the table of warm water to drink a few mouthfuls, depressed heart tremor.
  When she’s out of the restaurant grinding mill chirp, Shen behavior was standing under the street light smoke, dimly lit, clean smoke obscured his face, he lift eye over here, he asked her: “ticket bought yet?”
  Ran Ran had any little embarrassed, but he changed the subject, she was logical next, “bought.”
  Shen behavior extinguish a cigarette, and looked faint, he said: “ah.I still do tomorrow, do not send you a.”
  Ran Ran either busy waved and said: “Do not send!”
  She’s still around his waist suit, just the thought of things distress to death, bite Yaochun sound as fine as mosquito and thank h苏州夜网im: “Just.thank you.”
  When the car drove to the hotel, Shen did not get off behavior.
  Ran Ran still misses any self-aroundOwn body suit, a little embarrassed to ask: “Do you have a suit you?This dirty.I’ll buy you another one, OK?”
  ”No, I have.”
  Any Ran Ran hesitated a moment, after all, she was not very familiar with Jincheng, but also to go home tomorrow, also no longer insisted, and he waved and said: “ah, all right.I returned back to you after the Royal Park.”
  ”it is good.take a good rest.”

  In fact Kangguo Gong Seiko think no matter how, but since those sailors Yan does not fit ah, they’re not the person Fang!Where civilians are generally seen such a parade, hang back there, too frightened to move there, more clever altogether jump into the sea a run of.Without them, the rest can not be rowing boat.
  Author has to say: Good night!

Chapter 197
  Fang private soldiers are not accustomed to this rough sea, the violent shaking of a seagoing ship is dizziness, vomiting, plus warships violent attacks, many people lost their fighting spirit.
  The rest have the energy to fight back the Quiver, sometimes the air staggered arrows such as locusts showers, dense.
  Where a sea vessel on fire, fire into the sky, swept the.People exclaimed, screaming, a lot of poorly water-hooded private soldiers were forced to jump into the sea, not because of floating and submerged by the sea.
  While the other attempts to close a vessel, is equipped warships ‘shaft to’ attack.What ‘shot lever’, that is, a pillar supporting a large crossbar, and then mounted on top of rock, with a rope traction after release rope near the enemy ships, on hitting the falling boulder Hull, you can Crush hull.Also can be used repeatedly, super-powerful in the water war, it is a very powerful weapon.
  Ships was so striking, square furniture soldiers had a chance to climb the ship, the ship will fall together with the precarious sea, hands fluttering helplessly howling for help.
  The remaining vessels under strict home sailor timid, not the person has no oars. Walking around in circles can not forward, is unable to move into attack.
  It’s pretty stuck, and in the face of absolute advantage that they are next to useless backhand force, Christians have thousands of troops, but did not pl苏州夜网ay power play.
  Yan Lord every family in the side as Shaikang shaking, his mouth muttered: “This is the end!”
  I do not know who came on board the main cries, Kang Guogong Seiko pull off crazy eyes flashed, he reconciled himself to be so embarrassed to leave, like hedge the fight, intimidate the trembling sailors: “Give me a hard draw, rush!”
  Main ship helpless to find a direction, hooded rushed past the interception in front of two warships to cross react quickly to intercept, while the Rockets shot.
  Bow on fire, patrol Kangguo Gong Li Zhong Seiko back, shouting it is approached the fire.
  Board chaos into a group, strict family inadvertently hide when early I do not know where to go, pessimism spread in the atmosphere.

  Cheng Nan Where to eat rice.
  Hides a heart like little rabbits, butterflies in their stomachs jump.
  She heard Xiao Yu said the mother was a school teacher called Song, the teacher Xiao Yu Song also saw the mother office.
  ”Oh, your mother gentle good.”Xiao Yu said:” I was afraid she scolded me, and she still smiled at me, do not be afraid, your mother promised me, you say curse.But how your mother so young ah?Feeling like your mother, your sister like.”
  But two weeks before the journey south just thin苏州桑拿k of her performance declined what my mom said, she was afraid that if she let her mother know that because of puppy love was a result of decreased performance, it would be more angry.
  Carefully, she’s a peek at one of Mom.
  .Mother eat eat incense.
  North Cheng finished, sitting did not move, look south and see if Gu Cheng sleep.
  Gu sleep also finished, poured himself a glass of juice, slowly sipping a mouthful.
  Cheng Nan finished a man under pressure the rest of the half-bowl too.
  ”Gorged?”Gu asked Mian.
  Cheng did not speak north.
  Cheng Nan whispered: “Yes,深圳桑拿.”
  ”Little Nan told me to go upstairs, wash bowl small North.”Mian said Gu stood up holding juice.
  Cheng North froze a moment to react: “dishes?”

  Nie Long said: “Who’s doing here today to talk about?”
  Someone raised their paws.
  Nie Long looked unexpectedly found himself dumpling middle brother also, he raised his hand, his side also followed a short dumpling raised his hand slightly unsteadily.
  Long Nie rushed to appease his brother nodded, indicating short dumpling say.
  ”My father said to come to school!”Dwarf dumpling put stumbling, finished flushed face loo北京兔兔体验网king up.
  Nie Long press a hand press, gave an encouraging smile, “You are what your family’s small son?”
  ”Back then the empress.”
  ”Shouted Mr..”
  ”Mr. back then, boy father is Prince Luan.”
  Nie Long flipped through the pages, Luan Jun Wang reported the two, a man and a woman.There is a short dumpl杭州夜网论坛ing around and looks like he has a third of girls, timid, she did not dare to lift head hidden behind his brother.

Chapter 31
  Nie Long led a group of Jingui dumpling who entered the school hall.
  Renovated in school is to ask several court craftsman and artist to help.

  ”Guess Boa?”
  Nie came over Long pushed his handsome face, lazy voice, “the emperor you more naive!”
  Xipi广州桑拿网xiaolian man, hang on her side of the trunk, a hand cross over, on her waist.
  ”Since it yesterday, slept more, and then lie down to go to the scrap.”
  Chu Ji sleep on the outside, a not stopping, the first to get up, give her TENDATA children, but also reach out guarding, “BoA action you tap, the future of these tables with foot of the bed ah what are careful do not knock the.”
  ”I have been ordered to repairing some of the fillet Imperial Household furniture, the first batch of changed.”
  Nie Long: “.The pregnant Chenqie not worry, you blind Do not be nervous?”
  ”Besides, I am not pregnant with a child without limbs do not have eyes, hey naturally not to hit the top.”
  ”Be careful what wish, you Biexian trouble.”
  Yesterday imperial doctor left, the school where the group of brats let An Gonggong dismissed, witty little dumplings were not willing to go clubbing in the yard, little short hands on her hips, her arms, pushing protest, may have the momentum.
  The stronges杭州桑拿t school in the tallest high-Chu is the tiger dumplings, even if usually naughty love with Mr. choking sound, the heart can tiger dumplings, Mr. also quite component,
  He stood in front of Chu stood far in school on these two thorn dumpling, dumpling small remaining in their leadership, confrontation with An Gonggong.
  Handsome dumpling plays the role of a small army, division, he whispered next to Chu Chu far higher: “Mr have to ask how, and did not wake up wake up?Should not matter?No classes on tomorrow, otherwise we will not go.”
  Chu high Hutouhunao, fat belly held high, upturned chin, scripted to say, so much myself also added drama: “An Gonggong, we will wait here, Mr. awake, not noisy person.”

  ”Slaves know, thank horse steward teachings.”
  Meng Wei back to the house, thought, today wearing clothes that the body is a big draw knife, furthermore has infected a lot of blood, this ancient say soap can be no modern soap, scouring powder or something strong, so it simply can not get rid of blood.
  But Second maid said she rose, then that is the time she wears maid that is not the third class of faint pink muslin dress, but the second maidservants lake green clothes, so the clothes this time since Maguan the future is useless.
  Mengwei simply split into palm-sized clothes Unexpectedly, the ice pack in Bridgend side, disposed at the four corners.
  This is a look at the ice with the rest of the debris, she can still remember doing iced juice before time housekeeper people sent ice but that encircle the two large rectangular ice, but they were only masters Fuchu some treatment.
  Before Mengwei night hot uncomfortable when Lin aunt have asked, but the answer to the horse steward said almost, the servants are not eligible to use this ice, perhaps as this Houfu housekeeper or a little right to use but like her little servant girl is absolutely impossible with ice.
  Just because when this ancient ice is a winter collection, placed in the icehouse, wait until the summer of wealthy family who will spend money buy.
  To know that in ancient times there is no air conditioning, no fans even if just open the window, that’s completely unable to feel cool, is Mengwei these days are often hot to sleep half awake or wake up in a sweat.
  So even if only some of the ice, but to let her sleep extends the Shuang Shuang, Meng Wei naturally not mind, but some unfortunately, this day she can enjoy 3 days.
  With ice, Mengwei really wok苏州夜网e up to a Shuishui.
  But to say that he woke up, because these days often get up early to make breakfast Ye Zichuan changing the pattern, but also used to get up early, it is almost time, even if some hardship, but also instantly awake.
  Since I woke up, looked at only four weeks corner faint water stains, presumably those that melting ice last night, too hot and evaporation from Tim a lot, this is only a little bit of water damage if she continued to sleep again, for fear that would be hotter wake.
  Meng Wei may not want to Chuyishenhan, which Houfu firewood is to spend money, even though a few coins, but she often makes a servant girl might boil water bath is hypocritical in the eyes of others, and feel Mengwei the change naive Lin aunt to help with a small stove.
  River Habitat homes are only men used to be, what orders北京夜网 the kitchen fire to cook on the line soon, but this summer Mengwei sometimes want to get up early a sweat bath, to remain so in the evening, now what did not, and if a long time, it is inevitable those who will not talk privately she also put a little maidservants maid spectrum.
  If so, it is rather Mengwei to buy a small stove, water heating is not easy to say, is the future in the winter, not cold, and she was asked earlier this Fuchu servant girl to the carbon can not all points of the winter, only First maid can divide some charcoal.
  Since up, think of yesterday to eat chili, Meng Wei could not help but also some greedy, and therefore go to the kitchen, even if she wanted to go out, we have not come to fill the belly?
  Meng Wei go, Auntie Lin has already begun, and she was very concerned to see her in the side to sit and rest: “Wei You have come to rest injured, let me know what you want to eat, I give you do.”
  ”Aunt Lin are you ready to do something?”
  ”Little Duke likes to eat dumplings, I’m going to Guantang dumplings.There are different from the bird’s nest soup and a small bowl of sweet-scented osmanthus cake pastry and salad cucumbers.”
  ”Lin aunt, what are you going to let me yesterday how well you prepare?”
  I’m a little embarrassed aunt: “pig to pork bellies with good preparation, that is, people have nothing to eat beef in the past, so a little while you want to buy can not buy.”
  Meng Wei learned that, although the big Lan Chao does not prohibit eating beef, but the general people but not many people willing to eat cattle, because cattle are the main source of arable land, let alone compared to pigs, cattle raising is more difficult and less quantity, Furthermore beef is not everyone will do, so this way, beef becomes scarce.
  Yesterday Mengwei do cold eating rabbit when suddenly thought of eating cold beef and lo, let Lin aunt tried to see if I can get beef and pork bellies.
  But while there is no beef, pork bellies but there are also good, but to do better and better lo.