”S深圳桑拿网hirley, this is your educated boy!”Ruan Fang old woman staring at a face rain, Yin Cece said..
  This face, like most of the sub-old woman.
  Granny looked at the square in front of can not wait for this to spend two to scratch.
  I had never heard this revolt of Fang Xiulan in time and shoved the rise, “the old lady, how about my daughter, you fail to get outsiders to say over.”
  ”Against the days you!”
  Fang Xiulan unwilling to compromise, “Gu Yu Fang did not you say it?Give a book Ruan Yang Lin, considered look at the last Fang face the situation, and since then, Ruan Fang and has nothing to do!”In the end he left a third of the sensibilities, not to tear out of the life experience of things on the spot.
  Granny square angrily, “You’re a dead girl would, wings hard??Finally brought you, and you also cut off from her family!”Talking old woman sitting on the floor side Sapo up,” folks Laikankana!How can this girl ah!She married after her family’s life and death on the matter, and this is simply unconscionable ah!”
  ”My old woman beaten to death ah child!”
  Granny naughty side after this, all the people around to watch, and we Huoer for Granny parties are strange, because Fang Xiulan married for so many years, she was a never went to the house of Nguyen.
  Even then Ruan Fang engagement and time, but also people who go Ruan Fang, Fang’s never been atop the seven-phase Pass Village to see, that is, they Fang Xiulan for this girl is not at all not at ease on.
  Fang Xiulan’s thin face, this is Granny naughty side, her face flushed, under an emergency, she hastily shouted, “Mother, you in the end doing?I have to look at you and Guohua divorce was satisfied it??”
  Granny had trouble parties of that time, almost did not let her come and go with Guohua, also let her mother do not like their own.
  Granny square Comin this trouble, let Fang Xiulan think of things before.
  Her words a rhetorical question, square Granny cried more powerful, just do not say.
  Ruan Fang rain Granny looked so like Sapo, she ordered the Ruan Zhiwu the yard of deck chairs and small tables are moved over, above put a lot of eating, we are curious why it would move this thing?
  Are you going to entertain the family on this Fang Xiulan!
  Who knows, Nguyen Han rain, the tables and chairs are put on the fruit, to the Fang Xiulan on the couch one click, “Mom, if广州桑拿 someone you sing opera, you just listen, this is not free money, tired of listening up, drink water, eat grapes guard against shock, anyway, we have plenty of time Haozhe!”
  As juniors they treat their elders can not play, can not curse, she’d like to see this side of Granny also howl it down??
  Nguyen said the rain, the word went around to watch the people, looked at each other, especially being looked at by Nguyen rain on loungers Fang Xiulan, tilted his legs, the girl responsible for feeding her grapes, the younger son called her fan, with the eldest son Like hill, the former head erect, looked at it like, as long as the Fang people dared stepped forward, fists can not have eyes.
  Also not to mention, it does look like a drama.
  Quite relaxed.

  Bae Yong Heng calm and said: “no harm, money can be spent from within the library I, as to manpower, but is more trouble, what is not down.”
  Fu Anzhuo retreat.
  Rites, the Ministry of War, Punishments, and Industry four Book a look, come on, do not struggle, His Majesty was killed anyway, so to do it.
  In fact, they can see such a policy is more conducive to the national selection of personnel, but.Too pull hate some.
  After a move to launch, His Majesty will draw more young people into the hands of the Cabinet will be a lot of power to the hands of the emperor tilt.
  Have to say, this really is a good trick two birds with one stone.
  Even cabinet ministers have been several pits, but they openly for the emperor is convinced this means.

Chapter 141 laid-Prince Shu
  Not long after, when Bae Yong Heng at the end of a flat light Zaozhao arrival, ordered the announced reforms regarding the assessment system of officials.
  Manchao uproar.
  Because the audience was a dull moment while it hilarious.
  Official imperial governance has always been the top priority of the world.Today, the assessment can be laid dow北京桑拿n to ensure basic literacy officials in place, but for the officials, the most important thing is the ability of their hard work.
  Even Heng-yu has a world of so much experience, he can not say that they have found the best way to choose any official officer.

  After Liu Shu heard about it, with their own people rush to the house to clean Han Lin again苏州夜网论坛, help her a lot of clothes, shoes, bags are moved in the past, daily necessities everything, even her refrigerator are filled with food and drink.
  Most of them can eat directly, is a small part of the ingredients.
  In fact, these things to other people to take care of it does not matter, but Liu Shu is not assured, always feel that they do best, he exclaimed, “children grow up is that the house has its own, it would not have to get up early to live, people need to cook it past the morning?”
  Lin Han: “.Liu Shu I really just go out occasionally live!”
  Liu Shu Han Lin of course know only occasionally short stay, although there are people in the past are cleaned daily, but take care not still a little worried.
  Lin Han still took some tongue comforted the family, she also called Lin Yao asked him to buy a house need not need her now in this area, Han Lin bought to help him.
  ”Recently it is not very busy?”Lin Yao pale and asked over the phone.
  He recently ready to come back, Lin Han ready to buy him a house, he felt that Lin Han is a man living in the district boring, deceives people want to know the past.
  He said, “I do not have to buy.”
  ”Ok.”Lin Han said..
  Anyway, she has bought a lot, and have a good decoration, Lin Yao If you want to set him straight to get away.
  Lin Han renovated house that night to live in the past, she can not own so much lived in the house, and ginger and if it were not in love, she do not want to move out to live.
  But no one else, only myself, feel quite free, although nobody at home with, but live by yourself feel good.
  Lin Han sitting on your couch, turn on the TV sound, the cat in her nest, her hand touched the cat head.
  Lin Han furry feel more than a couple of touch.
  She did not tell him downstairs in their own ginger and bought a house, because it is a new opening, some houses did not sell, and some owners have not yet sold furnished, so just let Lin Han bought so many.
  Ginger and not come home, Lin Han directly to his house picking up the dog out, in the district where yo.
  Lin Han excited to see the tea was not, whining around her feet and turn.
  She was wearing a thick coat, scarf and gloves, back a bag, which stood to drink tea, as well as paper towels and bags like mess of things.
  Because cold relationship, Lin Han dress and balls as.
  Outside is already very evening, the wind is not big, so not so cold, so I’m relieved Han.

ition, Xue spent bother moved, put aside his hoe, sweet potato mud to edge sideways on the side and stamped, Li Xuemei Liu Yunfang and sweet potatoes are dug, divided the family, can be divided into plots, and Yunfang miss Huai Li Xuemei pregnant do not li苏州夜网ve with, to borrow a hoe digging sweet potatoes help Li Xuemei, the old man said sub relaxed family day, I did not feel the slightest Yunfang, on the contrary that worked hard thing more, fear not afford large children grandson of tuition, the three children two daughter not son, daughter-belly not moving four or北京夜网 five With yet born daughter, from morning to night, it seems to have many things to do.

  See Xue Flower over, she put away the hoe, rub the calluses rub the palm, “Flower, what matter it?”
  ”Three sister-in-law, and more people you know, can not ask someone to help apply the chick and the duck, I want to raise chickens and ducks.”Chicken duck provisions, can not raise too much, otherwise it is dug corner of socialism, capitalist pies, will be brought approved commune cadres.Bucket, she was thinking of the Chinese New Year to kill the old hen, a duck and then raise two chickens.
  Yunfang frown, “you are not at home you have chicken?”Raising chickens and ducks trouble enough, people have enough to eat, where there is food chicken, chicken grow too bad, do not lay eggs, it might as well not raise.
  ”Yes, these days it does not lay e苏州桑拿ggs, skinny, leaving nothing to the New Year meat, I was wondering kill it!”
  Chicken people on the team much, much more chickens lay eggs, but also a good harvest this year, several families these days ask the chicken thing, she let the sons chicken, especially necessary to Li Xuemei, years later birth, not where you come from chicken eggs, eggs not to eat anything confinement?
  ”You ask just in time, I have yet to find out, I heard someone Chia Village deposited ten chickens, ducks I was not asked before, a few days I ask you to help.”Adopt a child like this chick and the duck, n

  ”You do when you pick concubine?”Qi Yue happy to white at him, but undeniably, this world there is capital to some people, is one of Qiyang.
  Sighed, she advised: “I have seen the Song un杭州桑拿cle, He was tough, if you are sincere, even if this matter, in order to avoid two enemies.”
  Qiyang sat up: “About my future wife’s father, sister-in-law you can say something?I want to match up go back to cheat wife.”
  Qi Yue: “.”
  ”Shut up, or go back to your co-pilot.”Lei Jun scold, Qiyang immediately shut up, sit plate board precisely body.
  After a quarter of an hour, the military card back to camp.
  Qiyang first jumped out, smiled and Qi Yue said: “sister in law, I’m going to the family the good news, such as the marriage date set, I send you invitations.”
  Before she could respond, he runs away.
  Qi Lei Jun Yue pulled the arm: “You’re not happy he got married and Song Sisi?”
  Lei Jun eye down, under cover complex emotions: “This is their business, I have no right to interfere.”
  ”Then happier.”Qi Yue took him by the深圳桑拿 arm and walked to the cafeteria,” I’m hungry, do not know what to eat at noon today in the canteen.”
  Lei Jun restrained mood: “It should be stewed cabbage turnip.”
  ”I remember that at noon yesterday turnip cabbage stew, do not like change?”
  ”Only the north Chinese cabbage and radish good storage.”
  Talking, they arrived in the cafeteria, Qi Yue found today really is cabbage turnip stew, she sighed: “When back home, I will give you send over eating.”
  ”No, I’m used to.”
  ”But I feel bad ah.”
  Qi Yue is really distressed, every day a large amount of training, where there is no adequate nutrition can shore?
  She made up his mind to go home to do more bacon bamboo shoots and the like by mail.
  Lei Jun shook his head: “I eat in the cafeteria, not a large gap with everyone.”
  Qi Yue can not find reason to refute, these plans had run aground, but fortunately a few days he returned to Beijing City, and she had personally inspected, th

  Qi Yue quickly pulled Liu Mei, toward the old man took the papers 杭州桑拿respectfully voice shouted: “Lu Xiaozhang.”County of origin was in high school for a year and a half of high school, naturally know the identity of the elderly.
  Lu Xiaozhang nearly sixty years, hale and hearty, a body washed white tunic, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, hearing her call him without looking up Enliaoyisheng, Yimushihang just to look at her score examination paper.
  Qi Yue and quietly to the side, etc..
  Lu Xiaozhang took only three minutes to read the papers to hand back to Liu Mei, and then looked at Qi Yue said: “Your papers do?”
  Qi Yue stunned for a moment to react is to give him that she Gufen, some regret, shaking his head: “I did not write.”
  ”Gufen yet?”Lu Xiaozhang asked.
  ”Overestimated.”Qi Yue took their blank papers, hesitated not handed to him, but they went ahead Lujiao Zhang took her pa南宁桑拿pers.
  No score on the paper, there are only a few left of the title by points, Lu Xiaozhang look more dignified, and finally shook some hands, he suddenly looked up and stare at her: “You do Gufen quasi?”
  Qi Yue some hesitation: “service three.”Some ambiguous place, she minimize the points, never give points.
  ”Then you tell me how you answer this question is.”Lu Xiaozhang pointing to a theory she lost her fifth title of the Syrian track.
  Qi Yue back to the thought for a moment, then she will answer smoothly original content that out.
  Lujiao Zhang did not give a comment, and then pointed to a minus point let her answer the question, she quickly gives the same answer, then the third Road, Fourth Road, until the last complete answer questions minus points, Lu Xiaozhang snapped the shot documented papers on the table, sta深圳桑拿网ring at her red eyes and asks: “are you in the end how assessment points?”
  Wyatt had aligned amazed onlookers candidates who are not looking to see Lu Xiaozhang, cou

  Who cares what the car does not drive ah.All rushed off to talk and fairies.
  Lu seventy-one direct apology, and then negotiate with them to see how they do.
  Three car owners want to leave Insurance.Finally, Lu seventy-one each vehicle directly to a sum of money, the money of the writings on the line.
  Lu seventy-one not signed, but off the ocean can ah.Owners who want to turn off the ocean’s signature, took the money, reluctantly drove away.
  Fairies like mood is not good, no wonder car get distracted.
  Will re-sit the car, there is no land seventy-one driving mood, Guan Yang did not, so the two men sat quietly, do not want to talk.
  Guan Yang mind still a bit chaotic, but a lot of things, he felt he straightened.However, Wen Xiaoya not determine the baby’s biological mother about it, I realized that this painful truth and to determine the relative, was more difficult to accept.
  Baby feelings and Lu Lu family home, is really too deep.She even willing to do cattle and horses in the land home, did not want to leave the land home, did not want to leave their parents, I want to cover parents upbringing of her home and land.Now, however, the facts placed in the front, they have been ignored dust dispersed, revealing a past history of true colors.
  The baby is not the former, but the latter.
  Lu seventy-one is now cluttered abnormal head.
  She is the child should be drained of blood, her father is

  He took a deep breath, calm down, open the mailbox.
  Pandora’s Box, has finally been opened.
  A fish made a video to San Wenshan.
  After Sang Yu debut, has enough money on hand and contacts, then that she dug out nanny Wei Chunmei.
  After leaving the mulberry family, Zhuo Li Wei Chunmei took her money to start a small business, a house and a car and her husband have a son, easy life is booming, among the middle class, happy.
  Sang Yu Wei Chunmei is to be found in fear, and in the psychological tactics Sang Yu, Wei Chunmei indirectly admit that the year.This scene was well prepared to record a video of Sangyu.
  Sang Yu Wei Chunmei threat, so she went to Zhuo Li, otherwise the video will be made public, to use their influence so that Wei Chunmei ruin your family no peace.
  Wei Chunme杭州桑拿i agreed, to this point, she had promised, or video outflow to the popularity of Sang Yu, a little stir up trouble, she 苏州桑拿would ruin.At the same time, there it was just an accomplice, the mastermind of what can stay out of grievances.
  Wei Chunmei about the Zhuoli out according to the instructions of Sang Yu, let Zhuoli admit that the year.All this is a full account recorded down.
  Sang Yu do this is to prepare Zhuoli hold that against her, she is a public figure, such a scandal enough to ruin her, she has not hesitated to guess at the worst point of view Zhuoli.
  But also to the breath, Sang Yu originally wanted the video thrown in the face of San Vincent, let him look at his own virtue pillow.
  Can be very clever, on that critical juncture, Sang Wenshan move a big surgery.At a small window on the ward, saw Sang Yu Zhuo Li Wenshan carefully fed mulberry medicine, the tw

  Well, these are not the focus, we are ready to focus on how to design the game, make him interesting, fun, attractive!The “Mario Brothers” would be a horizontal version of scrolling game.
  As the name suggests it’s not every hurdle as Battle City is a map, but rolled up like a scroll, we will continue to move forward with the protagonist slowly spread.Such an action would require new game screen is lateral movement, our program design put forward higher requirements.
  Programming is only one aspect, and game design is another aspect.The new game maps are more complex than Tankedaizhan, game content also contained more natural.Can stick players stop playing, it is the key to the success or failure of a game.How every level design, there are many worthy of our in-depth mining.
  For example, the difficulty of arrangement skills, after the first easy to difficult, and arrange the enemy from the trap of simple, safe start configuration, can not let a player to hang up.Give the player a process of adaptation and gradual addition of a little dangerous elements.Once players are familiar with the game, you can configure a combination of these traps and enemies, to guide the players to a higher degree of difficulty challenge.
  If you come on let the players do not play cards shut down, many players will choose to give up, so that even if the game behind the content again wonderful, and then also interesting to do useful work!
  Another example of how to grasp the rhythm of the game.When the link players across a very difficult

  ”Hush hush hush!”I put the oranges into his mouth teacher, too noisy.”The teacher, a small new students looking at you.”
  ”Wu Wuwu.”The teacher struggling to swallow the orange,” Why, then what, I said we still want to eat, then several more points, do not hesitate with the teacher.”
  ”Waiter!”The teacher a note soared past record eye knife, polecat and Caron instantly put his head to shrink under the table,” add another point watermelon juice, thank you.”
  The entire studio, including the new account is easy, a total of five students, a teacher.Easy is our new funding, saying that white is our boss.She is also responsible for the actual project and teachers pull together.I do not understand why she should inject us, her family is doing foreign trade business, she Creek easy as learning a financial management on the line, why invest in our construction site, or a group of rabble did not graduate.I said, how is her ‘sister daughter in law’, Yi River has posted a ‘silly money to speed’ label, an easy new again, how this can be won?I worry about my father ah.
  I put a new and easy to pull into the bathroom, “Why do you want to inject us?”
  ”Nor how much money there is to rent office supplies.