Wait more than five minutes early, Shen behavior has not come back.
  She bit his lip, tell yourself sink behavior is absolutely impossible to leave her while bored brush with news, waited a few minutes, Shen behavior is finally back.
  Teenage take a black suit and a black bag, she handed her silence.
  Ran Ran took any unknown so, looked at the bag, feeling the body’s blood should be frozen.
  A bag package of sanitary napkins and shocking.A box of disposable underwear.
  She staggering to see him, has not yet had time to say anything, Shen Qing Ke soon behavior, turned away, “I’m waiting for you outside.”
  Ran Ran holding that any piece suit and black bags for a moment, a little embarrassed, and I feel a bit complicated, she kept trained on two black bag stuff looked for a moment, a little helpless laugh.
  Also, it is just that her performance, it is not difficult to guess yourself aunt, right.
  But, I did not expect to be so careful even sink behavior, and even thought of disposable underwear.
  Not suppress her face burned up, reached for the table of warm water to drink a few mouthfuls, depressed heart tremor.
  When she’s out of the restaurant grinding mill chirp, Shen behavior was standing under the street light smoke, dimly lit, clean smoke obscured his face, he lift eye over here, he asked her: “ticket bought yet?”
  Ran Ran had any little embarrassed, but he changed the subject, she was logical next, “bought.”
  Shen behavior extinguish a cigarette, and looked faint, he said: “ah.I still do tomorrow, do not send you a.”
  Ran Ran either busy waved and said: “Do not send!”
  She’s still around his waist suit, just the thought of things distress to death, bite Yaochun sound as fine as mosquito and thank h苏州夜网im: “Just.thank you.”
  When the car drove to the hotel, Shen did not get off behavior.
  Ran Ran still misses any self-aroundOwn body suit, a little embarrassed to ask: “Do you have a suit you?This dirty.I’ll buy you another one, OK?”
  ”No, I have.”
  Any Ran Ran hesitated a moment, after all, she was not very familiar with Jincheng, but also to go home tomorrow, also no longer insisted, and he waved and said: “ah, all right.I returned back to you after the Royal Park.”
  ”it is good.take a good rest.”

  And this time, I heard that Pei Naochun own playing application, as well as people began to see a joke, that he is asking for trouble.
  High school graduating class of children, parents facing the entrance, all kind of sensitive psychological, recruit a few years ago of a small young teacher, teaching level is not, parents and students are attached to the principal’s office one day apply to replace lost, it can be not a good job.
  May never thought that Pei Naochun to high school, even themselves, and quickly made a favorite of students, head back to monthly exam, eight classes of math scores actually look up from seventh to first!
  Seventy-eight classes used to be a math teacher, achievement go hand in hand, with the countdown, for this thing the teacher, the principal worry too much pressure to the Pei Naochun, mathematics teaching put seven to be appointed to the high math teacher for two years period, the results of thought, a marking time, a Sahuan ran without stopping, which compete with established contractors, so that parents seven to sit still, several also move the relationship to the principal hit the phone application, have to let Pei teachers also teach their classes for the job.
  This stature, they organized a school principal no class math teachers and a few parents attend eight classes together something to see in the end is how kind of teaching that allows children to be reborn.
  Graduating class children many things, Pei Naochun recently hurry up, he took the lesson plan, then rush to the classroom, vigorous and resolute.
  Mobilize things, well beyond his imagination.
  Pei Naochun by the original body was recovered almost sent the key machine barely understand this world, according to his own memory and understanding of the development trend of the world, to work out a way consistent with the original body of the future.
  In the begin杭州桑拿洗浴ning, he was going to open a small side table, remedial classes to make money to support their family, while published, he played reputation in the industry for promotion while in high school, he would have thought had to wait, no one thought an opening, President Chen should immediately overjoyed the.
  He initially did not react, listen to the principal one that he realized it was the third year eight classes and seventy-eight class teacher math teacher, thirty this year, weak body bone, the early years of habitual abortion, for several years did not pregnant on the results of the final exam sophomore year just ended did not take long, she was dizzy dizzy in the classroom, a check know, there has been two months pregnant, she found the hospital threatened abortion, miscarriage asked her bed, in this case , President Chen also impress, only condolences to the other party, the other party to take good care of the body, then notched his head facing the graduating class of package.
  Pei Naochun It volunteered, just to solve his urgent needs, seen in Pei Naochun brought several papers submission, letting him go to a lecture eight classes after school, part-time math teacher also set up so finalized down.
  ”classmates.”He went to the door, I heard the noise inside, the first-person voice yet to come,” You too lively bar?”
  Classroom after another shouted a few good teacher, naughty boys points wink, funny face, holding exercises the students to study hard copies eager not wait to podium.
  ”Today is the open class, you can give the teacher some face.”Pei Naochun refers to the bench at the back of the blue, he did not do exercises beforehand, after all, his mind may be filled with a lot of things in the future, the development of the human brain domain, the potential for mining has been very thorough, has a set of near-perfect teaching mode, with the Pei Naochun look upon, whether it’s this memory method is to understand the way even to subject children to do, and they are far less than that time.
  ”Yes, sir!”That high class stood up most skin in the back, deliberately made a salute appearance.
  ”Do not trouble ah.”Pei Naochun intentional serious, could not help but break the power, amused smile, and these kids together, he does not consciously feel that they become vibrant up these days and daughter also have better common language, many times her daughter also took the initiative to find him chatting!

  Xiao letter more inclined to like the killer.
  In fact, she does not need so many pieces fall, after all it fifteen days to live, the large Luo Jin Sin also saved back.
  9526 has failed, it is only found in this world there is no trace of office space and time, that there is no mission, no information on the main line of the world.
  But nothing, even dead big deal to wear the next world.
  Xiao letter but said: “I always feel that the value of good and evil may have another meaning.”
  9526 Clueless.
  Since dawn, Xiao letter will not stay any longer in the dilapidated temple.Who are dust and blood coagulation, although the black dirt, but also very obvious.
  Pomiao are also Barren, benefit no one will be embarrassed this one to scare her, Xiao letter to find a stream, wash a little bit, but also see the pair of body lo佛山桑拿oks like, ah, very handsome ordinary, very humble.
  This is more so Xiao letter to believe that the original body is a killer.
  Although the original body is a woman, but it is hairdo, with young, looking more like a thin Shaonian Lang.
  After cleaning the hair bundles again, Xiao letter I felt hungry, the moment in the water to catch the fish, scraping scales sword went after internal organs, then cut a good branch good fire grilling fork at the top, Unfortunately, there is no crock pot and can only do so simple.
  Xiao letter thought, then turned into the woods, going to pick mushrooms and points can be used as a spice plant to.
  She spent only a little time, but came back by the fire Shique see more aggressive evil spirits with four burly Tahan, like just arrived, and almost wicked two words written on the face.
  One o深圳桑拿网f them cheeky treacherous, “I said since a fire, surely someone.”
  Another person look lean and looked at, “but looking at the way unlike money.”
  Looked like a burly, led by Han, “When is a good stick to your teeth, anyway, is just out for a walk.”
  Then Xiao letter ferocious, “I take the gold and silver I gave him to pay out.”
  This is the case of a robbery?Xiao letter calmly collected her things from the woods on the ground, then pulled out another sword at the waist, although she took the players just to cut complex branches shrubs among the trees Bale.
  The four bandits did not think this kid looked humble, actually also with the guy, but so emaciated, but how much, I am afraid that even the blood never seen it, in the hearts of Han laughed, and some unfortunately, is a boy , plundered much less than oil and water can only kill.

  M smiled feel Panpan.
  ”Mom, I went to work.”Hunters say hello meters out the door, riding a cable car to the factory.
  In recent years the popularity of artificial intelligence, new technology has a factory reform every year, are cut each year, the boss heard that they also intend to invest heavily in new equipment, the factory yard panic.
  To work, if we are afraid to say one more thing, for fear of being caught pigtail, to attack when they were lost work.These people, no culture can not hack it, age is not small, and easy to find work, but why on under the old and small, have a large family to feed.
  Boundless suffering head, rice daughter fa北京风月会所ce bitter, tongue also suffused with bitterness.
  Finally, commuting to the point.
  Panpan meters a loose shoulder, every day she is most easily commute to a few hours before going to bed, eat dinner and watch TV and play mobile phone.
  At dinner, rice is not a natural Lele.
  Rice rice Panpan a cross father: “You gave him the money.”
  Hunters meters lower down, what about chewing mouth vegetables.
  Father gas meters, would like to attack, but looking at the dead-meter daughter, suddenly deflated Jin.They wear nothing more than taking all these years had dried up, and when she did not go off.Always like this, others can not persuade them into her heart.As she then insisted on giving birth to children, and insisted Division Yangshuo together, bent and Liu Kun Lanna fooling around, people say she can not influence anything.Unless she hit a wall and hit his head, that time can listen to what is the use.
  Father frustrated a few meters 杭州龙凤网chops a few mouthfuls of rice, back to his house.
  M weak mother said: “Do not be so spoiled Lele.”
  ”Mom, I know, but this time is different, he does not g

  Ye Yingmei was amused: “Do not listen to your mother, your article just this body, sleek there Fuxiang, recruit people hurt most.Hunting for you do not worry, that’s fate yet.”
  Mei pinch pinch his face, flesh, bitter face and sai广州桑拿网d: “By the Yoshikoto aunt, I hope my fate was soon to.”
  Qi Yue was amused hate married her appearance, pointing to her: “You will lie to my mother, I still remember the post office you have a young man very attentive to you, you despise that person’s looks, or not his character?”
  ”Disdain.”Mei holding sad face,” since made friends with you, your family who have tall and thoughtful than the object in front of my eyes sudde杭州桑拿洗浴nly overstating a large margin, this town has no one can into my discernment.”
  ”So, you can not find the object also blame me slightly?”
  ”I am not blame you.We can say well, you led me single, your stomach baby I score half and let him know I do godmother, after he had to give me a pension.”
  ”Do you want beautifully, but I do not agree.Even my family in order to reduce the burden on baby, I have to introduce you to the object, so that you married off early.”Qi Yue down rhetoric.
  Liu Meishun pole climb: “Haoyahaoya, you introduced me, or let brother introduced me also, I like a soldier, military academy where students have no single?”
  Qi Yue laughing: “He does have a single military academy classmates, but they come from all over the country, marrying your home so that you do?”
  Mei eyes turn, lowered her voice and said:杭州桑拿洗浴 “I can fait accompli.”
  Qi Yue looked at her and did not speak, Liu Meili moment holding her arms like a baby: “Well sister, you help me pull pull strings.”The next second they face,” Do you want to help me, my rest of my life depends on your unborn baby.”
  Qi Yue hand pinch the soft flesh of her face: “OK, I’ll ask, to ensure not bad.”
  ”Whatever I have to thank you not.”Mei holding her arm while Niwai, Qi Yue was disgusted to open.
  Two are laughter, suddenly a National People’s Congress shouting “sister-in-law” into the small hospital alone, it is reaching out Qi Yue, Liu Me

  Han Zhen period of time is very interested in history, especially the founding emperor of the dynasty that period, whether it is unofficial or official history have read a lot, which of course record of ‘Black Flag’, the moment his right, the its origins, many exciting battle experience, and why was canceled last banner, hear Han confused mesmerizing, with relish.
  Last Korea confused laments: “都市体验网 ‘Black Flag’ is too great, and I’ll have the ‘Black Flag’!”He handed rhetoric.
  Some body feels comfortable, Han Zhen was pulling him up and said: “Well ambition, but we are now and to lay the foundation of it, and so grow up say!”
  Han Zhen originally these days are going to stay ‘ink Habitat’, let her mother before habits change, then have to pay attention to the next two concubines have no bad heart, determined to wait until the really harmless say.
  But ‘glory-life hospital’ sent people over, say Mrs. Yongning Hou to celebrate Seiko rising, so the whole family together for dinner to celebrate what.
  Houfu these days is a happy event take one, do not know banquet to eat a few times.Han Han Zhen had confused and changed clothes back together, and then went to ‘Wing-life hospital’, we would like to know where his mother 南宁夜网must also.
  When he arrived, heard him five aunt Liu’s saying something exaggerated, amused laugh in Yongning Ms. Hou.His mother sat quietly aside Peixiao, Han Wei and his brother and sister Hanmin Lan Di is also, obviously two very happy, his face alight!
  Father was important, their status also will rise, naturally happy event!
  杭州桑拿Please Anhang Li Zhen Han stand to the side, he glanced around, in addition to Yongning Fuchu Hou and his son did not in others almost have come.
  Liu also elated to speak: “Do as I say, this is a rare Houfu happy event, put together the feast days please friends and family is fun, you say Mrs.?”
  Liu natural bent forward caterer to do it, to the hei

  ”Thank you.”
  ”No trouble, I would have wanted to see the early Ming 深圳桑拿brother.Early Ming brother communications for many years, until just got it today.”
  Heng Yu curved lip chuckle, walking and 南宁夜网talking with Fangyu Hao.This is two years of the faithful, but also the same as the revolutionary comrades, these are smooth and slick people, do not have to worry about being cold field conditions.
  Then, please Fangyu Hao Heng Yu sent a car to light a fee Han people back to the hotel, he and Zhang Ge, Xiao Fangyu Hao Sheng, who along with three others went to participate in the welcoming dinner.
  Welcoming dinner has not yet begun, but already gather a lot of people, these are the same people promoting trade union executives, the mainstay of the revolution, Heng-yu, who had a good talk with them until dinner fast start Sunzai An hastily rushed over to participate this welcoming dinner.
  Heng Yu had just returned, and he just Sunzai An ordinary words Xu Xu, Yu Heng rested the next morning, Sun Zaian sent over this and ask淡水桑拿网ed him to discuss issues related to preparations for a large and established his government.
  December 30, held a big success.Heng-yu as important overseas representatives attended the meeting, Zhang Ge, Xiao Sheng also have a place.
  A large continued to convene three days, three days, hundreds of Chinese well-known politicians, celebrities together.
  At 22:00 on January 1 1905, it was over, formally announced the establishment of the Republic, followed by newspapers, radio, radio, the news quickly spread throughout the country.
  Then celebrating.
  Busy this matter, see Heng Yu Ping Cheng Lin back to the mother, to accompan

  Ten minutes later they finally crossed, diving Chen is the first thing children took their clothes in wood Hatta hands quickly put on, we just have it when in the hot springs pool wearing swimming trunks, when everyone change well, only his clothes when he was still bare obviously quite unnatural.
  Chen replaced diving swimming trunks when staring at Chen Feng Fei Qiuhuang diving back to see it, intently.
  Zhao Happy really can not see passed, coughed remind Feng Fei Qiu Huang: “See what see, never seen a man ah?”
  ”Men are not too rare.”Feng Fei Qiu Huang disdain:” You think I have to see how rare it?But he just’ve seen my clothes, and I certainly see how he was getting dressed, or I would not be a disadvantage?”
  ”You have not seen this theory.”Zhao Happy speechless.
  Chai Hatta at the moment vigilance is very strong, since they rid the country of the moment those officers began checking documents, prepare his heart was all used in the other’s body: “Miss Phoenix is probably looking for opportunities shot it?”
  Fengfei Qiuhuang face slightly changed.
  Indeed, eight diesel

  White leaves a box of a box walking down the door looked inside to find where that strange voice.
  At this point, across the face of approaching a woman, holding a bowl of steaming noodles, obviously from there just played hot water.
  Women figure is not high, but a good proportion, wrapped in a pair of jeans, big legs, to go look like catwalk models, general seductive.
  Woman giving her pigtails, facial looks as if coming out of a cartoon girl from the second element, the quiet and lovely, with a girl clothes line, more like a Japanese comic book heroine.
  But this time the woman carrying instant noodles, but it is wary of staring at his face white leaves, their voices are harsh and cold, he said.
  ”what are you doing?”
  White leaf Somewhat taken aback, I did not expect this will nosy pigtails.
  ”Haha, nothing.”
  Pigtails glared at him, carefully and leaves white pass, then came also step back, his face wary look, what to do if White leaves