But so, when the host asked why, the more rice is actually just looking for 杭州夜网论坛a reason to stall in the past, no wonder people are too Tang Siu-tong dog, she was often bullied like BAB.
  The more such nonsense meters, we are also happy to hear, finally finished the rice until the rice to Tang Tang’s remarks.
  M kinda more at ease.
  Although he and Tang Tang daily chat is hate each other, but he felt, he was a kind and Tang Siu-tong lady friend.
  After the phone call in the past, Tang Tang notes on your phone shows up, a brief silence, laughter scene of even greater.
  Meters of the Hall turned his head, neat five characters on the big screen.
  [Stupid than the little boy]
  The more meters:???
  The moderator laugh clutching his stomach squatting to go up, Tang Tang leisurely received a cell phone, facing the rice blinked, “satisfied with it?”
  The more meters:.
  ”Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”, the scene j上海夜网ust can not stop laughing, rice collapsed in the overwhelming burst of laughter, “wow you too dog!”
  ”After all false love pretend dog brother thing,” Tang Siu-tong Road.
  Okay, not brake the scene laugh more.
  Moderator fully convinced that this program to be broadcast, but also a new high ratings.
  The more rice was really hit the notes to, until the program has finished recording the complaint Tang Tang chasing a trial of strength, “You said you had not excessive, you first single off you have handled right, you say you abandoned your brother dogs are not dogs, where I was wrong, and you told me that I am stupid stupid than not, you give me change overnight.”
  It’s that fooling around out of the studio, the more rice economy people are happy to see their slapstick, look around, Tang Siu-tong of economic man has not come yet, Tang Tang is preparing to ask whether or not the way her home.
  If not open, the distance a bunch of lights playing over, economic man glanced flair that was extremely attracted to models.
  TM really handsome car bombing this.
  This car is not eight digits?
  M more importune also car slid slowly came glanced a Saowan and a sweep second eye.
  FML, loud noise so familiar it.

  A few minutes later, the aircraft silently across the sky, the reporters underneath, completely unaware that t杭州桑拿hey wanted to interview people who have left the clinic.
  ”Osmond!You give me honest account, you’re carrying what I did!?”Sitting in the passenger position, Pei Zhou angrily fierce Road.
  Osmond transferred to the aircraft autopilot mode, then smoked a blanket child out from the side, thoughtful action to cover the body of the boat Pei.
  Pei boat a brushed his hand, cold channel: “Do not flattering, honest account!”
  Osmond innocent face: “This time I did not really.”
  Pei boat blissful silence staring him.
  Osmond reluctantly raised his hands, a gesture of surrender: “Alright, alright.Although I was loving the show, but mainly blame Raymond ah, this kid know my true identity, and I come in black online yet, and downstairs is a bunch of reporters wanted to interview me X harassment.”
  ”You know, the mass media is the most loved – royal family scandal, the military generals Taosexinwen, actress tear force.Several times before the government wants this regulation unhealthy trends of the shares, but had been what “freedom of speech” ‘press freedom’ big hat to hate back, this time definitely will not be letting them.”
  Zhou Pei Nose bridge stood: “Do not give me pull them, you know how he is up Meng Meng?Impossible, I did not tell him!”
  Osmond did not speak, but his eyes drooping, a somber-looking man look.
  Unfortunately, Pei Zhou know Osmond fine 北京夜生活nature of the play, did not pay him any heed poor equipment look, just keep on board Star Bo, going to see what happens in the end.
  ”Ok?That bunch of bad reviews it underneath my comment area?”
  Pei this boat is ready to see his comments in the area ready to pinch a bloody results only to discover that the bad reviews were deleted bare?
  He turned around and looked at Osmond, despite the efforts still taut face, eyes could not help but pour a hint of restraint extremely shallow smile: “You did?”
  Osmond playfully “Well,” a cry, did not speak, but the eye brow but it reveals a trace of pride.
  ”Whispering sound, did you have nothing to be proud of, it has always been you mess out!”

  Conscious breathing air, three alpha at each other, and gradually recovered.
  ”Jutta trumpet teacher is the spirit of power level?!”
  ”FML, why the school did not have a marked Omega!”
  ”just now.How to do?”
  The swimming pool of a few test staff at this time came out quickly, will close the door, then embattled.
  But diffuse out of the air from the swimming pool becomes sweetly, the temptation to come to Alpha.
  But the moment, the smell of pheromones over Omega Alpha has quickly gathered in front of the swimming pool, some bad self-control alpha has begun crazy, crazy hitting the door.
  Schools test students more, they will not be affected by the pheromone, who heard at this time to join the ranks of Alpha resist, but they are fighting hurricane awareness of α, β, and they will eventually have gaps in strength, many beta has been injured, the door is also crumbling.
  The swimming pool, Fraise effort to get a little big, fumble chaos rub in South Fei Yu who, even breathing becomes extremely sexy, with a sweet flavor, quickly put South Fei Yu of drowning, just deep which trap!
  Slightly larger than a year of testing staff some apprehension eyes looked red south Fei Yu, “Jutta, I have to report to the above, the fastest inhibitors gets here, I give you the Omega, you first go out..”
  Although Jutta is a teacher, self-control better than students who, after all, but she is α, the face of such a delicious Omega, all anyone will come to naught it?
  He is also afraid that will hurt the Omega Jutta.
  Nan Fei Yu also want to get out ah, but Fraise do not know where the strength, firmly push lightly on her body, but also a variety of ignition!
  She gritted his teeth, holding together Fraise jump into the pool!
  Cold water, Fraise choke a few saliva, South Fei Yu see he could not swim, quickly pulling him to float on the water.
  Fraise like catching at straws general, tightly holding her waist, chin and knock on her shoulder, look under heavy hot breath on her profile, t都市夜网hat terrible lime aroma Cecil strands wrapped around she was.
  Nan Fei Yu slams him in the press on the wall, shortness of breath, scarlet eyes gazed at him, as if the next second he must be eaten!

  ”You pick two things, and sent the girl that table.”Bo Bo’s mother on the road.
  Bo mother should be a cry, to choose somet南宁桑拿hing the Treasury.
  A fishing touched his pulse, secretly Tut a cry, even if not ‘suicide’ also live much longer.
  ”Girl, drug just temperature, and quickly drank, drank the medicine get better soon.”Song loving face wet nurse holding a bowl of brown concoction come.
  Looking at the bowl of medicine, A fish bowl remembered sedative soup, also thought to be among the groggy Song wet nurse put a noose in ‘suicide’.
  Lu Song wet nurse is a home and have children, dowry went with Yanlu Shi Xuan Ping Hou Fu, and later with Lu Yan Lushi widowed back to the House, her parents, brothers, husbands and children are poor in the land of his possessions, to make her betray easily in one hand and a large milk and how can we loved the little master than flesh and blood.
  But, master Song wet nurse who is behind in the end?The land house all over again, A fish found to be suspect of really a lot of people, this girl living environment a bit 广州桑拿网too dangerous.
  A fish took the drug carefully sniffed, but a little dip stick lips to tell, really is a problem.Do not know this little girl to death her body was mutilated chronic poison, see a small pulse has been half a year, and within a year you have to frail to death, a number of follow-up component emphasis, shorter.Yan Jiayu born frail, she died, and who would think.
  ”So bitter, I do not want to drink.I am a little sleepy, to sleep.”A fish directly to Yao Wan put it back, regardless of persuasion Song of the wet nurse and her maid, lay back in bed, still toting turned toward the crowd:” The little angel hold over.”
  Song wet nurse and her maid to persuade a few to see not persuade, not

  ”I’m 杭州桑拿not a professional in this regard ah Music!Unsolicited.”Lu Hongying explain the meaning when they come Luming Wen, Sun Gui Xian suddenly dropped the subject and instead asked Luming Wen,” Wu Xiaohong they go send you did not go?”
  Ground condensation of white snow, Luming Wen stuff down, blushing replied, “They did not mention, besides this time, there will be no danger of it back home?”Luming Wen bow thought, and turned to look at Lu Jianxun, who carelessly to the veranda,” Do not look at me, going to send you to, I do not, I want to learn it.”
  Li Xuemei has not come yet, Lu Jianxun out to write their own job, after checking all over began to read books to.
  The family farm is not bright light, Xue Huahua left, they thought, or learn to farm, take a moment road, while the cold wind blowing, the whole spirit of the people a lot, r南宁桑拿论坛eading his voice sounded, not Luming Wen send them off to say something, and quickly sat down on a stool, he opened another book to learn four lessons, five of them round the turn, Zhao Caizhi not and they rob, they four brothers learning courses high School, she is a high read books, read different content, different sound noisy, hear Sungui cents emotion, “sensible people learning momentum is not the same, you see the big treasure them, even home jobs are too lazy to write, you ask them, they lied to write , but for me whim turned their exercise books, see the beginnings of a new book, completely unaware of their condition.”
  So cold the commune primary school and surrounded by air, given the many children in poor health colds, early elementary school was the final exam put a winter vacation, when it comes to the final exam, Sungui深圳桑拿网 cents to the spirit, showing off a large treasure their papers, “my family Dabao is reading material, exam, more than 40 points last winter and 50s, this had risen to more than seventy scores go, two subjects both

  The rebel leader is the team leader Howie’s cronies, but also can not stand the temptation of career and fortune, to act together to follow Howie.Seeing almost time now, the task is not yet complete, and the hands of the people is running out, can not help but impatient.How do you going to do without success?
  In the light of the torch, he’s a face oil sweat trickle down my cheeks, eyes flashed reconciled hostility.
  ’Divinity camp’ soldiers should not have how, now is the morale dispel frustration, hung limply in the class told the captain alone.
  Cronies being indecisive teeth, a figu北京SPA会所re close to his side stood still, whispered: “What is the captain hesitated, I do not see how Changning Houfu Well, just give pity.To know can win Changning Houfu but a great service to the king when His Royal Highness the inevitable Dragon Heart big Yue, heavily rewarded.Brothers willing to try again, to make contributions to help the captain!”
  The man stood by the fire light in the shadows, cronies can not see his face, but see him wearing the same dress, when is loyal subordinates.
  My heart trusted tempted, but still hesitation: “But much of the rest of the soldiers, if there is no break in, and when losses more harm than good, as good as,.”
  Some he would like to retire, we can not put all the troops are consumed in this bar, there are big palace waiting for him!
  Come bewitched: “The more people in the Changning Houfu to now almost a spent force, but there must be rewarded under Isao, captain might promise as long as we rounded out the Changning Houfu, Fuchu property fancy accessible as possible self-created, but also do not mind?Think that’s Changning Houfu, Hou door family for centuries, the inner chamber where I do not know how 杭州夜网论坛much accumulated wealth, gold and silver jewelry inexhaustible, that’s a treasure.Brothers take life to put his head to follow the captain dry, it is not to the benefit

  ”but.”Diya Song Zhe, the voice,” you are here.”
  Yang Wei body slightly shocked, listening to the Song Zhe, with a slight tearful voice: “You’re here, you let me go back where ah?”
  ”The family have called home talent ah Yang Wei,” Song Zhe looked up, propped himself laughing, telling myself not to be too embarrassed, he was hoping that, as usual, do not care, do not care, but he knows he can not do.
  All in all, it seems that the phrase “I used to love you” before, not worth a mention.
  He looked at her dry voice: “Yang Wei, you are not at home, where empty, you let me go back and do what?”
  Yang Wei silent.
  For a moment, she almost total surrender in front of him, defeated.But when she spoke, she would mind flashed those three years.
  She was in the empty room, then spent a long time.
  ”I get used to it.”She whispered opening.
  Like her, took so long, not used to it yet?
  ”Song Zhe, in fact, you’ll come out.”
  As she.
  ”You will encounter a favorite person, you will find that, in fact, apart from me, there are a lot of good in this world

  Read and write is painful, but if only for a moment every day of work, is not so bitter.In particular, ever since Ning’s not toss him, he told Wang Xiangqin houses, barns became the other end of the first manure 苏州夜网pick diligent work, happy time of day than suffer more time.Lang feeling, life is really good, life is still something to look forward.
  Who knows.
  This is his mother really should be the old saying goes, did not last long.
  Really is not long, Lang felt that he had a good day was not long nightmare come again.
  He wanted to rescue it, stumbling to distinguish Zhu mother said: “I have to pick, pick manure!Sisao other end, short-handed!”
  Not to leave the main room of Wang Xiangqin busy statement: “all right, Rokuro busy you go, now very few places in the job, your job to become your Mahone.”
  Shiro aside immediately nodded: “Is not it pick manure?To me, and do more two hour, what job are done.”
  There is no love, heart if the ashes, want to live.
  For Lang, the worst thing is not the favorite of the family to be 北京夜生活网robbed, nor is it about to face a big magic Wang Ningshi, but.Days sin still may forgive, human actions can not.
  Do not forget, just two days before he voted in favor, raise your hands in favor of pig to test even think we should let the stove go along with.
  Then how happy he is, at the moment there is more despair.
  Unfortunately, no matter no matter how desperate he must face Sao Ningshi.
  Ning’s other end, pen and ink, paper and ink are readily available, as that part

  Until the last moment, they do not want to believe just how powerful white leaf.
  A snow of the Tianshan disciples, how can you really beat Tsung door day vertical Wizards?
  If not the reality before us, is it not believe this nonsense was something.
  Kong Wenhao and other disciples were to see this scene, the heart is astonished, a man called to order the first master, this time actually put in the hands of such a nobody.
  Pangshao Long.Who exactly is this person?
  At all whispering, an uproar when a sudden burst of wind blew, Feishazoushi like leaves blowing in the air, generally, the world suddenly dim and dark, heaven and earth gas around all of a sudden manic, as if out of control, like.
  Gradually, gradually narrowing the hurricane, slowly unite to become a center, and that center, is just to Hongyu.
  The whole world seems to have become the center of the Hongyu’s body, countless Reiki together in this, who can not snatch away, even if it is to exercise our powers to order master, nor with Zheng Hui.
  There are several law enforcement experience to see this scene, his face is slightly changed.
  ”Breaking the

  Two young beautiful great beauty, although early came close to Lee Theater, but it was her turn to go two times the red carpet has not arrived yet.Tonight’s red carpet can be described as star-studded, Hong Kong people are familiar with almost all the stars came face brush, and even individual film company bosses have also come to join.
  Li Xuan naturally not go to the red carpet, the red carpet is specially prepared for the show business stars.Asian entertainment ahead of schedule in consultation with the Asian TV, arranged a live broadcast for the red carpet, it is to further expand the “bloody Taierzhuang” the film, well-known in the whole of Hong Kong.
  While at the same time the red carpet started by four distinguished guests invited by the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, have also begun to show up.Li Xuan is now also served as president of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce office, large-scale commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the victory of the war, it was by the hand and pushed him in the back.
  ”Tan President, for coming to welcome!”Li Xuan said with a smile and a wearing a dark green suit, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses gentle man shook hands.
  ”Li Sheng very nice of you, the next humility ah!Asia large entertainment companies to invest 15 million Hong Kong dollars to shoot the war, even if you are not born Lee to send me an invitation, I have to run away and come take a look!”The president Tan said with a smile, did not mention the” bloody Taierzhuang “is actually the fact that Hong Kong co-production.
  In fact, President Tan Chung Hwa Travel Service Hong Kong Branch is the president, he is one of Li Xuan specially invited guests tonight.Hong Kong has two very special travel agency, a company called China Travel Service, China Travel Service, another call.
  The two most important travel agency business is not organized trip