In fact Kangguo Gong Seiko think no matter how, but since those sailors Yan does not fit ah, they’re not the person Fang!Where civilians are generally seen such a parade, hang back there, too frightened to move there, more clever altogether jump into the sea a run of.Without them, the rest can not be rowing boat.
  Author has to say: Good night!

Chapter 197
  Fang private soldiers are not accustomed to this rough sea, the violent shaking of a seagoing ship is dizziness, vomiting, plus warships violent attacks, many people lost their fighting spirit.
  The rest have the energy to fight back the Quiver, sometimes the air staggered arrows such as locusts showers, dense.
  Where a sea vessel on fire, fire into the sky, swept the.People exclaimed, screaming, a lot of poorly water-hooded private soldiers were forced to jump into the sea, not because of floating and submerged by the sea.
  While the other attempts to close a vessel, is equipped warships ‘shaft to’ attack.What ‘shot lever’, that is, a pillar supporting a large crossbar, and then mounted on top of rock, with a rope traction after release rope near the enemy ships, on hitting the falling boulder Hull, you can Crush hull.Also can be used repeatedly, super-powerful in the water war, it is a very powerful weapon.
  Ships was so striking, square furniture soldiers had a chance to climb the ship, the ship will fall together with the precarious sea, hands fluttering helplessly howling for help.
  The remaining vessels under strict home sailor timid, not the person has no oars. Walking around in circles can not forward, is unable to move into attack.
  It’s pretty stuck, and in the face of absolute advantage that they are next to useless backhand force, Christians have thousands of troops, but did not pl苏州夜网ay power play.
  Yan Lord every family in the side as Shaikang shaking, his mouth muttered: “This is the end!”
  I do not know who came on board the main cries, Kang Guogong Seiko pull off crazy eyes flashed, he reconciled himself to be so embarrassed to leave, like hedge the fight, intimidate the trembling sailors: “Give me a hard draw, rush!”
  Main ship helpless to find a direction, hooded rushed past the interception in front of two warships to cross react quickly to intercept, while the Rockets shot.
  Bow on fire, patrol Kangguo Gong Li Zhong Seiko back, shouting it is approached the fire.
  Board chaos into a group, strict family inadvertently hide when early I do not know where to go, pessimism spread in the atmosphere.

  ”Slaves know, thank horse steward teachings.”
  Meng Wei back to the house, thought, today wearing clothes that the body is a big draw knife, furthermore has infected a lot of blood, this ancient say soap can be no modern soap, scouring powder or something strong, so it simply can not get rid of blood.
  But Second maid said she rose, then that is the time she wears maid that is not the third class of faint pink muslin dress, but the second maidservants lake green clothes, so the clothes this time since Maguan the future is useless.
  Mengwei simply split into palm-sized clothes Unexpectedly, the ice pack in Bridgend side, disposed at the four corners.
  This is a look at the ice with the rest of the debris, she can still remember doing iced juice before time housekeeper people sent ice but that encircle the two large rectangular ice, but they were only masters Fuchu some treatment.
  Before Mengwei night hot uncomfortable when Lin aunt have asked, but the answer to the horse steward said almost, the servants are not eligible to use this ice, perhaps as this Houfu housekeeper or a little right to use but like her little servant girl is absolutely impossible with ice.
  Just because when this ancient ice is a winter collection, placed in the icehouse, wait until the summer of wealthy family who will spend money buy.
  To know that in ancient times there is no air conditioning, no fans even if just open the window, that’s completely unable to feel cool, is Mengwei these days are often hot to sleep half awake or wake up in a sweat.
  So even if only some of the ice, but to let her sleep extends the Shuang Shuang, Meng Wei naturally not mind, but some unfortunately, this day she can enjoy 3 days.
  With ice, Mengwei really wok苏州夜网e up to a Shuishui.
  But to say that he woke up, because these days often get up early to make breakfast Ye Zichuan changing the pattern, but also used to get up early, it is almost time, even if some hardship, but also instantly awake.
  Since I woke up, looked at only four weeks corner faint water stains, presumably those that melting ice last night, too hot and evaporation from Tim a lot, this is only a little bit of water damage if she continued to sleep again, for fear that would be hotter wake.
  Meng Wei may not want to Chuyishenhan, which Houfu firewood is to spend money, even though a few coins, but she often makes a servant girl might boil water bath is hypocritical in the eyes of others, and feel Mengwei the change naive Lin aunt to help with a small stove.
  River Habitat homes are only men used to be, what orders北京夜网 the kitchen fire to cook on the line soon, but this summer Mengwei sometimes want to get up early a sweat bath, to remain so in the evening, now what did not, and if a long time, it is inevitable those who will not talk privately she also put a little maidservants maid spectrum.
  If so, it is rather Mengwei to buy a small stove, water heating is not easy to say, is the future in the winter, not cold, and she was asked earlier this Fuchu servant girl to the carbon can not all points of the winter, only First maid can divide some charcoal.
  Since up, think of yesterday to eat chili, Meng Wei could not help but also some greedy, and therefore go to the kitchen, even if she wanted to go out, we have not come to fill the belly?
  Meng Wei go, Auntie Lin has already begun, and she was very concerned to see her in the side to sit and rest: “Wei You have come to rest injured, let me know what you want to eat, I give you do.”
  ”Aunt Lin are you ready to do something?”
  ”Little Duke likes to eat dumplings, I’m going to Guantang dumplings.There are different from the bird’s nest soup and a small bowl of sweet-scented osmanthus cake pastry and salad cucumbers.”
  ”Lin aunt, what are you going to let me yesterday how well you prepare?”
  I’m a little embarrassed aunt: “pig to pork bellies with good preparation, that is, people have nothing to eat beef in the past, so a little while you want to buy can not buy.”
  Meng Wei learned that, although the big Lan Chao does not prohibit eating beef, but the general people but not many people willing to eat cattle, because cattle are the main source of arable land, let alone compared to pigs, cattle raising is more difficult and less quantity, Furthermore beef is not everyone will do, so this way, beef becomes scarce.
  Yesterday Mengwei do cold eating rabbit when suddenly thought of eating cold beef and lo, let Lin aunt tried to see if I can get beef and pork bellies.
  But while there is no beef, pork bellies but there are also good, but to do better and better lo.

  Clock-making moment fried hair, protest against the cold humor Su Su Cheng.
  He Knut mouth, reluctant, “I do not want the.”
  Paused, then Cheng Su Su appease, “I feel better now eh.”
  ”It should not be too hard.”He was very naive.
  ”I’ll be right back.”Cheng Su Su where there is thought to hear him pull them, like two seconds, she was straight to the point,” the doctor or nurse at your side it?Let him answer the phone.”
  Zhong policy “oh” or two, and told Cheng Su Su sure to bring back Mala Tang, told finished, this flat mouth nurse handed the pho广州桑拿ne.
  Oh, he began to hurt, and he was holding his stomach frown.
  Nurse sister a bit ignorant, do not know why, she always felt myself to be scolded, in fact, is under a conditioned reflex habit, nurses in this industry, there will always be bullied.
  ”Now you are not yetin the room?”Cheng Su Su asked.
  In fact, do not ask also would have guessed, ranging from small nursing sister answered, Cheng Su Su told to just keep going to continue, “he was a little princess temper, but it does not matter, not because of what’s now not comply with every thing on him you ought to care where she asked to go where opinions.”
  Where can I care to go, it is that it is almost time to push the delivery room.
  Nurse sister lowered her eyes and looked at the little princess bell policy: “.Well, Mr. Chung.”
  After hanging up the phone.
  In view都市体验网 of the bell in recent days nagging mother in her ear, Cheng Su Su thought, or sent her a text message, this thing it certainly is going to tell the family.As for the way home, I will not speak no feelings, is to cut off contact for so long, go to contact, how really think how strange how awkward, private heart categorically do not want to drive home and then have other contact, human contact is so available going children, the next plane to do has been to do to avoid being treated after falling tongue handle.
  So, she also take the opportunity to drive the mother issued a “Su Su to be born,” the news.
  As expected there way home, there is no response.
  Also, some time ago the way home after they refused to come to them for help, it will tear up the nerve, recently heard Zhulin Yun Cheng family has begun looking for other people, do not know the bad reputation after Zhulin Yun can not do so by way home this precarious springboard to marry Homer.

  Then he discovered t杭州桑拿hat leaf skullcap always neat tie in the waistband hem of the shirt actually pull out, lazily resting on top of the pants, he reached the window suddenly pushed to the maximum, a gust of wind rolled into the house call.
  Ye qin leaning against a wall corner, almost embedded itself in the wall himself go, slender cigarette dangling, hanging eyelids, rubbed thumb that support roller type lighter, snapped to a fight, let the wind to the volume of Mars put out.He had to be patient, repeated many times, as if unconsciously take it play.
  Jia three to see his face, feel a little surprised.Ye skullcap sharp facial features, carved out of snow and ice cold and hard, his shrewdness deep, has been the idea in mind of a person, after the army, but do not allow yourself awake, and wherever stretched like a flag.
  But at the moment he was against the wall when the cigarette lighter, 北京体验网allow a few hair flying in the wind, he turn his face against the wind, Jia three found his sense of awkward self-sustaining whole scattered, than the red house to play dawn also scattered group of soldiers, far more than scattered, distracted simply ecstatic.
  Su poured sitting on the bed, holding the hand tied together, those shoes bend carefully enough.
  Her field of vision to see a pair of shiny boots into the hand caught people, Ye skullcap squatting silently to her release, belt toss easily hang on the shoulder.
  His fingers touched the cool her bare ankles, the Soviet Union pour winced, so he grabbed the back, neatly dressed with kitten.
  Sue watched him pour the top of the hair, hair spray comb through the hair dark and hard, glowing point of light: “You just said what it means?”
  Ye qin backhand to pull over a stool in front of the dressing table, sit face to face with her, is not a common serious attitude.
  He looked at her, silent for a moment

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  ”you!?”Lu Susu instantly swept volume up and down her eyes,” you learn is not designed to do jewelry?”
  She would like to have long expected such a question, Shen Xuan and went into a store, pick the side to pick up the election, “in a for杭州桑拿eign country had a minor in costume design, painting it only casually, how do I get that point levels than on others.”
  Then down, Lu Susu frowned immediately took her shoulder, “Who said that, I feel very good thing, so much the better, we will be able to make and save a designer of money.”
  ”Almost forgot, and you’re right up.”Looked around at, Lu Susu immediately Couguo serious head and said:” You say that the Soviet Union tranquil, previously gall to come to our studio candidates, but I put her brush down, I will not give you clogging up!”
  While lug clothes, Xuan Shen heard suddenly look a meal, also did not expect the care of the household to which they apply before, also, there are books to write care of the household can not stand the environment of large companies, long time I wanted to resign, it was just she did n南宁桑拿ot want to care of the household and what is too much involved, go their separate ways each well.
  ”Miss Hello, is there any need to introduce it?”
  Then came a store clerk immediately, Shen Xuan was about to say to try to get this to her, but when looking at the people, but also stunned for a while.
  Zhou also seventy-seven eyes changed, and her good memory, especially the other side is also pretty long, so of course she remembers is the last person in front of the hospital and in a small tranquil hit man, but, Much to her surprise, next to this is not the last time that candidates tranquil little home studio boss it?
  ”Do yo

  ”You have to carry, you know.?A mother of two who bless you.”
  Su Su mirror look into the mother’s eyes, her eyes clearly see the mist thrown up, eyes began to fill with.
  She smiled, she would only empty hands covered with rough Su mother back, did not say anything, just heavy nod, smile warm.
  She looked Bai Qingqing, it is also a gentle smile.
  At this time, the father of the Soviet Union just came out of the bedroom and saw this scene, they stopped at the door, just quietly watching, not to disturb them three.
  The end of May, Su Jing and Bai Qingqing with Su Su father mother takes leave, travel back to Bai Qingqing lived in that city.
  Calm makeup has come out, the picture-Soviet mirror wearing a black trench coat, high-tail exposed smooth forehead, hands still holding a gun, I can say a handsome crying all the fans, fans have shouted Su Jing “Su offensive “.
  Bai Qingqing watched at the time in the studio shots of the Soviet Union, the whole staring at her, her entire shooting process is smooth down with your eyes record.
  Su Jing started, it is also the studio to start the day, Mike drove to the airport to pick up a mirror and Su Bai Qingqing, send her

  Chen diving now they will have nothing to worry about, as long as the child go and seize Mu Zhen dry confrontation, everything will come to light.
  However, Mu child was far Ye Xue Fu and Chen diving imagine a more cunning.
  When Chen dry all hospital intensive care unit were searched did not find the man, the first time they called the Mu son called and asked how she was going children!
  Mu child was realized that something was wrong child, her side to appease Chen dry, he said Chen may be dead or diving turn the ward, and while he started to pack up and prepare to flee.
  She was sure that they have exposed.
  Chen and Ye Xue Fu diving to snare Although she designed this perfect, but still see through the sub-Mu.
  Mu son realized that as long as Chen dry traveled all the hospitals, it must have identity was exposed, she certainly will not be a waste of time.
  Although the three-year latency was exposed, but she also got some of the past three years the number of research confidentiality, although the superficial epidermis, but enough to let the organization know that the current level of research on bio-genetic sub-group of the day.
  Although Mu sub-task is not completed satisfactorily, but did not let the organization down, she can be considered active and return the.

124 Chapter clues interrupt [9] burst more

  Charcot Chen diving around will know all the truth, he volunteered to go to Mu child home Helenians.
  Since yesterday evening

  768 warm boiled frog

  Wen nine Yamen day to find a warm Aoyama third day, she let Wen Qingshan moved into the house that the money spent on rent.
  Wen Wen Qingshan said nine lie, this house is to buy land Liang.
  Wen Qingshan greedy, even to ask Wen nine deed and deed.
  The house is rented, of course, is not warm nine deed and the title deed.
  However, even if 广州桑拿网the house is warm bought nine, nine temperature is unlikely to meet the greed Wen Qingshan.
  After admitted to the big house, Wen Qingshan and began to make more extravagant claims.
  But it was warm with nine Lu Liang bought him a concubine.
  A Dangdie, so that my daughter-in-law to buy their own concubines, to satisfy their desire XG, this kind of thing most people simply can not do it, even if the thought would not have the nerve to propose opening.
  Wen Qingshan had seen thick skinned to a certain extent.
  Such a request, Wen nine of course impossible to meet him.
  Wen nine also know that even if she ignores this requirement Aoyama temperature, Wen Qingshan night will not be for a person to sleep, certainly can not be lonely in the hands of Wen Qingshan is not no money now.
  Sure enough, the next few days, even from the ki深圳桑拿网ln yard Wen Qingshan, to be WHORES whither mansion, accompanied him overnight.
  This situation is expected to warm nine杭州桑拿, of course he would not, and now she became the Wen Qingshan, to like him have his own temper.
  Wen nine programs like warm boiled frog, so Wen Qingshan into the trap he had set in unknowingly.
  Now, she is still a little fire to simmer, to meet the basic greed Wen Qingshan, so Wen Qingshan believe

“My brother had this ability since at no cost marry young married woman, I’m afraid of what?”Jiang Chu sneer.
Large Qian immediately and said: “Who does not spend money!”
Jiang Chu raised an eyebrow: “The young married woman to lose in order to catch on, but also to spend money to marry?Since it costs money, it is not married!I despise.”
“you!”Great Qian gas shivering, Yun gas stamped her foot and cursed loudly:” I’m not married!”I ran out.
Jiang Chu lip lift smiled: “So that marriage is nothing more?”
Qian looked at large dead girl laugh look proud provocative look, I just think this is how fire also pressure does not go!She clearly knew that she deliberately provocative, but still may provoke the disintegration of the San Liangxia!
She also happens to be do not want her to succeed the!
“it is good!This bride price I do not, I will call the shots, let my daughter marry come!”Great Qian loudly.
Anyway, Jiang Chu money, as long as Jiang Yun marry true, how to squeeze the ginger really, after this little money can yet?
But the key is large relative to Qian