Nie Long said: “Who’s doing here today to talk about?”
  Someone raised their paws.
  Nie Long looked unexpectedly found himself dumpling middle brother also, he raised his hand, his side also followed a short dumpling raised his hand slightly unsteadily.
  Long Nie rushed to appease his brother nodded, indicating short dumpling say.
  ”My father said to come to school!”Dwarf dumpling put stumbling, finished flushed face loo北京兔兔体验网king up.
  Nie Long press a hand press, gave an encouraging smile, “You are what your family’s small son?”
  ”Back then the empress.”
  ”Shouted Mr..”
  ”Mr. back then, boy father is Prince Luan.”
  Nie Long flipped through the pages, Luan Jun Wang reported the two, a man and a woman.There is a short dumpl杭州夜网论坛ing around and looks like he has a third of girls, timid, she did not dare to lift head hidden behind his brother.

Chapter 31
  Nie Long led a group of Jingui dumpling who entered the school hall.
  Renovated in school is to ask several court craftsman and artist to help.

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  Guan Xin Shen did not understand why the clearance to do so, after she was cleared when Shen saved at the ball, the heart of Shen Qing arises somewhat grateful, grateful there in addition to moving.
  Previous Guan Xin rarely take the initiative to call Shen Qing, unless necessary, and in case of need to call Shen Qing, she is reluctant.
  She knew when Simcheong of her mind, but she likes the habitat Gu Wen Qing when she did not accept Shen.
  She can not refuse Shen Qing, he was too overbearing, her refusal did not use.
  Today clear to the crew of the practice, she should be relieved when Shen.Over time, however, she has been used to clean and care for her connivance Shen, Shen Wang suddenly doing so, she almost slow, however.
  He knew that she hates ginger sleep, he hated Jiang Mian, Mian Jiang then to them, h杭州桑拿ow he could send the crew to sleep ginger things, the performance of a friendship, so that we misunderstand it?
  What he wanted to do in the end.
  Guan Xin much thought do not want to understand, Zheng rain and constantly in her ear: “.Shen always been so good to you, but you have not responded.This time Jiang Mian came out, again and again angered Shen, she must be deliberate, intentional causing total of attention in this way Shen.”
  ”You see, her success is not it.And she was rich, she was in private Zhibuding and Mr. Shen said something, or to please Shen, if you go on like this regardless of whether Jiang will you sleep bully the wearer.”
  These sounds jumpInto her ear, made her want to ignore all can not be ignored, Zheng a little rain is not wrong, Jiang Qing during sleep is certainly cause heavy attention.
  Otherwise it will not do Shen Qing.
  Guan Xin final determination to call Shen Qing, after the past that if Shen Qing busy from assistant there, she would not say anything this time –
  She whispered: “That’s when he was busy working?”
  Assistant eyes flashed a surprise, he unconsciously looked toward the sink clear when exposed to the eyes of the latter, he said: “they did not know, I’ll tell you called to Shen.”
  ”and many more.”Guan Xin,” that you and so he started to help me to tell him, if you have time, I like to see him.”
  Assistant: “Good.”
  End of the call, Assistant checks welcomes every word relayed to the fall of the Qing Shen, listening to the latter, he gets a touch of mouth means unknown arc, only said: “prepared car to Carlo Bay.”
  Jiang Mian learned to go out, the housekeeper was shocked: “Miss, can not do this, you hurt.”
  ”My injury has been all right, if things then I toss myself doing.”Jiang Mian eyes are blinking said,” and I have to say my father, my father agreed, and do not believe you gave my father called.”
  Butler this time dare to call Han Xu, Han Xu, now is the busy time, if it can not fight, they know how Jiang Mian said is true.

  Small fingers clenched his spoon, Yanjing Yang blushing, no hum.
  At this time, the door bell rang suddenly.
  ”So early?It is who ah?”Don Crisp secretly sigh of relief, she put down the spoon,” I went to open the door.”Then, she walked out of the.
  The door to Jiang Bo words, he came very early today outside the door Tang crisp, just worry about Don Crisp not get up, they have been waiting, counting the time, think it is almost the only press the doorbell.
  ”Jiang seniors?”Don Crisp bit stunned.
  ”Early ah, I think your feet have not healed so fast, just after breakfast to buy, we intend to ta南宁桑拿ke the opportunity to take you back to school.”Jiang Bo Yan shy smile,” I will not bother you?”
  ”Early, how would you determined, thank you Jiang seniors.”Don Crisp did not expect the other party to the last little things like that, would be so sorry.
  Since the other party come, too embarrassed to let her leave him directly, “Then you wait a bit, I went to take textbooks.”
  Don Crisp Fan Shen walked back to the house.
  Well yesterday Yanjing Yang wipe her a drug effect today walking, her feet had not so painful.
  Returned to the house, Don Crisp looked at a table over there, Yanjing Yang is head down, slow eating porridge, a little back seems a bit lonely.
  ”Jiang seniors through, he take the opportunity to take me back to school.”Don Crisp took the side of the sofa bags and textbooks,” You eat breakfast dishes keep on南宁桑拿 the line, I come back to pack.”
  Yanjing Yang looked up, yo black round eyes looked at her.
  ”Well, I go to class, seniors, etc. so that the river is not good, you eat slowly.”Then, Don Crisp then holding the bag, walk out.
  Suddenly remembered what her footsteps meal, the body returns.
  She went over to the table over there, one hand南宁桑拿 holding a textbook, the other holding the little guy on the face of.In Yanjing Yang surprised eyes, she quickly into his little mouth and gently touched three times,

  ”Ye let me catch you pour.”
  ”.Without it, I do not run.”Zhou Zhou Ji quite speechless.
  Gu tired book thought for a moment, slowly let go of her hand, 南宁夜生活网opening a long while: “Let’s go.”
  Ji Zhou Zhou looked up: “Where.”
  ”living room.”
  ”.”De le, to wait for the leaf guide.
  Zhou Zhou Ji Gu tired Pie Zhaozui with the book went to the living room, thirty minutes later, a long yellow hair dyed a baby-faced men rushed in, delicate features and lively, although his face anger, but because of a pair of drooping eyes, not a little momentum.
  Even after she came to know that this man is trouble, Ji Zhou Zhou saw his face, still in the heart whistled.No loss is fiction world, this man with all passers-grade Meiqingmuxiu.
  ”See what?”Gu suddenly asked tired book.
  Zhou Zhou Ji casually replied: “good-looking.”
  Her voice faded, while the two men paused, Gu tired book silently stepped in front of her, blocking most of her sight.
  Pour leaves angrily: “Do not think say a good word I will let you, say that you know is in which part of the story?!”
  ”My own guess is?”Zhou Zhou Ji stuck his round head from behind Gu tired book.
  Ye pour more angry: “Nonsense!My story so complicated, how you might guess!”
  You can come on, this world is not set to the place, is a direct copy of the real world, this scr天津桑拿ipt is good, but it is also the reality of people write, you have to do with a piece of paper people.Let alone are not what suspense drama, all according to routine to go, what is difficult to guess.
  Zhou Zhou Ji innocent looked at him: “I really guess.”
  ”Even to be able to guess, detail is never guessed,” Ye dumping sneer, “Quick said, is who leaked the story to you!”
  ”If you do not believe, I have no idea, say details of something, you do not have the lens in advance hint yet, follow the laws of clips, can roughly guess what the next scene will shift, com

  Heard, Shen paint eyes full of chill, it seems to have become accustomed to the eccentric old man.
  ”You are the people Shen, the company now needs further development, I am old, and you have to understand the company’s future in the situation, since I took over the company to Mu Ting, if you still secretly playing tricks, too Do not say I do no北京体验网t care you!”The old man looked solemn stamp stamped his crutch.
  Seeing this, other people naturally n北京夜网od, and that they dare not go against Mu Ting, but not the other means have not heard, and now other directors are honest, who would out of the limelight.
  He said some old people waved his hand and let them loose, and then escorted her grandfather Shen Xuan go upstairs to rest.
  The old man looked back upstairs, Shen paint Lengheng soon went back to the room, followed by Chen Yumin also looked around following them, until the door was locked, Shen paint it immediately went up to.
  ”Dad, do I have to run, absolutely foolproof, this way, that Mu Ting and this will certainly be the girl who divorce, the old man would not give him up company!”
  Hands, carrying a cup of tea, Chen Yumin surface which at this time there is usually refined and gentle, but reveals Yinhen share, “pay attention, do not kill people, and engage in big trouble.”苏州龙凤网
  Heard, Shen paint immediately laughed, “rest assured, I will let those who pay attention to, and that time took pictures, look at that girl who can jump out what da.”
  Having said that, and something of a taboo Couguo head, “That medicine.Do you still want to continue under the old man?”
  in fact.He was still not bear, though eccentric old man

  Mrs. Yu Qin Momo should be concerned only when Shen late injury, rushed to be the sound, the heart also spent time contemplating a thirty-two day please go, then wound surface is estimated Ye Hao almost on one, so also Province embarrass her face.
  Ministry of War in the government offices, this day scattered values, just out of the side hall of Guli Xuan unfortunately met just out of the main hall of the Duke Hall.
  Rao is far from met, that is not avoided, the Guli Xuan can only bite the bullet and went up to greet the hand salute.
  Huo Yin short distance in 南宁夜网front of him paused for a prompt, sullen condescending glances swept him, then recovered eyes, strode straight past him from.
  Look at him askew cautious flawless appearance, but also when the child is cowardly personality, not wishing to fall was a cross-nest.
  Straight treat people so far away, Guli Xuan side harsh breath a few breaths, just Huo Duke cold sweep to that moment, his feet become soft rain-delayed.
  For several days, none of Guli Xuan back to the House, I wonder if this Shen late nights where he places, do not want to know.
  Gu Shen late mother looked indifferent, looks like a heart, such as stagnant water, all the more ill at ease.The past few days had intended to take the opportunity to put that thing tells of a comprehensive, can somehow, as long as the face of Shen night, she does not export anything at all spit.
  Gu mother day and night knitted brows furrowed, I do not know how to speak, but out of Guli Xuan days to sleep is not rest, dull.
  He did not in the past few days away, it just wishful also spend the night in the inn.
  He is a heart full of bitterness spend the night here, for it is with great malice Gu Liyun.Chuaizhe heavy evil, he waited at the inn the day after day, and finally in one day, which he was renowned fo深圳桑拿网r his mother’s mouth said, the so-called capitalists cousin, Gu Liyun.
  People really renowned for the moment, he was scared of

  ”Ms Yip, Hu total more than once talked to me, is the day you say sub-group of the most effective talent now.”The Department of Biology at the State University Binlifani titular professors called Christian Swift, in his Chinese foreigners already counted is very good, very light accent.
  To know consonant part is flat Alice retroflex, aspirated sounds and unaspirated sounds, vowels mainly before and after nasal twang and individual unit complex vowel sound, for the foreigner, school initials will be very difficult feeling, the reason is that the voice of the English consonant system there are no initials.
  Chinese with pinyin b and d are gram or on behalf of the voiceless unaspirated, voiced stops just consistent and English writing, so most of these foreigners easily made into dullness Pinyin.
  China and almost every word has four tones, IA, Hinata, rising tone, falling tone, it is quite difficult to learn foreigners!
  After all, we Chinese dry dry sister and sister are two different things, sister and sister are two different things, fall in love with her and she fell in love are two different things, and not much longer looks are not two different things, I like a man I like a person is two different things child.
  How can the profound Chinese characters are generally intelligent people can learn.

  Taking advantage of these women dressed effort, Fang Yin quietly came from the backyard Fuchu, watching the backyard that more than one hundred people lined up neatly in practice, square face a slightly changed from Yin.
  ”How do you still here practicing, I’m not telling you where it disbanded change?”
  This number hundred people, but Fang Yin from private soldiers.
  The so-called private soldiers, that is, those soldiers there is no official record belongs only to a person from the party Yin army.
  Such forces would have been considered more common in the official, who did not do Private soldier?
  Only in Jingyu government, private soldiers is absolutely not allowed, Mayinglong most taboo is to have private soldiers.
  Also said before, Ma Ying-long repair lower house owners in many of them, so he is very insecure, men were in possession of private soldiers, it was his very taboo thing.
  Fang Yin from this a hundred private soldiers nor to rebel, just to deal with Kung put.
  So Kung put a downfall, he immediately let these people be dissolved in situ.
  A soldier suffered a straight face, he said: “Your honor, you say disbanded disbanded, we have to give a

  Jin has been in recent years in the days of 深圳桑拿全套respite, the people better than the.If other military recruiting okay, but Ning Weijun composed 北京夜网entirely of women, families who love a little daughter at home are reluctant to allow her daughter to join the army, so the difficulty is not generally large enrollment Ning Weijun.
  He Jia pondering for two days, I feel that a good start in terms of publicity, so that those women generate enthusiasm for defending the homeland.
  But in the end how to operate, what Jia undecided between the moment.
  This day, He Jia point away from the stage down, just hear Heng-yu and her maid in a conversation Sulan.
  ”Lady Jun, anything quite harsh on women, women can do worse than men do, women only as mothers do this one is called the right path, others are deviant it?”Sulan gentle temperament, very few so excited when.
  She yesterday the House of Song, ran Luoyang Heng-yu Main Street to buy Taoranju pastries, but did not expect to hear in Taoranj上海419论坛u there are men loudly criticizing her home girl Jun, Jun helm Ning Weijun think girls, enrollment Ning Guards practices have hurt the reputation of Chen Ping Song.
  Sulan moment to help, and the man was not only criticized the remarks girl Jun, Chen Ping Song and look down.Sulan Chen Ping Song is the family and have children, but also with a jade Heng grew up, so natural for very angry.
  She stood out, cold voice snapped: “Dynasty Dynasty Queen and his wife wife, not only for the block Dynasty Dynasty had had surgery saved their lives, even this big Jin territory, was on Dynasty Dynasty Queen and a to play down his military world, but also set a year Ningwei Jun countless exploits.You enjoy asylum predecessors, but improper contempt for their pay, How ridiculous.”