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[Desktop braised sirloin]_Desktop braised sirloin _ How to do _ Practice Daquan

[Desktop braised sirloin]_Desktop braised sirloin _ How to do _ Practice Daquan

The texture of braised sirloin in different regions is definitely different, but as long as we understand the basic ingredients, preparation and preparation steps, you can also make delicious food yourself, and the following is a tabletop braised porkBurdock practice.

I. Ingredients Preparation Material A: Burdock or Beef Miscellaneous 1 kg Material B: Potato 1 Carrot 1 Onion 2 Peppers 2 Ginger Slices 3 Slices C: 10 cups of soy sauce 1/3 cups of sugar 1 and 1/22 tablespoons of sesame oil, 1/2 tablespoon, making step 1. Wash the burdock and cut into inch sections. Use hot water to blanch to remove blood water. Wash and remove it for later use. Handle material B separately. Potato, carrot cutChunky, sliced shallots, peppers and flattened.

2. Put all the ingredients together in the inner pot, add the seasonings and mix well. Put it on the stove and heat to a boil. Change to medium heat and cook for 15?
Cover it and turn off after 20 minutes, put it in the wok pot for 4 hours, and then put it back on the plate and eat it.

Three, matters needing attention 1, when frying the sugar color, see the pot start, pay attention to when smoking, soon the sugar will turn into caramel color, burning for too long will have a bitter taste.

You can also fry with brown sugar, the taste is good, the meat cannot be set too early, it is not easy to color too early, and it cannot be set too late, the sugar is too late to taste, and it is not delicious.Drop of soy sauce.

2. Carrot: When taking ginseng, do not eat radish together with American ginseng, so as not to have the opposite effect and not tonic effect.

3. Don’t put potatoes and carrots too early, otherwise the burdock is not rotten and they are all boiled.

4. When you simmer until the soup is 1/3 left, use ginger to chop the ginger, shallots and star anise.

5, braised sirloin and braised pork are not the same, you can leave more soup and bibimbap to eat.