Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO 21 morning news, with the sharp rise in credit default risk and difference in interest rates, the recent US junk bond market caused a lot of concern。But in fact, junk bonds accounted for only a very small proportion of corporate bonds in the United States。  Junk debt is high-yield corporate bonds, those bonds are very low credit ratings issued by the Company。Due to the higher risk of these bonds must offer higher than investment-grade corporate bonds yields at issue in order to attract investors。When credit spreads (the difference between junk bond yield and investment-grade corporate bond yields) to expand, these companies issued junk bonds will face higher borrowing costs。  In recent years, many investors worried that the junk bond bubble in Fed QE stimulus may eventually collapse, causing a huge impact on the stock market。But Jonathan Glionna Barclays (Barclays) analyst pointed out: "In the S & P 500 stocks, only 57 (11%) did not meet the company investment grade rating。" 'If the proportion of the company in accordance with market value adjustment, a non-investment grade of only 4%, while the S & P 500 market capitalization accounted for 91% of the companies are entitled to investment-grade rating,' said Barclays case report。  There are also 5% is unrated companies, because they are essentially no debt。These companies are mainly fast-growth technology or biotechnology company, fully financed by equity。Icons & P 500 constituent stocks of the credit ratings constitute investment grade HY = IG = high yields NR = not rated Barclays said: "So the expansion of high-yield interest rate differential will only have limited impact on the S & P 500 in the number of medium-sized companies。"Of course, if a recession or financial crisis spreads 'burst table', but that is another matter entirely。(Tony compilation)

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 19: Brazil's World Cup journey is not smooth sailing, the first game was a 1-1 draw in Switzerland, returned to training after the end of the game's top players injured Neymar exit, it is not known whether affect the next game。Switzerland and the end of the game, Brazil's Neymar back in training for the first time did not attend。June 19 the team's second training, Neymar appears in the training field。Switzerland took part in the game and the players start training again simply just 15 minutes on Neymar in the company of a fitness coach back to the locker room。Neymar walk off clutching his ankle when it seems that some ankle problems。Brazil is currently the Football Association and coach of the situation has not Neymar will be explained and illustrated, and whether he was wounded in the Swiss game, or picking up an injury temporarily unable to determine。 Neymar injury last season and underwent surgery at the end of the season approaching Paris Saint-Germain, just shortly before the start of the World Cup recovery。In February this year, Neymar ankle injury and underwent surgery in the league, just before the World Cup recovery。But in the game against Switzerland, Neymar suffered violations of ten times, had felt a pain in the injured ankle again。I do not know yet whether the injury was sustained Neymar。

He was swaying dance on stage to play to make this world the joys and sorrows of the protagonist, I was his corner, he has not even touched the dust.Looked at the stage curtain screens across one hundred charm phenomena, such as laughing sound gem beads, the sound of my lips locked meniscus.They looked at the song to make peach, Bianchang winter snows, I have always been the invisible barrier put in outside of the screen, not flowers dyed my cheek, but choked wet my eyes.Do not touch the clear winter clouds on my mind, you can only create more sad Tim.    I was shaking from the lake clouds lake day titillate my mind it rippled, but only because of the wind unintentional, relentless rain, blue sky vertical count for my painting color, but dark I will fade.Then the stars will fall into his arms lit up his tender, and I could not even qualify did not exist.This is their story, I can only do it with emotion the viewer to guess but not caught them, or else most of their own pain, because it can not be put into words thoughts can only flow in a dream of the night, lingering in secluded sky, no one knows, no one knows.But that heart ah, why the more control the more unruly, often want to turn around at the moment, you hear that figure that clear call will be frozen in her tracks, and then look back, only that one is life after life has since the fall.    The world's most painful thing is not that you do not love me, but I never walk into your world, you never had to stop for me, both on stage and had never separated, had this life do not even have had the intersection of I I must say goodbye to you.Sometimes I think, my tired eyes hidden smile in your nice, happy life with you.But parting in front, then pulled a million times in my heart finally pulled off the wire.    That never seen it, will you look at the story, incineration, burial, and then bid farewell to winter as Yan'er like, waved, turned, and flew unto warm apricot misty rain.Distance flying is my sad length, a raw silk ice the air to do that emotion at the scene.Since then, Pik world, such as the green wave, I turn hurrying to the next one I do not know whether the story belongs to me.Occasionally, you will think of the rise of the full moon, occasionally, the back will hear of the sudden rush back.But this is only the light of the past can no longer light, low to no longer low crush, alone bloom in the depths of ink every night, you do not know.

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 15 reported: group stage opener to face Egypt, Uruguay captain Godin hand over terror data, and one tackle success rate of up to 100 percent, 88 times the audience to complete 68 pass the ball, but also five clearances, 5 interceptions, four times a header, 4 tackles and a key pass, a complete picture of the true level of world-class defender。The first is the defense data, Godin 4 tackles for the team the most, and the success rate of up to 100%, the foot of the old traveler precise Henla absolute range of children, rescue team five times higher, 5 interceptions is full teams in 4,4 times mallet third team, but the whole, can do so only he alone fully。In addition, the one-Godin campaign success rate of 100%, that is, Egypt attacked him in front of immediate concern to the group, even if the station – either attacking midfielder Saeed, the left and right winger David Trezeguet and Varda or single arrow Mohsen are not here to discuss the gates Atletico any advantage, Stand absolute sense!Even more commendable is that Godin in good defense apart, but also frequently forward runs organized attack, the audience 88 times he touches the ball, the team sent out a third high 68 passes, only two fewer than in this avant-garde Tanku Er and Vecino, the success rate is definitely online, 85.3%, 15 times long pass to his team-high, eight times accurately to the foot of teammate。Seeing the other side is quite strong collective defense difficult to break, even Godin staged after row forward runs into the penalty area, collusion Zhise teammate, but unfortunately his teammates pass the ball too much strength, despite Godin sprint, still can not stop the ball first step in the bottom line。Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the 32-year-old veteran is still worth fighting Call。 Godin there is even a key pass, the empty left rib cage straight plug after he bolted that tens of meters when, really is the top level in the avant-garde, but unfortunately his teammates Arras Keita lack of preparation, the ball directly to the bottom line stop, the old captain wasted a wonderful cake to feed。However, as long as the team continue to work hard Ge, assists always there, the goal is not not expect, after all, the second field strength of group rivals Saudi Arabia does have a la carte。