The 15th of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, together with the New Year’s Eve, Ching Ming Festival and Chung Yeung Festival, are the traditional festivals of ancestor worship in China and are also popular in Chinese character cultural circles. Taoists are called Zhongyuan Festival and Buddhists are called Yu Lan Pot Festival. Legend has it that July 14 is the day when hell ghost doors open and the deadline for ghosts wandering around the world to return to hell.. Therefore, the ancients arranged a festival for ghosts on July 15. On this day, every family set up offerings to sacrifice ancestors, and also offered offerings to wandering ghosts and ghosts without graves, giving them food, burning paper and money for them, so that they could have a’ ghost carnival’, and then return to hell happily and smoothly.. A festival has also been set up for ghosts, which shows that the ancients had good intentions, and were blessed with solitary bones..    The origin of Zhongyuan Festival is related to Taoism. There are three officials in Taoism, namely, Tianguan, Diguan and Shuiguan, which correspond to the so-called ” three yuan” of Chinese age. The birth dates of the three officials are the fifteenth day of the first month, the fifteenth day of July and the fifteenth day of October of the lunar calendar, respectively.. In the Tang Dynasty, these three days were called’ Shangyuan Festival’,’ Zhongyuan Festival’,’ and’ Xiayuan Festival’. All the temples dedicated to the worship of the Three Officials and the Great will hold grand celebrations, the so-called heavenly god blesses the people, the earth’s jurisdiction to forgive sins and the water officials to relieve Eritrea.. The first month is January, and the ancients called the night ” night” and the 15th is the first full moon night of the year. Therefore, the fifteenth day of the first month is called the Lantern Festival, also known as ” Shangyuan Festival.”. On the 15th of the 10th lunar month, it is the Chinese folk traditional festival of ” Xiayuan Festival”, also known as ” Xiayuan Day” and ” Xiayuan”. Mid – yuan festival, the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, is commonly known as July and a half. Legend has it that the hell released all ghosts on that day, and folk generally performed sacrificial activities to ghosts. Every family that has a new funeral must go to a new grave, and generally offer sacrifices to ghosts and ghosts at the local level. Therefore, it is a festival centered on offering sacrifices to ghosts and ghosts and is the largest ghost festival in Chinese folk.. In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the Chinese custom calls it ghost month, saying that the gate to the gate of hell is always open this month and ghosts can travel to the world.. The 14th of July is the heaviest Yin Qi day in Ghost Month. Legend has it that on the midnight of this day, staying in the wilderness will see the wonders of the night of ghosts. Hundreds of ghosts came up from the Naihe Bridge, and the ghost company lit red lanterns to lead them to the long-lost Yangjie.. So this night, should not go out.    Southerners are used to burning paper money to commemorate their relatives during the traditional folk festival called ” Ghost Festival” in July and a half.. Of course, it is better to choose the 11th to 14th day of the first three and the last four days of the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar to give money to the deceased relatives and burn some paper money so that they will not be short of money in another world.. While squatting on the paper-burning line, you can think of the ordinary or extraordinary stories in their life.    In my hometown of Yonghe, people also have the custom of burning paper and money for deceased elders and relatives during the 15th of July of the lunar calendar, also known as ” the half of July.”. Paper money is straw paper weighed according to catties from the market, and it is all Mingbi that has been chiseled, that is, wrapping more than ten pages of straw paper into a small bundle and wrapping it with white paper to make’ baggage’, which people call’ burn baggage’. From my mother’s living habits, my family usually chose a Saturday or Sunday before July 20 to work and live in the city with relatives from my hometown in the countryside to finish the sacrifice together..    The custom of ” burning baggage” in July has a long history. We grew up in the countryside, so we have had these experiences. Father was an old party member in the early days of liberation. Naturally, he always believed that this was a superstitious thing and never took part in family sacrifice activities.. When we were young, we were always led by our mother, and we gradually changed this activity into a habit. We all know the truth of’ all the virtues Filial Piety is First’,’ Sacrifice and Prosperity Is Better than Raising and Thinning’, and only when we grow up can we see the real meaning behind this’ Show to the Living’.    The original paper-burning ceremony was also very interesting. One way is to miss the deceased relatives and give yourself a kind of peace of mind. The two relatives gathered together to have a big family reunion dinner and strengthen family unity and harmony.. For our office workers, they can also return to the natural environment where they grew up in childhood in the countryside, relax their mood and stretch their bones and muscles. For children, it is not a good thing for them to increase their recognition of their hometown..    I remember that more than 30 years ago, all my family chipped money and piled up more than a dozen pieces of straw paper. I held a small iron like a temple wall clock hanging on my left hand and put it on the paper. When my right hand picked up the hammer and smashed it down, the mark of copper coins appeared on the straw paper.. At last, copper coins were neatly and densely arranged on the toilet paper, and the Mingbi coins were made. Now, it seems that the machines are drilling holes, and people are willing to buy ready-made ones, perhaps even those that have already been wrapped in white paper can be written when they are taken home.. Writing on the bag is a bit like sending letters from the sun to the grave. I remember when I went to junior high school, the adults in my family asked me to ” write baggage” and what words I wrote, roughly remember some of them. On the back of the parcel was a white paper with a big’ seal’ written on the front, with the’ auspicious day’ written on the top right, with the middle word slightly larger for men’ so the ancestors took an examination of a certain male elder person’ and’ so the ancestors took an examination of a certain mother’s old Confucian person’ for women’, and the’ so the ancestors took an examination of a certain male and a certain female elder Confucian person’ written on the joint burial’ so the ancestors took an examination of a certain male and a certain female elder Confucian person’ and’ the names of the filial sons and grandchildren in the lower left corner were all male children in the family, but can be dropped off.. The composition of the writing must naturally conform to Huang Tao. In my family, the ” user” of Mingbi has his father’s grandfather and grandmother, my grandfather and grandmother and my parents. As the mother is the only child in her maiden family, we will also be responsible for burning paper and money for the elders in the mother’s side.. When the baggage is written, it is sacrifice. In the morning, I bought meat, made some dishes, put them in the main room, put them on incense, and touched them for half a day. In the evening, the paper bags were transported to the ditch near the door of the house, dried straw was laid, and the paper bags were arranged according to a certain order, and everyone gathered together to burn paper money.. Finally brought some scattered paper money, scattered paper is for ghosts and ghosts, for fear that no one will steal it and burn some scattered money for them.. I think this is really human. After lighting straw and scattered paper, a cloud of smoke with fire appeared in the evening light smoke, sometimes getting bigger, sometimes getting smaller, and finally disappearing, thus completing the memorial ceremony of the living to the dead..   Now the city also has this custom. As a member of the Chinese Popular Literature and Art Research Association, I used to know only this custom and also practiced and participated in such a thing, but I never understood what the origin of this custom was..    After reading the forty’ paper money’ of the seal’s memorial regulations, I found it interesting to talk about the origin of this custom. I quote here: the funeral ceremony of this generation is to cut paper money, accumulate money for mountains, add decorations and make a scene to lead coffins..    According to, the ancient people enjoyed the sacrifice of ghosts and gods with Guibi coins and silks, and when things finished, they buried them.. Descendants, since they treasure money and goods, will die with money. According to the regulations of the Han Dynasty, ” stealing money from the Filial Piety Garden” is also true.. Rate is easy to simplify, more paper money. Paper was made by Cai Lun of the Later Han Dynasty, and it has only happened since the Wei and Jin Dynasties.. Today, since the kings and princes caught the horses and ordinary people, they have passed away.    All ghosts and gods take their likeness, and still paint cars and spirits, etc.. Buried silks in ancient times, paper and money are burned today, so I don’t know what God has done. Painting cars, that is, painting cars made of mud as gold and jade, silage and spirit, is a team made of thatched grass, all of which are funeral objects.. Modern funerals seem to be made of paper or wood or bamboo, and of course they are painted and beautifully done.. It is said that there are not only BMW but also mistresses among them. This is really confusing the evolutionary direction of human civilization.    More interesting is the legend that the yin qi is the most abundant during the ghost festival every year, and the gate to the gate of the gate of hell will be open to the sun. If you put the brazier at the door at 2: 30 am on the night of Ghost Festival, and put twelve mirrors around the house facing the brazier, you will burn the paper till 3: 30 am. Three minutes before three o’clock, you can really see the gates of the underworld by washing your eyes with clear water three times!    On Qingming Day, there are also records of burning paper and money. In the 58th round of the regulations on a dream of red mansions, the maid lotus root officer, who was born to learn drama, secretly hid behind the rockery to burn paper and money on the clear day, almost causing a flesh disaster, thanks to Jia Baoyu to cover it up for her. Bao – yu inquired about Fang Guan afterwards, only to know that ” what she sacrificed was a dead medicine official”. She was pleased and sad and praised the magic way. ” Having said that, I have a word for you to tell her: Never burn paper in the future, it was a heresy of future generations, not Confucius’ teachings.”. When the time comes and when the festival is held, only one incense burner is prepared, and one heart is devout, one can sense it.. ‘ People’s Literature Edition’s participation in a Dream of Red Mansions regulations does not have’ Confucius’s teachings’ and’ greetings’, and it seems that this should not come from Baoyu, who hates reading classics. However, there is no record of burning paper in the search for ” three rites” and in the annotation of various families, and this custom still prevailing in the folk society is a problem of divergence between the literature and folk legends as to who invented it and why it was invented..    In Zhejiang Province, there is a legend about the origin and regulations of ghost money, saying that paper money was invented by Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Taizu. It turned out that the local people all enshrined the ancestral spirit tablet in a square box at the top of the main house, called the’ god hall’. After each sacrifice, they will throw in some pieces of silver for their ancestors to enjoy in Sheol. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang started fighting against Yuan Dynasty, and due to lack of military resources, he’ borrowed’ all the money from the God Hall of the family to pay the army and promised to return it in the future.. After Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor, he was not able to pay for his debts, so he built a large number of tinfoil to show that it was used by the grave to repay debts.. Since then, paper money has become a substitute for real money when the people drink offerings to ancestors.. Although this legend does not conform to historical facts, some people think it can at least explain the reason for the invention of paper money.    According to the regulations of Song Wang Yinglin’s participation in the study of poverty, Ouyang Zi said that the five generations of gifts were bad and that paper and money were burned due to cold food offerings.. The case paper money began in the 26th year of Kaiyuan, and Wang Mei prayed or burned paper money for the shrine sacrifice. It was not from the 5th generation.. That is to say, paper money began in the 26th year of Tang Kaiyuan ( 738 ) and was invented by Wang Mei of Tang Xuanzong. This kind of time and character statement has been cited many times by textual critics in the Song and Ming dynasties.. But check the history, not necessarily so. Wang Mei, who was born in an official family, attacked the ritual less. Because Xuanzong believed in Shinto, he set up a set of ritual offerings for offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods, and was promoted to be a shrine sacrifice envoy to preside over such activities.. The basis for Wang Yinglin’s claim to be king was to take part in the old Tang Book & Bull. Wang meichuan” at the end of kaiyuan . ( meishi ) ) moved to dr taichang and Shi empire to serve as a shrine envoy. Mei dedicated herself to worshiping and praying, praying every line of the temple or burning paper money, praying and praying for blessings.. ‘ But join the new Tang Book & Bull; According to the regulations of Wang mei’s biography, ” since the Han dynasty, all funeral expenses have been buried with money. in later generations, money was used as a ghost in the customs, but it was used by Wang mei at the end of the day.” – Wang mei, deputy director of the central Committee of the central Committee of the central Committee of the central Committee of the central Committee of the central Committee of the communist party of China.. It can thus be seen that during the period from’ Han’ to’ Kaiyuan 26 years ago, the folk custom of offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods with paper and money was only incorporated into the official ceremony by Wang Mei.. Of course, it may be doubtful whether this paper money was used for sacrifice, but it may also be that the paper money started with Wang Mei.. Zhang Ji and Bai Juyi have already described cold food day and paper money in their poems and essays in the mid – Tang dynasty, and this kind of folk custom may be related to the government’s leadership..    Zhao Yi, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, believed that paper money originated in the Wei and Jin Dynasties on three grounds: First, he took part in the regulations of Fayuan Zhulin and said that ” paper money originated from Yin Changshi” ( or Yin Hao in the Eastern Jin Dynasty – Editor’s Note ); Second, Hong Qingshan took part in Du Shi’s dialectic regulations, saying that paper money originated from Xiao Baojuan, the capital of Qi and Dong in the south.. This person is good at ghosts and gods, but he is reluctant to sacrifice silks and silk in accordance with the ancient ritual, so paper-cut is replaced by money. Third, he participated in the regulations of Feng Shi’s hearing and recording, saying that ” paper money has existed since Wei and Jin, but it has not been used since the kings and nobles came to the society.”. The author of this book was born in Tang Dezong, not far from the Six Dynasties, and what he saw and heard should be based on it. Therefore, there seems to be no doubt that paper money originated in the Wei and Jin Dynasties.. Approachable Yellowstone also agrees with this statement and believes that Yin Changshi and Xiao Baojuan were the first two dignitaries to adopt this slang style.    It is also said that paper money began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is said that Cai Lunxian soaked the bamboo with hard head spring into pulp and drafted it with linen cloth to make straw paper, which is very popular.. Later, water bamboo was used as the raw material, and the color of the paper made was white. As a result, straw paper was overstocked..Deng Tong, Cai Lun’s partner, made an idea to ask Cai Lun to lie dead in the coffin, and he himself burned straw paper to cry and drink, attracting people to watch.. Finally, Cai Lun’s ” living” turned around and said that he used straw paper as money in the nether world to buy ghost soldiers and was put back into ” the sun” at such a time..    Of course, folk stories cannot be regarded as history of faith. However, some people pointed out that they participated in Han Dynasty & Bull. According to the regulations of Zhang Tang, there is a record that ” people will steal money from filial piety Wen Yuan”. This kind of ” Mingbi” used in Sheol may be ” Yang Shi” circulating copper money, or it may be made of cloth or clay. Therefore, the appearance of paper money may not be impossible in the Eastern Han Dynasty, where papermaking technology developed. Song Gaocheng took part in the notes to the original regulations of the discipline of things, saying that ” Han buried people have paper money, meaning they buried money in the pool late and used it for the dead”; The ” burning paper money for funeral sacrifices, starting from the old money of the Han Dynasty” in the regulations of participating in Ai Ri Zhai Cong Chao all refer to paper money as existing in the Han Dynasty, which does not seem to be a fallacy in terms of reason..    Despite the differences between the times and characters, all the above-mentioned theories hold that the prototype of paper money should be practical coins buried in the tomb with the deceased and cloth and silk used for sacrifice. As for the reason why paper money replaced real money, various opinions can be roughly classified as follows: First, the evolution of sacrifice ceremony. The original sacrifices were made in kind, but later gradually evolved into virtual objects similar in shape, such as pottery figurines replacing human sacrifice, mud and wood chariots replacing real cars and horses, and paper money also came into being.. Second, as sacrifice activities become more and more complicated, the money of the parties is not enough, so paper money is used instead of real money, which has gradually become a popular trend.. Third, real money is easy to be coveted by scoundrels, which is the main reason for causing grave robberies. Instead of money, paper can avert disaster for the dead.. In addition, according to folklore, Cai Lun advocated replacing money with paper in order to promote inferior paper, which is barely enough. Others believe that from the real money in-kind funeral ceremony to the appearance of paper Mingbi, it has experienced a long process of development, in which many anonymous’ wisdom’ was absorbed and a variety of factors were mixed.. Therefore, the custom of burning paper thread will probably be a mystery that will never be solved..    In this way, the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is commonly known as ghost festival. the day when some parts of southern China burned paper and money for the deceased ancestors is deeply rooted in folk customs, far exceeding people’s imagination now.. Entering the information network era, there will be more far-reaching significance in the future. Today’s custom of ” burning baggage” is confirmed by poetry: filial piety to children returning to their homeland, worship to ancestors on July 15th; Buy ghost country money countless, earth burial fire foaming at the mouth of the earth.    Today, on the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, my brothers and sisters gathered together to continue the custom of burning baggage in July in memory of my father, mother and deceased ancestors.! This is a record of the paper burning custom on July 15.

If you’re here, how much you want to talk to you. Talking about the recent life, I only hope you can provide a pair of ears and listen to me quietly.   If you’re there, how much you want to hear your voice. Let time go back to the past, only hope you can walk healthily, let me slowly taste your back.   If you’re there, want to see your face. Gently touch, only hope you can blossom a brilliant smile, let me deeply bless you.   If you are in, how much you want to let your hand and heart rest on my palm, go home together, watch me grow up together, and watch you enjoy your old age.   If you are, how much you want to sit by the window in this rainy season, baking the fire and watching the road spray under the wheels..   If you are there, let you try my craft. I remember being a bystander and enjoying your service. I wish we could change our identity.   If you are here, let me hammer your shoulder. Remember that every time loquat season, your shoulders always shoulder heavy burdens and walk on that crooked mountain road.   If you are there, let me sing you a song to participate in the Happy Birthday Regulations. Remember my birthday every year, you always make cake for me.   If you are sitting next to the phone, I really want to call you together, although it’s always said off and on.. Just like listening to your hometown story, I wonder if you will be interested in listening to my life.   If you are, what are you doing now?   Give me a fantasy space.   Whether or not, the TV is playing, you are leaning against the sofa, your eyes half confused and sleepy.   Whether, in front of the seat, there is the stove that you have mended with wire rope, and charcoal is added from time to time to keep warm.   Whether or not, cook yourself a bowl of peanut paste and slowly warm it into your heart one scoop at a time..   Whether, put the dog in place, and then slowly go back to the bedroom to sleep.   Whether or not, if you were there and saw my growth, would you be happy?   If you were there, that would be great.   If you are in[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]

He entered seventy years of age in a flash and forgot about the recent events. However, as a child, the scene was still vivid and clear. Sometimes he wanted to go to the place where he played as a child, but most of the scenes were completely different.. Sometimes when I see a familiar old photo, I will sigh for a while and enjoy the memories for a few days.!   My primary school was the Baoshan Street Primary School in Wuhan City. It was also called the 13th Primary School at that time. It was very old. Most primary schools at that time were like this. When it rained, the classroom would still leak. However, the walls of the school and the classrooms like the ancient temples in the mountains also made us feel complacent and happy in our childhood study.. In particular, I remember watching a reconnaissance film to participate in the ancient temple bell bill. several boys in our class really took the school as an ancient temple, searched almost all the mysterious corners of the school and had an addiction to exploration, but did not find any secret organs like participating in the ancient temple bell bill.   Today’s’ 13th Little’ has changed its guns and guns, but I can still vaguely find a little memory of my childhood in the internal layout.. When I heard that Li Na, the first sister of China Women’s Network, is also an alumnus of the ” 13th Small School”, I was really happy because Li Na is a representative of Chinese sports, not only a scenic spot in Wuhan, but also has now become the pride of the ” 13th Small School”!   When I was a child, my home was on Changdi Street, which is as famous as Hanzheng Street in Wuhan and also an ancient street.. If Hanzheng Street has big and small shops such as Shangqian and Xiaqian Xiangyi, which are famous commercial streets in Wuhan, Changdi Street is a handicraft street in Wuhan. My memory shows that across the street from my house are a steel cutting shop and a glass drawing shop, while the neighbors around me are mirrors and polishing shops, and the downstairs of my house is a fried dough sticks family..   Like many famous shops in Hanzheng Street, there are also many famous workshops made by hand in Changdi Street. I remember Zou Ziguangge Brush Factory, Su Hengtai Oil Paper Umbrella Factory, Gao Hongtai Tongluo Factory, Cao Zhengxing Kitchen Knife Factory and other famous workshops in the country.. Now the flood of modernization may have washed them away, but I still miss them.   Early in the morning, the streets are buzzing, all kinds of bargaining, all kinds of hawking, and the laughter of drinking tea and chatting in every teahouse. My father told me that it was actually about doing business.. The street was quiet after noon, and it was the happiest time for me and my friends.   The street of Changdi Street is not wide. It is paved with long bluestones and has no motor vehicles. It is a natural playground for our amusement.. Playing marbles, playing foreign paintings, throwing mud, jumping eight officials, skimming and skimming, changing sugar paper, and girls jumping rubber bands, grasping children, jumping houses, kicking shuttlecocks, and playing cane splitting by older children often arouse cheers and onlookers from the adults.. Even in the summer heat, we also have a good place to go. That’s Lingyunli, where my family has crossed the Japanese bomb. According to adults, the house in front of Lingyunli was blown up to form a big empty space. Behind it is a Jiangyuan called ” Yida” and there is a long arcade with ventilation and shade. It is our summer paradise..   Every day when the sun has just set, every family begins to sprinkle water on the street at the door and settle their bamboo beds. When the street lights are lit, the whole street is full of bamboo beds except for a gap of less than one meter in the middle, which is a veritable array of bamboo beds and forms a strange landscape in summer.. No wonder at that time we heard such words: cyclists sad Hanzheng Street in the daytime and Changdi Street in the evening. At that time, we sometimes went to catch grasshoppers, sometimes sat around a bamboo bed under a street lamp to play” percent”, sometimes listened to the adults speak about participating in the king cat Regulations and participating in the Bill of God Blocking List, and sometimes I also told some” ghost” stories in dim light to scare timid partners, and the adults were listening in with laughter and sometimes brought watermelons from ice water towns. It was really pleasant.!   I remember the place where I played most in the summer vacation when I was a child was the pillbox on the turtle mountain and the ma Cang lake swimming in Hanyang. we walked together with a group of friends, and the adults were also at ease, not as tight as we are now in charge of our children.. When we come back, each of us will pick a big lotus leaf in the moon lake and make a sun hat on our head. at dinner, we will bring out the rice to talk and eat, but so far I can’t recall what I talked about at that time, and I don’t understand how there were so many words at that time.!   There is a saying that children think of years. In fact, what we thought most at that time was the’ 61′ festival instead of the Chinese New Year. Because’ 61′ doesn’t want money for a ride or money for a trip to the park, we can play all over the three towns, wear red scarves, and welcome us everywhere. We really feel that we are the flowers of our motherland.. I still remember a ” 61” festival. I followed our school’s ” Little White Pigeon Art Troupe” into the towering and splendid ” Sino – Soviet Friendship Palace”. At the top of her was the studio of Wuhan TV Station at that time, where we performed to our city’s small friends and got the TV station’s holiday gift – a bag of exquisite candy..   Happy childhood, wonderful childhood, childhood friends, childhood teachers and smiling faces of childhood parents will be farther and farther away from us with the years, but those good things will never disappear from our memory, and the good things of childhood will always be with us.!

The village in my hometown is close to a mountain. Mountain is the dependence of village, just like a child depends on mother’s warm arms and father’s solid shoulders. With reliance on small villages, they have the lifeblood of stability, stability, sureness and beating of life, and they have endless vitality and immortal spiritual qualities..     With this mountain, the villagers will have physical and mental support. With struggle, with struggle; With experience, with climbing; With yearning, with caring, with survival and life; Have feelings, have footprints, have the vein of life.     There are trees on the mountain, lush all the year round. There is grass on the mountain, like a spreading carpet, which can be seen as far as the eye can see. There are flowers on the mountain. When they are open, they are colorful and picturesque. There is spring water in the mountains, flowing continuously. The spring water nurtures generations of village people, just like the flow of mountains’ blood and the sweet milk of mothers.. There are many species and sizes of creatures on the mountain. They move around the mountain like the pulse of the mountain.. They take the mountain as the stage, stretching their posture, dancing and singing to their heart’s content.. They are the best actors in boundless Shan Ye.     I often stand at the village entrance of the village, lifting my head vigorously, facing the mountain, I can’t see the mystery hidden by it.! The tall head of the mountain rises in the sky and reaches straight into the sky. At an early age, I have been looking forward to climbing to the top of the mountain one day, holding my hand high, and giving it a try to see if I can stir the blue sky and white clouds like monkey sun, or let the still blue sky slightly shake.. This will satisfy my curiosity. At that time, I kept listening to the old people telling the story of Monkey King making a big noise in the sky. Unfortunately, I never got to the top of the mountain and never realized the small wish I had buried in my heart.. What’s more, I don’t want to climb that high mountain any more because God is afraid that I will make a little noise in the sky, so I will lose the ability to climb ahead of time: disability!     Residual, waste, the desire in the heart is not residual or waste, and like a stubble of Chinese chives that cannot be cut out, it is full of vigor and vitality in the heart. With such lush growth, the blue sky overhead and the mountains overhead are more mysterious and mysterious than ever before.!     At that time, a bundle of firewood, a basket of medicine, chopping and planing continued to flow into the mountain.. Day after day passes and disappears, but there is no end to this mountain. This mountain is really a treasure! Folks, year after year, year after year, carrying an axe, once and for all, slashing severely, the tree shed blood and tears, and each tree smashed its day in pain, but how could it not be zero time. The wolf in the mountain stands on the hill every night, crying and howling. There is no time to calm down. The mountains around here, the mountains overhead, are really mysterious!     When there was no rice in the home, the villagers went into the mountain, looked at the tree, looked at the ground, saw the green leaves on the tree, the green leaves on the ground, and the white and crisp roots underground, carefully distinguished, and could be put into the basket and returned home, the empty belly of the family was filled and the family’s life was prolonged.. Which child is ill and walks into the mountains with his head gripped by his back, according to the doctor’s prescription, seems to have shaved off the child’s patient and brought the child’s health.. Depressed, annoyed, walked into the mountain, stood on the high hill, opened his mouth to the boundless mountain, shouted heartily, and immediately ran a clean light of annoyance and anguish..     The villagers grew up small, grew up and grew old, grew old and left. The old keep leaving, the small keep coming. From generation to generation, the new and old alternate in sequence, and faces change constantly. But the castle peak is neither like a green-headed boy, nor like a dying old man. It is always a middle-aged touch of vigorous life and exuberance.. The magic of this mountain and the mystery of this mountain have always been a mystery that I cannot solve!     The mystery in this mountain is always on the side of conjecture. Go to the mountain, go to the shoulder of the mountain, lift your head up, and connect with your eyes is a cliff like chopping an axe with a knife.. Eyes along the straight cliff, thinking along the straight cliff, climbing up and down, but the physical body of the object is still like dust. Looking up for a long time, never tired of looking up, is just the accumulation of time and the increase of times. As a result, the mystery is more mysterious and the temptation is more alluring.. In the temptation, the riddles in the mountain are one after another. A cave dwelling on the cliff is called a sheep kiln for many years. A cave dwelling houses cattle for many years, called a cow kiln. A cave dwelling is said to have been practiced by the patriarch and is called the patriarch’s kiln. I don’t know if a cave dwelling really lived in Taurus. The cave dwelling was strangely called Jinniudong. The neck of the mountain is more than ten miles in circumference, and the magical thing is that the four holes are connected to each other inside.. Just like the four villages are independent and intercommunicating, the connected caves are like roads extending in all directions. No footprints can be seen on the road, in fact, those overlapping footprints are like overlapping stamps, confirming a long history of time.     Just said that this golden cow cave left me a permanent mystery. When I was very young, I followed the adults into the mountains and walked into the mountains. I only dared to stand at the mouth of the golden cow cave in stop for a minute, where I was terrified.. The dark mouth of the cave, like a mouth that Zhang Yongyuan will not close, will suddenly devour a life. Later, though he was a little bolder, he only dared to follow his companion carefully to bend down and move deep, and stopped walking before he was far away.. There is a man’s head with a big hole in the top of his head where he stays.. My heart pounded and pounded from time to time as I watched my companions climb up the groove on the wall where they could only hold a little toe, and watched them tuck their heads into the small holes above their heads.. Fortunately, they all came down safe and sound one by one. Down, it brings me the mystery that I envy and yearn for, which is closely linked to the temptation to me. One by one, I was encouraged to go up, but I was too timid to start shaking as my heart beat harder..In this way, the small hole on the top of the head, the area I can’t see on the top of the head, becomes the mystery that will never be revealed in my heart, and the magic on the top of the head becomes the interpretation of a big mouth, a small mouth, the same size and the same size..     The legend may have been formed in this way, because I found that the unknown area above my head, which I failed to climb and reach, became mysterious, mysterious and vivid through different speeches with small mouth and big mouth.. I know very well that the addition and subtraction of legends is the choice that legends need.     The mountain in my hometown is a mystery that will never be revealed to me. I walk into it day by day, but it is difficult to walk through it. I am very close to it, but it is difficult to reveal it. Reveal, is a kind of advance, a kind of progress; It is difficult to reveal, it is a kind of wandering, a kind of staying. When I stopped and circled with mystery side by side, a seed in my heart began to germinate. This small seed has grown into a big tree in my heart today. This tree is a mysterious life and an inexhaustible temptation.. Today, I am attached to a pair of crutches, standing on the land of a different place and looking forward to the lofty blue sky again and again. The mystery and temptation of the blue sky make me only admire and naive speculation..     Mystery is attached to temptation, and temptation is attached to mystery, just like an eternal torch in the heart, leading us to constantly explore!

I’ve been busy writing other things recently, forgetting the logs that I used to update from time to time..   I’d like to take advantage of nothing and passion now.   I called my sister at 7 o’clock last night and cried like rain outside. I haven’t cried like that for a long time.. My sister and I said, ” Don’t he want me if he has a brother?”? How to buckle his information three times and ignore me? Sister tried to comfort his temper, but you didn’t know it. Like a stubborn donkey, it was also possible that he wasn’t at the computer.. I didn’t listen to my sister’s explanation at all. The more I cried, the more I felt. The more I felt, the more I felt like a baby. The cry was like a whirlwind floating in the air.. Fortunately, I live alone, even if I make many decibels of sound, I don’t have to worry that others will hear it.   Others said I was gentle and considerate. In fact, I told you that I was just like him as a donkey and that the nine cows would not come back..   It’s like I dropped out of high school, no matter how much he advised me to reason with me and let me go back to school, until finally he simply scolded me, ” You’re worthless, and you won’t be a big deal in the future.”. I stared back at each other and scolded each other. ‘ stamp his feet with anger, and finally don’t talk to me, and then often find fault saying that the food I cook is either salty or light.   I don’t understand. Sometimes I don’t even look at him with a gray nose and a gray face. I only look at him coldly and say, ” If you can, don’t eat.”. ‘ At that time, I always felt lonely and no one loved me. Sometimes I would be silly to think,’ This is a very boring day.” I always cried secretly in the quilt..   At that time, he did not go out to work in farming at home. Sometimes I helped him and pruned the plants. He blew his nose and said that I had not cut well and was scolded by him. Later, I didn’t answer back and was unhappy all day and finally went out to work..   I think, when I earn my own money and can feed myself, I won’t be angry with you any more..   Young people like this, don’t touch a rebuff all don’t know where the world of flowers and flowers outside is like a novel full of angels who are out of touch with the world, only to find that they can’t do anything after they go out..   To say that the uncle who moved the cement workers always has two strengths, but I am a little bit weak, and it is an idiot to have no culture, no strength and no strength..   At last, I realized that he was right. The world has no culture, no face, no money without face, no money to look down upon, and then I have to live like a mangy dog without peace..   Finally, I called my mother and said I would go back to study.   I don’t think I’m really a good reader either. I didn’t go to a good university in the exam..   He hoped that I would be able to Guang Zong Yaozu as well as the ancients to be a top scholar, and that I would be able to be a juren or something at the worst.. But I missed nothing. I know he was unhappy. In fact, it was the time when I shed the most tears. When I saw him unhappy, I secretly shed tears. Sometimes I hid my voice in the quilt and wiped it with the quilt after crying. Finally, no one knew I had shed tears..   He saw that I looked like a normal person and might think that I was really too unpromising.. Finally, a few days before reporting to school, he left dozens of acres of plants in his home to work.   I remember when he was a child, my mother and I would have sent him far and far away, until I could not see him. I would have looked back step by step to see where he went.. But at that time, I heard that he was leaving, and I was like a thief hiding in my room. I didn’t stand on the road looking expressionless until I didn’t hear his voice. In fact, when you look closely, you will find that there are many tears on the expressionless little face that have just evaporated..   I still have a dull ache in my heart up to now. Whenever I get into the college entrance examination, I always ask myself if he would be happy if I really won the top prize.. Then I will be happy if he is happy. But I never said these words to him.   He was several years older than me, and when I was a child, I always did housework while carrying me. At that time, I was like the meat in the back of his hand. He loved me, loved me and cared for me. Every time my sister came to catch me and asked me to wash the dishes, I ran behind him. Then we played the game of eagle catching chicken. My sister couldn’t catch me at all. Finally, as long as I walked to wash the dishes by myself, I hid the ha ha smile behind him..   But since I dropped out of school, we’ve been like a crack across the body, like a scar on the body. No matter how to repair it, it’s lying there. If you gouge it out with a knife, you can only gouge it out more and more..   Since then, I have always handled our relationship with great care. I dare not play coquetry with him or tell him my personal thoughts.. I will only talk to him on the buckle, and I dare not call him, because I have to rack my brains to think about what to say in the next sentence..   But I always care about his every move.   Every time I hear that someone in my hometown is at odds with him, I gnash my teeth with anger.   Before because of the road building in his hometown, I heard that someone had clashed with him. He always felt weak and didn’t have any personal support. I knew that he must be very uncomfortable in his heart, so he wanted to be a brother..   But he didn’t know. When I heard that someone was in conflict with him, I thought I would be good if I were a boy. I must have rushed up and beaten the man to find teeth all over the place.. It’s a pity that I am a woman, even I sometimes think that if force can really solve the problem, I don’t care so much, and no matter what lady is not a lady, who dares not to live with him is not to live with me. If you want to be one-on-one hit, though, it’s a big deal that my petite body was beaten black and blue by others.   However, there is an idea that will never change, that is, who dares not live with him or with me, so those who have conflicts with him in my hometown have long hated tooth itch in my heart and really want to become a wild dog and bite them to death.. See you still dare not blow your nose and shake your fists with him. Of course, I will not be unreasonable and will not help my parents or not. But I know he has a good man left besides that stubborn temper. So you said I wouldn’t help whom!   However, force often cannot solve the problem. Still depend on strength.  So I always point at my nose in the mirror and scold, ” Why are you sneaking around, you little son – of – a – bitch, and why are you sneaking around?”! ‘ Scold at the end of the day without strength, I will not scold, I began to comfort myself: ” Hey, success is not a matter of overnight, you take it slowly, take it slowly.”! Sometimes I catch the conversation again and start scolding myself: ” You are a spineless person who is running for the third place. When do you expect to succeed?”! Then I comforted myself: ” One day I will succeed.”. ‘ Later, I did not know until I buckled more than 8: 00 p.m. that I really misjudged him. It turned out that my uncle was playing computer all the time, and my uncle was a computer idiot, so naturally he would not reply to my text message..   I suddenly felt that it was not raining outside, it was a meteor, so I laughed again. It’s like a sick man in a mental hospital. It scares people to death..   Maybe you’ll think I’m stupid, just because he cried like a crybaby without answering my button message?   I am such a person. I care about everything I care about and people I care about. I am jealous and I am very careful.. If you are afraid, it’s better not to let me care about you ha ha.   After crying, I felt very fresh, and the air floated through the window after the rain. I took a deep breath and wanted to tell the world, ” I love you, I love you, I love you very much.”! Just like loving mom and dad, it is better than loving myself. ‘ Is this really disgusting, but my friends said I am a very reserved person. Let me feel sick once and for all.!   Those who read the article remember not to bully him, or I will destroy you if I send it one day..   If you also read this article, remember that I love you, love mom and dad, of course, and the sister who texted me in the middle of the night, as well as silly sister, whom I didn’t contact for half a year, you are my only . ah, I really want to grow a pair of wings so that you can hide under it without wind or waves and be happy all your life . ah, try your best . ah

Mom, mom, will those green apples turn red? ‘ I was walking along the road behind the house, pointing to two apple trees near the vegetable field, and eagerly asked my mother who was picking beans..     ‘ will turn red, as long as you don’t take them off and eat them. ‘ mother from silver-gray bean leaves between face, looked at me with a confused face, replied with a smile.     ‘ Then will they be pecked out of big holes and small holes by sparrows? I look forward to a positive answer, anxiously looking at the swaying leaves in the bean rack, where the bean is gradually lying in the basket.     My mother did not satisfy me, ” they are still green, and no sparrow will peck out a big hole or a small hole.”. But it may be swallowed by you. ‘ she guessed my thoughts, but deliberately tease me.     In the end, as she had hoped, the green apples did not turn red and were not pecked out of big holes and small holes by sparrows, but were swallowed into my stomach by me.. Later, every time she mentioned it, she always smiled cunningly and laughed at me in front of many people.. And I have already learned to answer: I eat them in my stomach, they will not turn red and fall off, nor will they be pecked by sparrows with big holes and small holes. I am protecting them.     Now, under the blue sky, behind the light brown brick building, rows after row of apple trees stand quietly in front of me: some are full of leaves, only one or two are hung on the trees. Some were full, and the fruit came straight out of the trunk full of bumps.. The fruits are all light blue, smooth and bright, and can see the colorful sunlight reflected from the dew at the bottom.     I didn’t take them off and eat them in my stomach, not because of the sign that says’ pesticide sprayed, please don’t pick’ or because I don’t like apples anymore. I want to see them turn red and see them through the window in English class, just like the afternoon pacing the path ten years ago. But they will still disappear from the tree, not turning red and falling to the ground, not being eaten by sparrows, but living in a vegetable basket overnight.. I saw this scene last year and remember the torn leaves.     Our ancestors did the same work in the vast forest. It was a time of freedom, a time of wild interest. The children climbed up the tree barefoot, picked fruit from their tanned hands and threw it into their mother’s basket.. The women bowed their heads and picked it up under the tree, wiping away the mud from the apples.. Whether they are green or green, they can’t wait until autumn. As long as you can fill your stomach and live, everything is fine.     I have heard that according to Darwin’s point of view, the fetus in the mother’s womb represents the process of evolution from simple life to adult life.. Did the baby after birth go through a period of evolution of human civilization? Green apples, also full of trees, our children, like primitive people, can’t wait for the fruits to ripen and send them to their bellies.. If they live in God’s Garden of Eden, they will naturally live without danger if they grow one crop after another.. Yes, primitive people lived in Eden, and green apples were their most wonderful food.     But then they were driven out of the Garden of Eden and there was no endless supply of green apples for them to eat.. They wander about looking for green apples and maintain a life without food and food.. Finally, they accidentally ate red apples, which made them gradually dislike the bitterness of green apples. From then on, the hearts of the people forbear, crawling on the ground like dung beetles carrying dung balls, waiting for the fruits to mature in autumn.     This is not all. The seeds of the red apple were buried in the soil, and new apple trees were grown, and green apples full of trees were also grown.. But we are used to waiting for them to turn red, and to letting them bury in the soil and grow into pieces of forest.. The woods are full of green apples, and no one will pick them except children and ancestors in the Garden of Eden until they turn red and are beaten up by a basket of vegetables..     We finally forgot the temptation of green apples, and the blue childhood was as old as the days in the Garden of Eden.. Would you like to pluck a green apple and taste the bitterness of the past?

Life is like this. People who have not experienced ups and downs will not feel the vicissitudes of life.. Time is the best weapon to hone your mind. Time slips away by your side, and the white hair is dyed with moss. You dare not look in the mirror when the carving knife of time carves wrinkles on your face, for fear that you will be broken with time if you are not careful..     Old and young, only one heart makes people young. A rare childlike innocence will let you find something in time. Don’t ignore those unnecessary entanglements, you smile at life and life will give you the most brilliant sunshine. Say hello to yourself and ask yourself when you are depressed. Hello. More important than anything else, happiness is the best way to live a long life, and happiness is the best medicine without disease. Don’t let an old heart take away your youth. If you think too much, you will age quickly. Depressed, lonely, tangled and manic, they are all out of keeping youth, only themselves can make themselves happy and happy, others can take away your wealth, but he can’t take away your happiness, only happiness can make you live more calmly..     Most people are defeated by inertia. Inert is the expression of their inner aging. Life lacks goals and morale, and they always feel that they can’t fulfill this wish. Success without hard work doesn’t exist. This makes their life full of morale, makes their life rich and colorful, makes their heart young forever, faces life with a young heart, and makes life smile to you. Only the smile of life on you will make your life full of morale, your life will be full of passion, and you will have a young age..     How many people lost to waiting, silently waiting in solitude, silently observing in hopelessness, without goals, without the direction of life, waiting in their own time, waiting for their white heads, only to find that they have lost a lot and missed many passing scenery with the sun, moon and stars gradually drifting away, only with a sigh, let their youth fade away in their own hopelessness, only to find their way through when the moss is dyed white and their teeth fall off, is so worthy of nostalgia, youth is perishable, and the years are passing by.. Only in the boring time can I count the fleeting time and think about the past when everything was late.     Sometimes people will only go back to the past, but they don’t like the present and look forward to tomorrow but don’t act today.. People’s inertia is their biggest enemy, and they find all sorts of reasons to prevaricate themselves and let themselves slowly run out of their youth in their own years. Waiting is the most boring loneliness and waiting is the most useless pain. Don’t worry about career or love, they will only get it if they fight for it. Your waiting is only a joy and an emptiness, and what they wait for is nothing but falling flowers and dreams with the wind.. Waiting is the aging of people’s hearts, just like the old man moving a Mazar to sit in the sun and bask in the sun, the sun is approaching death, waiting for death to knock on the door day by day, but if people are not old, he will find what he wants to do, and only by enriching himself will he live more meaningful and his youth will be young forever..     The passage of time is not terrible. What is terrible is that people are getting old. If your heart is old, what else will you care about? Life needs passion. Without passion, everything will feel meaningless. Even if one does not strive for fame and fortune and live free and easy, there will always be a belief, an ideal and a hope.. Ideal is not possessed by young people. It is as important to the living as it is to the living. Only ideal and passion can make the heart younger and not compete with the world.. But only one belief is the only reason to live. Only the reason to live can enrich your heart and make your heart younger and younger..     Really, if you think about it, when your heart gets older, you will lack the goal and passion of life. If your heart is old, what else will you care about? Don’t wait in time, don’t sink in time. Let passion ignite your heart. Passion is turbulent, and you will get younger and younger. You will also feel the value of living is so beautiful. Only then will you feel that your heart is so full, not tired by life and not troubled by loneliness.. You will slowly realize the real value of life.     Don’t let the heart grow old. Years are like flying knives.. Give yourself a goal to live a fuller life. When you watch yourself in a young state of mind, you will find yourself. It’s good to be alive.

People always give a lot of encouragement when they are ill, such as’ fight against the disease to earn””’ fight against the disease’ and so on. I was thinking that sick people may all hope so, but it must not be possible. Because many diseases, the development of medical science has not yet provided us with an effective weapon to fight the disease.   My mother had a heart attack when she was in her sixties. My wife and I were about to go out that day. My mother had just entered the big house with hot milk from the kitchen and fainted from a pain in her chest.. Then I called my sister who was working in the hospital, and after more than ten minutes, she took an ambulance and paramedics to quickly pull her mother to the hospital.. Mother’s life was a long one when she finished her life at the age of eighty – three. Since I was in my forties, I have experienced sudden pain in my heart area and did not take any medicine to relieve it naturally.. Despite this, I still saw the doctor do many electrocardiograms and the results were normal. Recently, my body is always feeling unwell, and my left shoulder radiates from the dull pain in the precordial area.. At the urging of his family, he went to Shougang Hospital to do cardiac angiography. As a result, the left anterior descending artery of the heart hardened and blocked about 80 %. Despite some mental preparation in my heart, I was still very nervous when my blood pressure rose to 160 / 90 in the face of such a result.. The worry finally happened.   The doctor immediately issued a hospitalization order and told me that the disease was life – threatening. My wife just went to other places the day before, and my son went to Wuhan for a meeting. Although the daughter-in-law is at home with grandchildren besides work. I chose to go to Tieying Hospital, where my sister once worked, considering the successful treatment of my mother and the care behind me.. Sister received a phone call and immediately asked her brother-in-law to contact the hospital bed. From Shougang Hospital to Tieying Hospital, it takes about an hour and a half by bus. In order to be on the safe side, I bought a bottle of mineral water at the Shangting near the hospital and took the five kinds of medicine just prescribed by the doctor.. Arrived at the hospital at about 3: 30 p.m.. A few minutes later, my sister also came from different places.   The head nurse Zhao of internal medicine purposely arranged me in the ninth ward, which is a two-person ward with a toilet, which is both quiet and convenient. After living in the hospital for half a month, the symptoms were relieved by drug treatment. I’m going to be discharged tomorrow. The doctor clearly suggested on the discharge certificate, ” go to the heart hospital for further treatment.”. In fact, it is to see if it is necessary to make a bracket now.   In the days of the hospital, the most important thing to think about is the disease you suffer from.. Fortunately, modern means of communication are powerful, and many knowledge of coronary heart disease can be accessed online by lying in a hospital bed and using a mobile phone.. When we have a thorough understanding of the reasons, the psychological burden will be greatly reduced from ignorance to knowledge. This is the characteristic of intellectuals, right.   Life and death are sometimes separated by a line. Death is the necessity of life. I thought that when I was born, I would finish what I should do, and when I came that day, I would definitely go to another world with ease and calm.. ‘ I think I’m there too.” If I don’t think about it, I won’t be there, your world may be quiet.

It is good to have my luck to miss my life, not to be happy with things but not to be sad with oneself.. – Remember what you get to cherish, and smile that you lose. Some partners often say: Only I can give you happiness, so you must be with me, but they often ignore the definition of happiness. Different from person to person and different definitions of happiness, so you think that the more you give to her, the more you give to her, the more you give to her, the more she gives to her, the less she will feel that you are very attentive and will not be moved by you.. I always think it’s a young act to give her everything you think is good before you know each other.. Because I like it, I give all the good things I think, because I understand it, I run aground, just like I don’t know the darkness of night during the day, 24 hours a day. If the day is to find the lost night, I will not sleep for him for two hours. So whether the night is also for the sake of losing the day and unwilling to wake up for a long time? Of course I won’t believe it. We all know that day and night are caused by the movement of the earth and the earth’s surface, and there is no so-called black-and-white love.. In fact, there are a lot of things that we are determined to do without combining with the reality science. It can also be said that we are not willing to face the reality and dare not see our current situation..   The day is not for the night to sleep, the night is not for the day not to wake up, all this is just a natural law. All things have their own nature. What we need to learn is to always have a contented heart and understand what ” I’m lucky, I miss my life”, not to feel sad because of the story behind the object, not to feel inferior because of the present situation.. Buddha often said that cause and effect are linked, and disaster and happiness depend on each other. I think this must have his reason. All kinds of gains and losses that cluster on oneself must be related to their speech acts.   Up to now, I don’t have a complete concept of life, but I always understand one thing: mentality is very important. As long as the state of mind is good, all problems naturally do not exist. It’s like losing love and some family ties. They don’t love me and don’t want to treat me better. I can’t say it’s their fault. After all, they had an incomparable good day yesterday for me. Since he chose not to love today, although I still love it, it’s not good for each other to never let go. It stumbles my heart and stumbles the future of others. If there can be a law to judge love, I think this is a guilt that can’t be excused..   Time will always make me mature, but it is only my mind that tears experience. In the period before the separation, I called it electrocardiogram. The undulating arc is the frequency I miss, because I miss someone so lonely inside. The girl can’t bear loneliness most. It was a particularly sad day.. However, when the time passed and became increasing function, it was later an equal proportion function. I wanted to understand. I suddenly felt that as long as I liked it, why should I care whether others liked you or not? Sometimes it is also a kind of happiness to think of you quietly and safely. I think I would like to keep holding this share of Ningyi..   Thousands of worlds, sentient beings, you and I can meet and have a piece of music written together. Although we all read the music thoroughly and sadly, we are all traveling people. It was an episode on the’ mutual’ road, whether it was beautiful or harsh, whether it was affection, friendship or love.. I knew I had had enough and it hurt? Love? Hate me all pleased. What you get most of what you don’t get is a kind of love and tolerance from heaven to me, not whether it is sad or happy, heaven or hell.   Travellers? In fact, I don’t want to take these two words as a frame. I don’t know how many people’s sadness this simple three words have added.. Look, what a busy stream of people, like rushing into a fast-flowing stream of people, each fleeing frantically in order to survive…. This scene is really busy and scary. I didn’t want to write people’s lives so busy. Sometimes when I finish one thing after another, I will think, ” Why does my heart still feel empty after doing a lot of things today?”? Some people say that they can withstand wind and rain, but they can’t afford to be ordinary! I am such a kind of person? If I keep on doing this and only keep busy can I get my sense of existence, then I still have decades, four months a year.. Think about this state as if it were a mummy that swallowed up the soul. It’s really terrible.   Rather than making yourself look like a wild ghost searching for souls all over the world for the sake of so-called existence, it is better to face those existing problems quietly and frankly, not believing in fairy tales, nor angels, nor the protection of gods, and having plenty of yourself and uneven personalities, they all stretch out their hands like the world to ask for everything they want, and you will survive in such an environment..   Sitting on the ridge of the field in another country, watching the sunset quietly, witnessing the trace of the day.   Sitting in front of the clear windowsill, listening calmly to the impetuous and noisy city, witnessing the footprints left by the years.   Sitting in front of the computer desk, looking at the articles I have already written, recalling the thoughts of writing the articles, quietly thinking about a person in my heart, quietly asking for our story or a sequel in my heart..   My writing is finished here. In fact, all the contents I want to express are hidden in these words. I suddenly feel that I can sit by the window in peace and comfort my impetuosity with words, and enjoy this quiet and beautiful and happy thing.. Yuan Fang, what do you think?   Quietly do what you want to do, calm and calm life, not sublimate your experience, not gorgeous your memories, so good.

One Buddha said: Sit and meditate, practice and meditate, one flower and one world, one leaf and one Buddha, flowers from green in spring, autumn to leaves falling, infinite prajnaparamita mind at ease, language silent and movement natural. Only by looking into the truth of life in the universe can we be truly free. What is the truth of life in the universe?   Sakyamuni said in participating in Buddha’s parable sutra that on a lonely autumn evening, in the endless wilderness, a traveler stumbled along the road. All of a sudden, travelers found pieces of white things scattered in the thin and dark wild roads, looking intently, they turned out to be human bones.   While the traveler was wondering, suddenly there was an amazing roar from the front and a tiger came close. At the sight of the tiger, the traveler immediately understood the reason for the bones and immediately began to run away on the usual road..   But apparently he lost his way and the traveler ran over broken ridges and steep cliffs. He seemed to have no choice..   Fortunately, there is a pine tree on the cliff, and a vine hangs from the branch and extends to the bottom of the cliff.. As a result, the traveler did not hesitate to hold on to the vines and hang down, which could be described as a narrow escape..   When the tiger saw that the food it was about to import had fled, he was so upset that he roared on the cliff..   Thank you very much! Thanks to the shelter of the vine, the precious life was saved and the travelers were relieved for the time being.. However, when he looked at his feet, he couldn’t help” Ah” 1. It turned out that the feet were rough and bottomless deep sea.! There were three dragons among the raging waves on the sea. They were opening their mouths and waiting for his downfall.. Travelers unconsciously shivered all over the body.   But what is more frightening is that at the root of the vine on which it depends, there are two mice, one white and one black, who are eating the vine interactively.!   Travelers desperately shake vines to drive away mice, but the mice didn’t mean to escape at all.   When travelers shake vines, honey drips from the hives on the branches, and travelers lick the honey into their mouths: ” How intoxicating!”! He forgot that he was in a terrible situation.   After careful reading, this is a beautiful article, like a modernist work, full of metaphors and philosophies. It means that you come to this world, like a lonely traveler, walking slowly on the endless lonely life path, family, relatives and friends… One by one, they left and became bones on the side of the road. When you see death, you feel doubts, pain and fear. But death is like a ferocious tiger, chasing after you and ready to take your life at any time.. Death has driven you to a precipice, the top precipice, and the bottom is the hell of the three dragons who are greedy, lightly chastising and stupid.. On the way to escape, you met with money, property, fame, status and other things that made you greedy. You got a moment’s silence when you were greedy for these things and comforted yourself: I’m not going to die yet! So enjoy food, color, wealth, honor and sleep for these sweet things like honey. But day and night are like two persistent mice eating the vines of time day and night..   Under the bodhi tree of shakyamuni Buddha, the origin of emptiness and causal transmigration were explored, and the six transmigrations of heaven, man, asura, beast, hungry ghost and hell were seen in the state of emptiness in which one mind does not live and one mind does not die.. The first three are classified into three good ways and the last three are classified into three evil ways. Buddha also told us that all this is not real, but an illusion created by our hearts. Buddha said: All love meetings are impermanent and rare for a long time, and life is in danger of morning dew.. From love to worry, from love to fear, from love to fear, if you leave your lover, you will have no fear.!   Only by seeing through the emptiness of the laws can we be fearless, fearless, carefree and free from fear, get rid of the cycle of life and death and get rid of it.   There is a series of photos, very interesting. The lens starts at 10 billion light-years and slowly draws to 10 million light-years and 100 million light-years until the skin on the human hand and then the cells in the skin are magnified countless times.. Extragalactic galaxies, the Milky Way, the solar system and the earth’s moon come into view in turn, and then the cells of the human body and the atoms and electrons in the cells slowly appear. The small universe made up of atoms and electrons in the human body is similar to the big universe we see with our naked eyes. It is as beautiful and magical as the stars. At the end of the work, a sentence is left: Is the universe we see outside our body or inside our body? Indeed, it is thought – provoking. It turns out that our bodies also holographic the whole universe! It can be seen that our bodies are also empty.   Buddha said: the emptiness of all laws.   According to the Diamond Sutra Regulations: ” All promising laws, such as dreams, dew and electricity, should be treated like this.”. ‘ Five Careless People ( Taoist Explorers ) ) have a poem saying: No School, No Heart and Lung, No Country, No Teaching, No Careless People; No authority, no saint, no cosmonaut and me. After reading the book, the fireworks were completely extinguished, leaving neither body nor mind..  One flower, one heaven, one grass, one world. One tree, one bodhi, one soil, one Buddha. One party, one pure land, one smile and one fate. The heart is a lotus flower when one reads and one cleans.. Buddha sleeps in flowers, Jia Ye smiles, and Zen is silent. The enlightened since the enlightenment, and the fans are self – obsessed.   nan huaijin, a generation of monk, said, ” Fight for fame, race for fame, walk around, dance in the world of mortals, go to temples to burn incense and gain wealth, and listen to the true scriptures of Baoding.”! ‘ the world of mortals rolling in, the difficulty of life!   There is a Buddha who said it thoroughly: ” The world of mortals did not exist, and the love of the world of mortals was born.”. Dust is not charming, but only in one mind. As if in a dream, when you wake up, you will know if you take it seriously. Life is empty, sad and happy, life and death ever bring a article. The impermanence of the two ghosts makes them feel sorry for not coming back in a fit of pique.. Advise you to wake up in your dream as soon as possible and become a Buddha is your own heart. ‘ Buddha said that knowing the heart and seeing the heart, knowing the heart is separated from each other, not the world of mortals being broken by you, is the true heart of the world’s original purity and immortality, seeing all sorts of evil opinions such as being stained with secular confusion, so there are life and death all sorts of impermanence upside down. He who sees through the world of mortals does not actually have the world of mortals to see. What he insists on is our own heart.   The word ” he who sees through the world of mortals” does not come from Buddhism. Buddhism only says ” Liu Chen”. It is said that ” he who sees through the world of mortals” is an ancient Chinese writer who was created under the influence of Taoism’s natural inaction.. Tang Dynasty. Li Bai took part in the meeting regulations and said, ” In meeting the world of mortals, Gao Yi’s golden whip.”. ‘ Tang. Du Shenyan took part in the boating to send Zheng Qing into Beijing. The regulations say: ” Sailing in a boat is lingering in the water, and riding in a halberd is full of the world of mortals” Tang. Chen Ziang took part in the 3rd Qushui Banquet in Changshi Mountain Pool, saying: ” Sunset and Red Dust Meet.”. The horses and chariots were crisscrossed. ‘ Song. Yan Jidao took part in the birth check-up regulations and said, ” The world of mortals is on the upper reaches of the river and lives by the blue willows dike.”. Cao Xueqin’s participation in the first meeting of the regulations on a dream of red mansions also said that there is a city back to Langmen, which is the most prosperous and romantic place in the world of mortals.. ” Visible world of mortals refers to the secular world bustling scene. The Dhamma does not speak of the world of mortals, nor does it speak of seeing through the world of mortals. It only talks about the color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, method and so on, which are opposite to the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and meaning.. Six dust is the outer boundary and six root is the inner boundary. Only by adding six knowledge of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and meaning can physical and mental phenomena be produced. The heart is moved by the outer world, that is, moved by the six dusts, and it will take six actions of making good and evil, good and bad, and so on, which the Dharma calls creation. The three evil ways of making evil industry fall into hell, hungry ghost and beast; The creation of good karma will also lead to the birth of human beings, or heaven, and enjoy the blessings of human beings and heaven.. However, no matter falling or rising, they are all living in the bitter sea of reincarnation and life and death in the world.. If you want to be free, you must realize that Liu Chen is illusory, unreal and changeable. Only when he sees through it can he put it down.   He who sees the breaking down will have nothing in his heart. As the saying goes, there is nothing in the heart that is wide and wide . Everywhere the sea is wide and the sky is free. He who sees the breaking down will have nothing in his heart, ” there was nothing in the world, and where to get the dust”, there are pure land lotus flowers everywhere, and there is nothing to hinder them.”. Zen Buddhism has a saying that ” the big is faint in the city and the small is faint in the mountains”. That is to say, the heart has nothing to hold on to and the body has nothing to do with it. No matter what environment they live in, they are free. into the badlands in the mountains, poisonous insects and beasts, can’t annoy you. The bustling hustle and bustle of the city and the people coming and going cannot let the heart waver.   Listen to the famous famous saying of comic dialogue by CCTV: What is happiness? Is I eat meat, watching others chew bones! Such a parting is self – defeating. Some people are too poor to see through their lives. And some people are born with wisdom roots. There is a little story about a nine-year-old child named Qinluan who sees through the world of mortals: Qinluan said, ” Although I am only nine years old, my parents have both died.”. I don’t know why people must die? Why do I have to be separated from my parents? Therefore, I must become a monk and explore these principles.’ Zen Master Cizhen said, ” Good.”! I am willing to accept you as a disciple. However, it’s too late today. I’ll shave for you tomorrow morning! ” Qin Luan said,” Master! Although you said you would shave me early tomorrow morning, I was young and ignorant after all. I can’t guarantee whether my determination to become a monk will last until tomorrow.? Moreover, master, you are so old that you cannot guarantee whether you will still be alive when you get up tomorrow morning? After hearing this, Zen master ci Zhen clapped his hands and cheered with joy. ” yes,” he said! What you said was absolutely true. I’ll shave you now! Some people say that life is like a play without rehearsals, and no one expects what will happen next! Today you are rich and may be in debt overnight. Today you are high in the temple, and the Ming Dynasty may migrate. Today, when your family is happy, the Ming Dynasty may have a broken wife.. Which comes first tomorrow and impermanence? No one can say for sure. It is important to grasp the present moment and live in it. Without the present struggle, where can a brilliant tomorrow come from? In fact, seeing through is also a kind of enterprising, not as negative as people understand it. The world is clear, life and death see through, the truth of life in the universe is clear to the heart, and it will grasp its urgency and do the most important thing. Learning, work, career and liberation from life and death events do not require us to work hard? If you can’t see the direction clearly, you will only move around in the same place and even sink into the mud of life.. He who sees through the world of mortals has no world of mortals to see. The householder at home is also a monk at home.. In fact, as long as he sees through and puts down, there is no difference between becoming a monk at home.   He who sees through and puts down is the career of a gentleman.   In the Qing Dynasty, the emperor shunzhi became a Buddhist monk and said, ” The jungle food is like a mountain in the world, and you can eat everywhere in your clothes.”. Gold and white jade are not expensive, but cassock is the most difficult. I am the Lord of the earth’s mountains and rivers, worried about the country and the people. Thirty – six thousand days in one hundred is less than half a day’s leisure for monks and nuns. Regret that day a bad thought, yellow robe for purple cassock. I was born in the West. Why did I live in the imperial family?. Who was I when I was born and who was I when I was born. When I grow up, it’s me. Who is he with hazy eyes?. The rabbit is flying east and west, so don’t try to be a human being.. One hundred years in the world, three nights in the dream, thousands of miles to do Kun’s every move. Yu shujiu river soup cut down the summer, Qin swallowed up the Han nationality in the six countries and began to reign.. How many heroes in ancient times will lie on the barren hills and mud in the north and south. When I came, I was glad and sad, and I walked around the world empty – handed. It is better not to come or go, nor to rejoice or grieve. At leisure every day, I know that if the world of mortals is separated from each other. The taste of food in the mouth is clear and the body is often covered with patchwork clothes. All over the world for guests, free and unfettered Buddha hall as your habitat. Don’t be easy to become a monk, just because you have to grow roots from generation to generation.. In the past 18 years, I have not been free. When will the war between the south and the north cease. I’m going back to the mountain today, and I’m in charge of the future and the future..   Thirty – six thousand days in one hundred is less than half a day’s leisure for monks and nuns! Visible quiet relief, is a very important lesson in life.   The three world of mortals who saw the break were merely floating and sinking, while the beauty who saw the break was only a body. Life is only impermanence, love is only gathering and scattering. Sometimes the family also needs to see through, and the fate of the family will come and go, gathering and dispersing will be impermanent..   Master Zhiyi said a sub-book has recorded a story related to seeing the broken down: if the guardian has the east gate ( double surname ) and Wu ( first name ), his son will die without worry, and his phase room ( neighbor ) said: ” the public loves his son, and there is nothing in the world, but this son will die without worry, why also?”? Dongmen Wu said, ” I used to have no children, but when I had no children, I was not worried, and now I am dead, and I have no children with me, so I am worried enough.”! ‘ From this story, it seems that Mr. Dongmen did see it broken and put it down. Otherwise, how could he not be sad??Can be so open – minded, must be a master who sees through karma and life and death.   Among my teachers, there is also such an open-minded person. This teacher has retired for many years now and loves to drink and has three small meals a day, so he can’t beat the thunder.. He and his wife have two sons and two daughters, and most of their children are now engaged in education. That was more than 20 years ago, when husband and wife were in love and happy. But one day, his wife died of uremia, and one of my colleagues rushed to his house to take care of her funeral.. When he entered the gate, he saw the master playing a pot of wine and a plate of pickled beans on his own, drawing on the paper while drinking slowly.. Colleagues wondered what he had written. He slowly replied, writing eulogy. Colleagues blamed him and said, ” People are still on the door, and you still have the mind to write eulogy and drink.”! ” The master replied slowly,” People are dead anyway, and the wine is to be drunk. ”. ‘ its calm calm state, as if all this has nothing to do with him. Colleagues have talked about it many times, becoming a joke after our tea and meal.. People’s love, light, too!   According to legend, there was a widow whose husband died early. She raised children by teaching and earning money, not only educating her son to grow up, but also sending him to study abroad.. After finishing his studies, his son stayed abroad to work, earn money, buy a house, marry a wife and have children abroad, and set up a happy family and a brilliant career.. The widow secretly rejoiced at her son’s achievements and wishes and planned to go to the United States with her retirement pension to reunite with her son’s daughter-in-law and family.. Every morning you can go for a walk in the park, or enjoy your old age at home.. Less than three months before she retired, she hurriedly wrote a letter to her son telling him when she would fly to the United States to join their family.. The thought of raising children to prevent old age and the envious eyes of relatives and friends is a sign of joy that he will soon be going to the United States to provide for the aged.. So, while waiting for her son’s reply, she handled the industry and affairs in Taiwan one by one..   On the eve of her retirement, she received a reply from her son from the United States. As soon as the letter was opened, a check fell off. She picked it up and saw that it was a check for thirty thousand dollars. She found it strange that her son never sent money to her, and he was going to the United States. Why did he send a check?? Did you want to buy her a plane ticket. Her heart dazzled with joy and she hurried to read the letter. Only the letter said, ” Mom! After discussion, we decided not to welcome you to live in the United States. If you think you’re kind to me, it’s about $ 20,000 at the market price. Now I’ve added some and sent you a check for $ 30,000. I hope you don’t write to me again in the future.. ‘ mother read the letter, tears, only feel widowed all his life, from now on the old desolate, like a candle in the wind, why missed! She suddenly figured it out. After retirement, I thought of nothing but light weight, so I took this check and changed it into Taiwanese currency to plan a trip around the world for myself.. During her trip, she saw the beauty of the earth and the different feelings of people in different countries, so she sent another letter to her son. The letter said, ” You want me to stop writing to you, so this letter will be used as a supplement to the previous letter.”. I received your check and used the money on it to plan a successful trip to the world.. During my trip, I suddenly realized. I am very grateful to you for letting me know how to relax my mind and let me see the beauty of heaven and earth and nature.. ‘ son so rude, if the mother can’t see, persistent, painful, may also grieve for a year and a half, or commit suicide, wouldn’t she have another unjust fool?? Because he saw through, his mother came on a natural and unrestrained world tour and lived a natural and unrestrained life..   The karma in the world is rootless duckweed, and everything is changing from hand to hand. Family affection, friendship and love are all the same. Only when you see the broken can you keep your natural and unrestrained, and keep a calm and calm when you gather together and separate from each other.. Because of understanding, so compassion! Because he sees through, his heart is clear. He who sees through and puts down is to have his heart born without living, and his heart is always good when he has nothing to live in and nothing to live in.. Day is a good day, always a good day, such as clouds and wild cranes, between heaven and earth. There is also a poem saying, ” Fortunately, he won a free life for Fukuda’s monk, Gan Kun.”. As soon as I was predestined friends, I couldn’t go to live. The next breeze sent white clouds.. Wen: Sex is as light as chrysanthemum QQ 171918223