On the unforgettable night, the cold moonlight fell straight down, shining in the dark green jungle in the distance and the surrounding trees high and low.. As a hiker, I want to stay at a farm halfway up the mountain. Trekking on the rugged mountain road, I stumbled too.     With moonlight as companion, the shadow squat down like a conjoined proud flesh.     Without you, the fire in my heart would have burned out and there would be no spring in my world.     Looking up at the sky, Lang Yue hung his head. It feels like it’s closest to me and you’re the furthest away. I and you are the merry-go-round on the two tracks. You can only look ahead and can’t connect with each other..     Looking back many years ago, I came here alone, not alone at all.. You said that your love was like my accompanying, accompanying me to the ends of the earth. The surging blood in my chest has driven away the coldness of the 39th and melted the ice and snow in the winter.. When you start walking, your steps are much lighter.     However, the waste of life shifted the promise.     When the enthusiasm is exhausted, just like the flurry in the afternoon, after the rush, there will always be light clouds and light winds..     Walking up the winding mountain road, you can’t hide your eyes from the strong pine on the top of the mountain.. I once stood under a tree, touching its tall and straight branches and listening to its vigorous voice. Dipping in the piety of the bottom of my heart, I carved my wish on it with sharp stones. This great husband, who holds ice and snow in his arms during the day and strives to stretch toward the sun, shakes out his iron frame at night to resist the cold in winter.. Like a tower, like a bank, it is the patron saint of grassy slopes and a sand port of mud. I really want to be one of its branches, standing tall and looking far away, bathing in the first ray of sunshine and absorbing the last cloud of sunset glow.. Unfortunately, this place does not belong to me. I am a traveler on foot, a passer-by in a hurry, and my world is far away, where dreams stay.     The owner of the farm warmly received me, set up a feast under the moonlight, and entertained my distant visitor with rare game.. The simple mountain people are like the pine on the top of the mountain and also like the spring in front of the door, which makes people feel their fortitude, frankness, enthusiasm and boldness..     Listen to the trickling water in front of the door. I wonder why such a stream flows all the year round on this high mountainside.? The owner of the villa saw through my doubts and told me with a smile, ” how high the mountain is, how deep the water is.”. The hostess said proudly, pointing to a mountain depression in the distance: ” There is a well above the stream and a Kong Quan at the bottom of the well. The spring is clear and has never dried up. The spring gushed out from there.”. She added: ” If there is a lot of rain in summer and running water sings day and night, the sound is much more beautiful than this.”. I can’t help but be curious about the Kong Quan, as if to see it smoke around the fog cover in the moonlight, hazy and mysterious.. Thought, this spring is probably the blood flowing through the mountains. After the spring and autumn period and the four seasons of tempering, the blocking of sand and clay will eventually maintain a fresh state, and it will take many twists and turns to return to the mountains and find a way back! Compared with people, it is too small. A little bit of suffering, a little bit of frustration, and calculate what. Open the knot and walk out of the sky.     That night, I had a dream. Dreamed that he was walking through the fog, followed the stream and went up until he finally found the Kong Quan. The flowing silk of the hole, the clear and sweet water of life, so quietly surged and flowed, flowing all the way to my heart.     After dawn, be sure to see the eye spring with your own eyes.

If a woman who has been in love for seven years suddenly tells you one day, let’s break up. How would you feel?     If a man had intended to do so earlier, I think he would be very happy to say: That’s simply too good. I’ve been worrying about your feelings. Since you mentioned it, it’s simply too good. Thank you. I’m finally liberated.! But what if he still loved her? A friend of mine asked me. I thought for a long time and suddenly six words’ strange, far away, vicissitudes’ popped up in my mind, then my body seemed to be splashed with cold water and shivered..     Some people say that both men and women love each other after seven years of itch, and then love can last for a long time.. What is the concept of seven years? Life is only about ten seven years, abandoned a seven years, not less than ten fingers a same? I can’t imagine the pain.     What’s more funny is that my friend’s girlfriend said she still can’t stand his sloppiness, but I suddenly came to the inspiration and wanted to write an article entitled ” Slovenness Brought Down Our Love.”. Just think about it. Now, after the 90s, after the flash marriage, flash away again. Is it also sloppy or can’t cook and wash clothes and break the marriage?? Some people say that a woman’s mind is like a star in the sky. It’s always hard to figure out and always has a heart that can’t be finished. And men are relatively simple, grasp the principle and direction, specific things let nature take its course. This is nature! Of course, there are times when yin and yang are reversed, for example, my big uncle likes to worry more than my big aunt, so my lover always likes to take my uncle as a measure of my size, so he always measures me short, and I often suffer too much.. Our marriage also lights up red lights. I’m just grasping the principle of being a man..     As a matter of fact, for a family, everyone is giving, but it is only a relationship between more and less and less. Giving is selfless. If it is private, the more you have to give, the more you will get, such as love for your children.. I remember watching a fairy tale when I was a child. One man raised a lion, and the lion was raised from an early age for seven years. The relationship between man and lion has always been very good. They ate and slept together, but one night the lion suddenly became a beast, and it ate its owner who had domesticated it for seven years..     I think people sometimes have an animal side. Why wait until seven years later to break up?? Isn’t this stabbing a knife? I suggest that the friend decisively break the path effect of marriage, like< <岁月> Like Mr. Wu Qingshui in >, it is not a pity to find true love even before his death! Advised him to say the same to the cruel woman = That’s simply too good. I’ve been worrying about your feelings. Since you mentioned it, it’s simply too good. Thank you. I’m finally liberated.! Then he laughed several times and roared off, much like a Taoist priest who is free and easy! Come clean, don’t take away a goose feather!

Since his father was a carpenter, he made all kinds of elm trees with exquisite materials.. Every time my friends walked away after their defeat, I took the earth ice sledge with ease like a soldier who had just won the battle and returned home..   The past of childhood is like some colourful stones in a clear pool of water, standing on the bank of memory, it will be clearly displayed in front of our eyes through the clear pool of water … Ah, my childhood was spent in the farmhouse..     In the early eighties, farm life was more bitter, but I, who was not familiar with the world, lived as fast as a carefree bird all day long.. Climbing up the old elm tree in spring and picking elm money forgot to go home; In summer, fishing in the drainage channel is often choked by water. Autumn into the garden to steal fruit to eat through uncle’s scold; In winter, the little face of the snow skater ran out and became a red apple and the little finger became a carrot..     I love winter. In winter, the water in the long alkali drain became a natural ice channel when it was frozen. Skid ice sleds are even more enjoyable. The so-called soil ice sleds are made by nailing several boards and two crossbars together, and then nailing flowers on the crossbars in contact with the ice.. We sat on the top holding iron poles with one end fixed and the other pointed. We were like skiers with two poles poking at the ice, pushing back hard, and the earth ice ski drove forward.. Little friends sometimes race who slides fast, the scene is lively. I don’t know who invented a method of playing, looking for a slope with a large natural slope, removing weeds and building a road, then everyone brought water in buckets and poured water twice before an ice road was built.. Then the friends sat on the ice sleds and slid down the slope. When the speed was the fastest, they only felt the wind howling in their ears and felt like floating clouds.. Another kind of play is also very interesting. On a wide piece of ice, my friends collided with each other sliding the earth ice sleds. You hit me and I hit you, similar to the bumper cars in the city park now. Everyone was in high spirits and had a great deal of joy.. Sometimes, some ice sleds were smashed away, but the helpless partners only withdrew from’ fighting’. My ice sleds are the strongest, because my father was a carpenter, and he used exquisite materials when making them, all of which were made of elm wood.. Every time my friends walked away after their defeat, I took the earth ice sledge with ease like a soldier who had just won the battle and returned home..     years long. Today, the soil ice skates of childhood are still lying in the debris heap of my home. Although they have decayed and stained, the joy of childhood reverberates in my heart every time I see them.. Childhood is the spring of life. When you go in, the days will be lush..

I love my heart and slowly reach every corner of my life and you through it. I am deeply narcissistic and cherish myself carefully through narcissism, making it better slowly and becoming the woman I want to be. As time goes on and on, I yearn for the women I like to get closer and closer, getting better and better, like beans bursting with beans and rolling with laughter.. I am greedy for beautiful things and almost obsessed with wanting to have them all. However, if something beautiful deviates from your own characteristics, it is attached to the surface and not your own, and it is also melodramatic and artificial, it makes people feel like they have abandoned your original characteristics and don’t know who they are.. The beautiful things can only be attached to your bones to become your own things so that you can not be replaced. So I told myself that in the process of’ evolution’, I would never blindly follow and drift with the current.     The rumors of the end of the day are getting worse and worse, until today, I am still watching.. Heart, or that quiet heart, never ups and downs. The sky was gray, dripping with mist, without moisture, and cold and dry as if the blood flowing in the blood vessels were to coagulate.. My fingers have some ice and the heat of the palm warms them immediately when I hold them. The sound of the keyboard is clear and crisp, with the sound coming in and flowing like water.. These words made me like them with joy, like a cute kitten with fresh and clever mind..     I was surprised to find myself hiding in the house in winter. I put my heart into a cocoon, wrapped in thick cocoon, which gives me the deepest warmth in milky white purity.. Pupas sleep and creep in cocoons. They are so ugly and ugly that they don’t want to look at themselves. They constantly eat and absorb nutrition. They eat themselves fatter and uglier.. It is stupid and intelligent, and it knows that without the ugliness of the present, there will be no glory to break through the cocoon in the future.. How fascinating it is to dance in the light of time. Butterflies are the soul of flowers. If the beauty of flowers is a gift from nature, then butterflies are the love of fairy creations that do not live up to the beauty of fine dust.. Which of the creatures in the world is not a legend of life! There are ups and downs all the time, cycles of transmigration, all the laws of nature, who can stop them from going back and forth.     On December 21, 2012, what a refreshing day, there was no wave. I waited in my own way, preferring to save this inch of time for the whole century. Those sad and prosperous times have ended up in the past. fondly and lovingly, you have pity on the end of the day. you can’t help lamenting the world of mortals deeply. suddenly, you find that the sight is long and the heart lines are also long.. The old days of the past are a beauty who can’t breathe. As the end of the day goes by, the face will fade away.. When pain became a breakthrough understanding, life was like a dream, but the defect was that the soul’s exit was a perfect extension and a way out for its own soul. Maybe this road is far from end, but I have to go. There is nothing in the world that can be spared the exertion of effort. In order to follow our inner voice life, we have to pay a great price for it, and time is also old and time is running out.. The quality of life is less regrettable, not lamenting for old age.     Let the past begin with a new beginning, without fear or panic at the end of the day. You are just a flow of time. Me, this butterfly is right here, falling on the wall and folding its wings, the heat accumulated by the small body can melt the cold wall. I hope that if we are all in the next life, we will still want to be like ourselves in this world, but also be women and polish our lives with splendor.. Or maybe you can make a grass flower, a grain of sand, a bird and a leaf, and you can do anything beautiful, just don’t be ugly, evil and annoying, let alone a toad, so you would rather not have the afterlife and let this life come to a screeching halt.. Life, legend and magic isn’t it. You can’t choose.

[ Original ]I like light affection. When I’m lonely, a casual greeting will moisten your body and mind like spring rain. When I’m sad, a real concern will fill your heart like morning mist. I also like the light cloud in the sky… Sitting alone in the quiet study. Take a cup of strong coffee, without any flavor, the taste of the coffee is very sweet and pure. But when I drink it, I feel a little bitter. When I endure the bitter taste, the faint coffee fragrance slowly blooms out.     The heart is quiet in a lonely state. It feels like a gloomy sky. The snow in the north is very heavy this winter and the climate is very cold. Many people enjoy the spirit of flowing white snow, which is once a year, whether they are rich or not, whether they are in a mood of hardship or joy. This is the day of life, they must go, and they must come, just like I am afraid of such a lively uproar. I hide in a deserted place and tap the mood at the moment with the keyboard.!     I like the light feeling, because it does not belong to the boundless future, not to mention recalling the past, just around the corner, just right now, just because of the insipidity around me.. Life is not ups and downs, spectacular, more trivial, indifferent, mistaken for fun, indenting’ once brilliant’ memories or obsessed with fantasy kingdoms all day long. In fact, such a life is very empty, blind, searching and searching, but in return it is deserted and ineffective..     I like the light feeling, the light feeling is very beautiful, I like the light feeling, perhaps because of a kind of sadness? Maybe it’s a scent? I don’t know, I don’t know, whether I am happy or not, I just like the light feeling. I like to see the light green on the branches, it is the symbol of life, it is the messenger of spring, a light touch is better than the noisy purple, I pursue a light friendship, it is a friend, and I don’t have to see each other often. A ” light” word contains much sincerity and tacit understanding, and a light love will have a long friendship..     I like the light manner, the leisurely walk makes people feel confident and elegant, and the light smile makes women charming and soft.. It makes men mature and magnanimous, it makes children cute, and it makes old people kind and generous.. I like light tea, often making a cup of clear tea and playing a light music, one person, just one person quietly melting himself in? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? KW TYPE = 0 & KEYWORD = + % C1 % F4′ TARGET =’ _ BLANK’ > nostalgia for the U.S. brand of Tuopu mace bag and quilt, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.S. brand, U.? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? KW Type = 0 & keyword = % d3 % C0 %’ target =’ _ blank’ > will never forget you. How much emotion and bitterness this’ light’ elicits?! Light, always so unforgettable . Ah, I like light affection, when lonely, a casual greeting, filar silk warmth will moisten your body and mind like spring rain, when sad, a real concern, and gusty warmth will permeate your whole heart like morning mist. I also like the faint clouds, the faint wind and the faint yearning in the sky, and I also like gazing at the smoky, faint smoke in the twilight, like the faint nostalgia and faint nostalgia of ” red cherries and green plantains”. Just send a few faint greetings, just a faint attachment flowing in the eye, just walking silently … ah, always so faint, yet so even, the faint loneliness is beautiful, don’t noisy crowd, goodwill or malice, bathe in sunshine alone, sit under moonlight alone, enjoy music alone, listen to the sound of the heart alone, without fetters, dependency or scruples, flying high and far, faint, just so faint, past, present and future, the picture of life is gently depicted and drawn down.. With the light strokes and with the light colors, the good life will quietly come into being in this new look, and the light life will bring us the true flavor of life.. Perhaps that feeling is more memorable. Light words, light feeling, light friendship, light smile, light beauty … Ah, I like light feeling, perhaps because of a kind of melancholy? I don’t know myself, but I firmly believe that words are the tentacles of my heart, and I share the joy of communicating with my friends in words with this feeling.. Light, always so memorable . Ah, let’s feel the existence of the world in words! Let love fill the gap between words. A heart city has been built here, so that every beating heart can expand its ideal wing of freedom and fly the characters of personality here. Let’s guard this spiritual home, and let’s express every laugh and every tear here.. Let spring disperse the mist hovering over the sky for many days, let the clear sky regain its radiant radiance, and let us dance softly in this holy halo.. Let a beautiful rainbow cross deeply in each other’s hearts . Ah, light happiness, leaving us the beauty of memories, perhaps that happiness will be easier for a long time.. Everything is light! Come and enjoy life lightly . Ah

Afraid that the days are empty, the people around you will not be able to speak together, and their growth hides unknown injuries to each other. I only feel sad occasionally, sorry and sorry for what they have done for themselves..   This has always been the case. Don’t guess how good it should be. Say love that you like but can’t reach. Forgive me for being selfish all these years and having happiness and love that are too far too close and silent..   All of a sudden, I became vulnerable and would suffer from a word for a long time. Those injuries were obviously old and old, and years left scars. I was really good and very good when I recovered..   There are still many and many things that I don’t believe in, but I still stubbornly don’t want to let people worry too much. I’m beginning to feel tired and tired, but the road to my dream is still farther than I expected..   Some people are getting farther and farther away, and they feel hopeless in their efforts to catch up. Finally, they have to persuade themselves to let go. What they miss is not only the present, but also a certain position in the future..   Hardship is too long and my heart has become indifferent. What will I look like when I am alone behind the sun?? Anyway, hide not hide, the man can’t see, so sad and happy can no longer see the difference.   I started to suffer from insomnia for a long time at night, thinking of a lot of thoughts but I don’t understand them. In the end, I only had headaches that became entangled day and night, but those thoughts still didn’t have an answer and I couldn’t get away with them..   No computer, no cell phone, no book, no person, life is just eating and sleeping, which makes no difference to pigs, but the sad people of pigs don’t understand, just like I clearly said a chase, and finally confused myself around the end..   Cut the hair and dyed the color, who knows that it can’t be completely changed, just like loneliness is my destiny, and you can only see that I smile very well and live very well, and people are used to living with masks, but forget that there is a real face under the masks for a long time..   More and more afraid of running around, tossing oneself over and over again to punish others for their foolish deeds, finally getting tired of myself, and finally getting the immunity to filter the hurt slowly, no one can give such love except himself..   Looking at a face becomes inexplicably eager to shed tears, remembering that he has been willing to wait for you for many years, remembering that I will one day rest assured of your soul?   Winter seems to have passed all over beginning of spring, but I want to climb the highest mountain in my family to see the snow. The remaining snow can no longer be as lively as when I was a child, but I still accept it and accept the blessing of the New Year..   The number of people who did not have time to see was still so many that they felt it was a pity. Forgive me for trying so hard or failing to do it. There were so many friends, but when I was sad, I seemed to have disappeared. Maybe I really couldn’t speak and scared you. I really haven’t changed the one I used to.! Only later you don’t know.   At first, I didn’t want to bother but simply marry myself at a certain time. I just want to marry and have children like every ordinary girl and fulfill the obligations that a woman must have. However, I can’t do it because I care too much about dreams and more than life..   Listening to friends’ concern will still warm up, but they won’t tell each other how to know. It’s really bad to understand a person. Who will understand the pressure like that?? How sad it is to pretend that one side is real, but I can’t say what I saw.! You don’t believe it, and I’m too lazy to flatter myself to embarrass you.   I think I’m just not brave enough and scared. The dream of the future becomes heavy, with wings burned and tears boiling hot, at least occasionally, but it is not easy to have a temper, and it is really not brave enough..

Listen to grandpa said, the old house is the pawnshop that grandpa Zu set up. Grandfather’s grandfathers were still large families, and when grandpa’s father got poisoned and almost emptied his fortune, grandpa’s mother used her own private money to set up the old house for grandpa’s father after he became an adult.. Today’s old houses have long been eroded by wind and rain, showing signs of collapse. However, the old house shows the life track of mistresses.     Second Mistress is a gentle, beautiful and gentle woman, but years have mercilessly engraved untimely hills and ravines on her face, making her life as tortuous and circuitous as these hills and ravines..     When mistresses were 18 years old, they had a chance to meet Sir Zhong. Sir Zhong was married, but the former mistresses did not have children.. In the’ unfilial three, no later than big’ era, Sir Zhong was also really upset, knowing mistresses seemed to have caught life-saving straw.. Before long, mistresses married to Sir Zhong’s house as second wives and lived in the present-day old house with the former second wives. More importantly, mistresses soon became pregnant and were favored by Sir Zhong.. However, in the cruel polygamous family, women are always killing each other and falling victim to the tyranny of men.. The former mistresses, jealous of mistresses, always point fingers at mistresses as big houses. In order to save themselves and their children, mistresses blow the head of a bed to mistresses.. Sir Zhong was furious and forced the former mistresses to eat matchsticks.. ( The main components in the dark part of matchhead are potassium hypochlorite, manganese dioxide and antimony sulfide. ) ) the former mistresses finally died of poisoning, so the whole old house will have only mistresses and future children of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses of mistresses.     The old house was actually three tile houses and a gatehouse. The gatehouse was also the gate and was later made into a kitchen by mistresses.. The second wife was unlucky too. Not long after the former second wife died, Sir Zhong was caught as a young man and never returned. Later, some told mistresses that they had seen Sir Zhong on the battlefield, others said that Sir Zhong had fled to Taiwan with the Kuomintang, and some even said that Sir Zhong was shot in an escape after he was caught thinking about his mother and son.. Second Mistress doesn’t believe anyone. Second Mistress has been waiting with hope for a lifetime..     Soon after Sir Zhong was caught, mistresses gave birth to my uncle, the only son, and lived on mending clothes until he became an adult..     The heart is full of flesh. After the former mistresses were forced to death by Sir Zhong, mistresses suffered for a long time.. She had no intention of having such a result, but it still happened. Therefore, every time the second wife died or had a holiday, she always had a generous sacrifice, ranking the first second wife and devout prayer and burning paper in the graveyard. This may be one of the reasons why the second wife did not leave the old house in her life. She had to wait for the first second wife so as not to make her a lonely soul..     After Sir Zhong was caught, mistresses never gave up hope. Some kind-hearted people saw her as a poor orphan and widowed mother and wanted to make a matchmaking for her, but she rejected them all, even though their life was extremely difficult, they never changed their determination to wait.. If Sir Zhong has a spirit in the ground, I think he will be moved.     Whether it’s cold winter or hot summer, whether it’s a lonely night or a noisy world of mortals, a warm smile has been beaming on mistresses’ faces.. It seems that everything is beautiful in the eyes of mistresses. Second Mistress was also a very interesting person. She planted all kinds of trees and flowers in the courtyard of the old house.. There is always a kind of warmth and fragrance in every second wife’s home..     Now, mistresses and uncles have already driven cranes to the west, while the old house still stands in the wind. Every time I go back to my hometown, I will water the flowers and trees left by mistresses. They are still green and fragrant, but there is no mistresses’ smile any more.. Sometimes, I don’t understand to ask myself: What is the old house waiting for? What are the flowers and trees waiting for? Was it moved by the second wife’s waiting? Is there another story waiting for a thousand years?

Last night, I packed your clothes and toiletries for Wuhan Hospital and accidentally knocked over the math stick learning box you used in kindergarten. The math stick, triangle, cylinder, jigsaw puzzle … ah, scattered all over the floor. One by one pick, one by one outfit, thoughts were suddenly opened. Eleven years ago, you came and brought infinite joy to the family. But at that time, the child was young and his parents were at a loss. He often lost his temper or beat and scold for your disobedience, not eating or being petty … Ah, you often fell ill in kindergarten, did not love eating, did not love learning, animation and games were your favorite, but the child’s nature was lovely and active, so I also scolded him a lot for it.. When you were 3 – 4 years old, we all had to go to work ( grandparents built houses at home ). We were afraid of the kindergarten holidays. There was no way to bring the kindergarten to work when the holidays were over, but we were often told by the manager or other management personnel.. I remember one time when you played in the office, the manager came and you went under my desk. The manager checked the data in the office for more than 40 minutes, and you kept silent for 40 minutes under the desk.. After the manager left, you said, ” Mom, do you think I can hide well?”? The manager has come and hasn’t found me yet. I hold your tears and shed them unconsciously. Another Sunday, I went to work, and you and your father were at home. Your father called you and said he had gone to the office because he had something and could not see you when he came back. I was scared with your father, and everyone around the house asked for you, looking for you like crazy in the street . Ah, desperate at the time, I thought if I found you, I must give you a good beating.. When you were sweating profusely and all your clothes were drenched in front of me, I cried with you in my arms.. You play near home, go home and drink water to see no one in the family, and then walk from home to the supermarket. The middle road is full of main streets ( the station was still at Sifang Hotel before ) and it took more than an hour to walk against the sun to . Ah, there are still 5 years to go. At 1: 00, I let you go out to play after dinner, and you fell down. Your forehead hit a rusty nail, and you stood on the ground crying with a full face of blood. Your father and I rushed to the hospital to wrap up your thin body … Ah, too many scenes of your childhood, just like yesterday.. Kindergarten homework often accompanies you to 10 to 11 o’clock in the evening. The clock is really nerve-racking for pinyin and knowing numbers. Not to mention learning is good. I want to get angry when I mention learning. Sometimes I wonder why my son is so stupid.? . Ah, in my early childhood, it was also the most anxious period for me to be a new mother, with continuous repetitive education ( directly leading to myself becoming a repetitive’ yellow face woman’ ). When you are young and have no feeling, growing up with you should be a happy thing, and I feel very tiring. I share with you your growth, study and every new discovery, sometimes tired and not listening to you. Now that you are higher than me, you feel bigger all of a sudden. Sometimes I put shoes in disorder for you, my homework is sloppy, I walk hunchback, I will shout ” education” and ” you, you will only” well ” and” know ”. sometimes after I scold you, I wonder why I can’t carve out my temper . ah, sometimes I feel I am not a competent mother, I can’t give you good guidance in education, I don’t take good care of you in life, and I don’t have good comfort in spirit.. Three years ago, you got your left foot inside the rear wheel of the motorcycle, and all the good things came to a screeching halt.. When I went to Wuhan to join the bone and repair the hamstring, because of the bad recovery of the heel, I found a hole the size of an egg in the heel ( now I still have tears streaming down my face when I saw the photos of the previous injuries ), and later I had to skin graft ( if I had such medical skill, I would rather my skin was transplanted to your feet ) in the hospital for more than 40 days, you did not shed tears, but you were very upset during that time and sometimes angry with the family.. Homework and life will continue after the operation, and you will also have to take the final exam ( the teacher was afraid of holding the class back and won’t take the exam ) while you did well in the exam, with both scores above 90 points.. After the foot injury, you are so fragile that you don’t want to go out every day and stay at home every day.. Practice using crutches, walking, foot pain … Ah, only you can bear it silently and alone. You have become a otaku since you hurt your foot, and you will not go anywhere but have food to tempt you. These two years have seen rapid growth. Sometimes your father laughs at me as a ” pig farmer.”. Because the skin flap behind your feet grows longer and larger, affecting your shoes and walking, you have to go to Wuhan again and face two repair operations later. The day after tomorrow is the first time you have repaired the operation. I hope the operation will be smooth. I also hope you will be confident and play less cell phones is bad for your eyes.. Although I now have a younger sister, because her younger sister needs adult care, my parents and grandparents still love you very much..

Give me the father of life, you have died for fifteen years. For the past 15 years, I have been immersed in memories of you all the time.. Your ordinary image will always remain in the long river of my memory. Although you have left your relatives, I believe that people with souls always feel that you have not left. Your soul still cares for your wives and children in heaven.     When your life slowly approached the world from May 29, 1937, you experienced an unhappy childhood and a bumpy youth. You lost your parents at the age of 19. Your spiritual world is obscured by the obscure sky. Fortunately, you received support from your cousins and finished high school in difficult days. In those days when the political storm washed away, your gratitude for your kindness once again lost the chance to go to college. Because you can’t disobey the arrangement of heaven, and you can’t choose to be born in the’ red religion’ age above all else, a rich peasant family accepted your life. This also doomed your life’s fate. Although you are a brilliant student of that time of the week. People who know you and many of your classmates and colleagues in those days all said so about you. I can also feel it from the comments and notes you wrote between the lines in the textbook you spent the year. You write a beautiful pen; I was ashamed of being at the same age level as you. I admire your talent and admire your personality very much.. I am proud and proud to have a father like you.     You are versatile and handsome. I have seen your youth style from my mother’s black-and-white photo album of her youth. Your eyebrows are clear and beautiful, your nose is high, and your facial expression is resolute and persistent. Although wearing plain clothes, you can’t hide your vigor and vitality. A black wool scarf around your neck shows your love and elegance in those days.. When I was a child, I heard my mother say that you miss Wang Xingang very much.. When I grew up, I didn’t know that Wang Xingang was a famous male movie star in China! So I carefully collected the photos of your youth from my mother’s album, and I was very proud and proud in my heart. As long as I can remember, when I saw you coming home, I played the violin with ease.. I was moved by your melodious piano. You told me that la’s participation in the song of Liang Zhu regulations. You told me the story of butterfly lovers movingly. I was still young and could not recognize this as a tragic story. I saw you say passionately: What a pity! A pair of beautiful and unfortunate people. With that said, your eyes were flashing with tears, and in the end you sighed deeply as if you were sorry for the unfortunate couple.. You are so kind. In that material and hard time, I still expressed deep sympathy and regret for the misfortunes of beautiful people and things.. You have a good voice. You love Qin Opera. Your favorite actor and admirer is Mr. Ren Zhezhong. You often say that he sang very well in the ” Regret Road Regulations.”. You said that Ren Zhezhong’s voice is very special, with a slightly hoarse voice, desolate and solemn and stirring, just to show Zhou Ren’s personality. Remember when I was 14 or 15 years old, you taught in Masun School. You also made your debut in person, playing Zhou Ren in the ” Life” Zhou Ren’s Return Regulations. Your crisp voice and beautiful appearance won warm applause from the audience. You also used your spare time to organize teachers and students to rehearse many folksongs and modern plays. What impressed me most was that modern drama took part in the gardener’s song of the Convention on Biological Diversity on the ferry.. The Convention on Biological Diversity outweighs the regulations of Mount Tiger, etc.. You played different leading roles in the play. That’s not what you said about your job. This is what colleagues who have heard your lecture say. The same is true of the students you have taught. I am beyond the reach of dust. Because I have many different views from yours. You often criticize me, saying that I am not serious in my work and that I am not steadfast in my work. You often tell me about the good situation of the country. At that time, I suffered too much discrimination because of my childhood. Including you were wrongfully expelled from the village as a farmer and many people persecuted you later because of your high composition, which caused me to have a strong resistance to the society from an early age. Also create another rebellious character. You have been criticizing me for saying there is something wrong with my ideology. I also joked with you that you are too idealistic. The dialogue between ideal and reality is still fresh in my memory.I tell you: The distance between ideal and reality is very large. You don’t think so; Also encourage me to say, use your struggle to balance the gap between the two. Use your intelligence to shorten the distance between the two. You have used your actions all your life to fulfill this promise. You love education and your students very much. In your time, students were short of learning materials and almost did not have them. You have written the mimeograph in person and presented the students with two major books to participate in the regulations on the review of mathematics for middle school students.. I also have one. It doesn’t matter now, but how precious it was in those days! Say I have trained a large number of outstanding talents through your hard work and hard work. At that time, Masun School was only a private high school in a hat, but it went out of the high school nursing students now living in the United States, Yang Shaofeng and others living in the capital. In those hard times, you provided for our brother and sister with a small salary to study in school. In order to solve the problem of eating, you went to Huxian to borrow food for your family. I remember very clearly that once you didn’t come back until more than twelve o’clock in the evening, and your clothes were all broken. It turns out that in order to borrow more, you transported more than 150 catties of corn by bike and rode more than 30 miles!     Later, our brother and sister took to work one after another. Your temples are gray all your life. You’ 3 5′ returned home after leaving your post. This is supposed to be a happy year. Who could have expected you to have a sudden stroke and be unconscious? The doctor diagnosed you as cerebral hemorrhage! The disease cannot be disturbed. But at that time, the countryside was very backward. There were no ambulances and no other vehicles.. In desperation, I found someone to borrow a tricycle to take you to the provincial people’s hospital. The doctor delivered it at two o’clock in the middle of the night. You have been in a coma all the time. My heart is aching. I only hope you can wake up at once.. Because when you were ill, I was still in school. I pray constantly in my heart and hope you can wake up soon. Finally, after more than 20 days of active treatment, you woke up and could sit up against the quilt, but unfortunately you were aphasic. My heart is very sad. I grabbed your hand and kept crying. I put my heart in writing paper for you to see, and you also shed tears. This is what I wrote: Father, you suddenly fell ill and unfilial son was not around you, so I felt very guilty and uneasy. I failed to enter the filial piety of a son. I’m afraid you didn’t even leave a word. My son has a lot of words to say to you, but what is unexpected is that you can’t speak when you wake up. My father touched my head with his warm hand, and my tears blurred my eyes again.! The day after you came back from Xi ‘an, I was ashamed of myself! In the beginning, I helped you walk to exercise every day after school, and you also cooperated actively with me and the effect was good. But then you don’t go. My psychologist knows that you are afraid of influencing me. Because I helped you exercise for a long time is very tired, you are afraid of affecting my work. Father, you are too loyal to the party’s educational cause! I didn’t mean to praise you. To tell the truth, too few people like you who have worked for the party’s educational cause for more than 40 years and still love the same as before have fought with the disease doggedly, showing their perseverance in the tree of life and caring for the family with their mutilated body and injured soul. You finally failed to resist the mercilessness of death. Two years later, your soul broke off at 4am on May 28, 1996. You quietly escaped the agony and quietly left your home country where you lived for 60 spring and autumn periods and lay peacefully in the coffin.. I knelt beside you and wanted to cry, sob and take you to heaven with my grief in paper money.. Off you, I dream of you almost every night. Yeah! Your soul does not want to leave the courtyard where you have lived all your life! You don’t trust your relatives!     Father, you don’t know. You also couldn’t think of anything. You’ve been dead for many years and the state pension for you has been embezzled by Zhou Zhiliu Middle School for a long time.. The reason is that our family is too poor! When you died, the family was really poor! When you were discharged from hospital after your illness, I should have prepared the coffin and shroud for you. But when the family was in financial straits, it couldn’t afford anything. I still have some luck in my mind. I see you have no signs of aging. Your skin is bright and clean and your teeth are firm.. At this age, your teeth are very good, neither loose nor falling. I remember clearly that your two-tooth clasp will make a crisp sound. I thought to myself, although you can’t walk and can’t speak, your body is still very strong. But who would have thought that heaven had mercilessly spared your life?You just died and I panicked. I brought your second uncle’s coffin to you in a hurry. I borrowed thousands of dollars to buy you a shroud on the street.. Remember, on the eve of the memorial service, the 6th Middle School people discussed the relevant matters and reception. Six people said, tea does not go around. We believed it because we were sincere. But who knows is that the lack of hospitality has caused dissatisfaction among the six middle school students. It is said that it was the chairman of the trade union who led people to his home for entertainment at that time.. Hard days are too difficult. Finally, in order to change the situation of being despised for being poor in my family, I resolutely decided to go to the sea for three years.. You can imagine the sweet, sour and bitter taste in it. After I came back, I looked around for your pension, and finally someone gave me directions to look for the principal in charge of logistics.. Business has taught me flexibility. After that, it was gradually finished in three years. The money is divided into three years and is given to 2,000 after Teacher’s Day every year. Six thousand yuan for three years! How difficult it is! Father, you can’t think of anything. Now society is human. People walk tea cool! The real thing is that the world is getting worse and worse, and the hearts of the people are not ancient!     Father! Over the years, I have always wanted to write something to tell you my thoughts. All are forced by life and tired by work. Previously, only a few short words could be used to elevate your spirit in heaven. Today I finally had the opportunity to retire unfilial son from vulgarity. I picked up the pen and ink that had been put aside for a long time, and after the pain was settled, the long song was crying … Ah, father, now I am no longer sad.. I thought you were gone at that time, and you freed yourself. What a handsome person you were when you were healthy! The basketball court has your lithe figure. The drama stage has your beautiful appearance and beautiful voice, but after you fell ill, the devil cruelly tied your body to a chair. And closed your voice, deprived you of the right to speak. I remember you could read a lot of books at first, but then you sighed all day long. I heard my mother say: Your father Doodle is timid in his own life. I know your psychology is very painful! You suffer from illness, but you don’t want to see your relatives affected by it! So you quietly left while we were sleeping. Father, my dear father! I can understand you! I think you are relieved now. Although you left us, your image will always be branded in the long river of my memory. I often close my eyes and think of you and everything you have. Father! Don’t blame my son for saying too much today, because the feelings accumulated in my heart have been contained for a long time.     I am a hard man with a soul. Your soul lives in heaven. I don’t know what you are like in heaven? Therefore, the most warm words in the gray world come to greet you. I hope you can read this letter from afar to the kingdom of heaven . ah, father! I always have you in my heart and always think of you! I will be your son in the afterlife . ah

Every winter, the rough hands of tired mothers will crack. Every time I look at my mother sitting opposite me, holding chopsticks with cracked hands to hold mutton for me, my heart is aching..    All our Jianyang children should know that mutton soup is a unique skill of Jianyang and a famous sign of Jianyang. However, today I wrote this article about mutton soup, not because of its fame, but because of my unknown mother.     Senior 3 students have a heavy learning task and pressure, and their children need to be nourished. This is the common aspiration of almost all parents of senior 3 students.. When I was in senior three, my mother thought the same way. My mother always said to me, ” Learning is very hard and life must be better.”. Mother knew that the big pot food in the school was not very good and had no nutritional value, so she often came to the school to pick me up to eat mutton soup which she thought was of high nutritional value..     My family is not rich, especially after my grandmother died of illness, the family is destitute, but my mother has never been stingy in my life.. Mutton is not cheap. In a small stonebridge, it will cost thirty yuan a kilo.. Every time my mother and I go to eat mutton soup, the mother who haggles over every ounce at ordinary times always calls for a kilo nobly.. Hot mutton soup was placed in front of me and my mother, who always told me to eat more. In fact, I have been holding mutton hidden in soup all the time, but my mother kept holding it in my plate and kept saying, ” school life is poor, eat more.”. ‘ When my mother said this, my heart always seemed to be a little bit of a troublemaker and I felt sour.. I can’t help but say to my mother, ” Mom, you also want to eat it.”! ‘ Mother said quickly, ” Well, I know. However, my mother kept putting hot mutton on my plate. In the face of my mother’s most instinctive actions, how could my heart feel guilty? Therefore, when there is still some mutton left in the basin, I always tell a well-meaning lie in front of my mother: ” Mom, I can’t eat any more. You’re going to eat all the meat.”. And my mother will always persuade me several times before she can safely clip the little mutton left.. I sat opposite my mother and watched her eat with relish, like a child who had been hungry for many days.. At this moment, my eyes will burst into tears as I skim over my mother’s face, which has undergone many vicissitudes of life.. These tears are by no means the function of dried chili powder. What will they be?     This is how my mother loved her children with all her love and selflessness.     The most unforgettable thing is winter, and the smell of mutton soup has been floating all winter. In winter, the cold winter is the most frequent season when my mother comes to school to pick me up to eat mutton soup.. In winter, when the weather is frosty, the mother will sell some fresh vegetables or late-maturing oranges from time to time in the town.. Once the goods were sold, the mother had to get up early, and after her sister’s breakfast was ready, she had to rush to the market before dawn.. It is hard for me to imagine how my mother endured so many misty and frosty mornings? In the cold wind, the mother who sold the goods will always pick me up at school to eat mutton soup. Mother believes that eating more mutton soup in winter can not only supplement nutrition, but also resist the cold in deep winter. However, it was often the mother who sold vegetables or oranges and couldn’t reach a mutton soup, but she never complained. Her rural eyes are all the simplest love in the world.     This is how a rural mother loves a farmer’s son without complaining.     I know every slice of mutton, even every mouthful of soup, is full of mother’s hardships, so I cherish every chance to eat mutton soup with mother.. In my eyes, every stream of hot air in the deep winter has a thick fragrance of mutton soup engraved with mother’s selfless love.     Every winter, the rough hands of tired mothers will crack. Every time I look at my mother sitting opposite me, holding chopsticks with cracked hands to hold mutton for me, my heart is aching.. I know that this vague pain in my heart is a child’s eternal debt to his mother. And this kind of debt to my mother never expected us to repay it. She only wanted us to be happy and happy every day and every moment.. I feel like the warmest and happiest child in the world every time I eat the hot mutton my mother holds for me.. At that moment, the warmth of mutton spread from the tip of my tongue, down my throat and into my stomach, then spread all over my whole body, and finally tightly surrounded my whole heart. I think I will never forget the warmth that reaches the bottom of my heart..     If one day someone asks me what is the most beautiful food in the world. I will not hesitate to answer that Jianyang’s mutton soup, no, should be Shiqiao’s mutton soup. Because, in my heart, mutton soup is always warm, it is full of mother’s selfless love.     No matter where I go, the warmth of mutton soup will warm my life.     Late at night on December 18, 2010 in Lanzhou[ Responsible Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]