Recalls kill!One hundred Jingdian Ju seen these memories ▏ drama you, how old?  After clicking the “kennel interactive community” Follow us again this winter Hunan Satellite TV broadcast, “My Fair Princess” many people did not get the message moved ten million smartphones only pleasure is to keep watch TV in front of the TV after a lot of drama to accompany 80 90 youth living sister while finishing, while tears head had unknowingly I have seen so much drama today life sister came to sort out our exclusive memories after 90?First, the Mainland drama My Fair Princess 1998 This is Auntie Qiong Yao’s classic ah.  Romance in the Rain 2001 红苹果乐园 2003 classic Dream of Red Mansions 1987 1994 1986 classic Journey to the West in the Three Kingdoms ah, a lot of flavor.  Sunny Piggy in 1999, when Helen of Troy died miserable, but in real life married ha ha.  Lucky Stars Pig 2004 Bing Bing Fan Jin Mao Shu ah!!goddess!!  Beaming Pig Kangxiwangzhao 2005 2001 2001 romantic teenager Han emperor Flirting 2003 version of a favorite, followed by Stephen Chow’s movie.  Young Justice Bao 2000 package later discovered that black carbon is played by Kang.  We love through different times in 2002 the show is really called the originator through the drama of domestic ah!Watching TV every day to see!  Flower Guzi 2004 Luminous God Cup 2006 FY 2002 model year that really fashion.Absolute planned 2005 when young look, I feel there are high-tech, “Baby” is a song now remember.  Dicky, childhood male God!Super handsome young man!(Who watched the show?) ↓↓↓ cornucopia 2003 remember the last episode of nails roll scene Truong.Taiji Prodigy 2002, the show my deep resentment, women actually become a monk!  The Proud Twins 2005 fairy dead wreck!I also little fairy!  (Hong Kong drama) 2007 a plan Haha, pirate drama!  Zhizunhongyan 2003 all the actors play Wu inside, or something like Alyssa.  Saber 2003 Twin of Brothers 2004 Diaomangongzhu Sui and Tang Heroes 2003 2001 2006 Wulinwaishi SHEN ah!Bai Feifei ah!Because the show, there is a happy city has a Kuaihuo Wang nursery rhyme, like Kuaihuo Wang Shen aunt.2002 Fire handsome childhood god Yan Huang Haibing peak value drama!  雪花女神龙 2003 I only remember playing the game Hua Qiao Zhenyu, ha ha!  Li Flying Flying Flying Sword 2001 2003 killing of a drama with love, I am anxious to see.  Jueseshuangjiao 2001 children in 2005 year have kids, all grown up.Knight-line who have seen the show in 2002!Show of hands!  Sword (2005) the best looking Japanese drama of it?  Nicky handsome Xiaoshiyilang 2002!  Adventure King Wesley 2003 The show looks good ah!Large brain screenwriter hole, the male turned out to be an alien!  New drunk Golden Bough 2005 I love Roars 2005 inside the episode “Mice Love Rice” is still able to sing.  Lotus boy Cao Jun 1999 Rebels Rebels play, I feel very Aura!  2002 Lotus Lantern-year-old county magistrate in 2005 a blink of an eye so big.Youths imperial phone 2008 2004 magic world of the legendary Lotus Lantern Noble Family 2001 2005 2003 Paladin Linger!Happy brother!One of the classic fairy Sword series!  Paladin 3 2006 2009 Fairy particularly like Ariel played a small seven, sweet potato brother is not bad.  Myth 2010 waited thousands of years, men and women with primary or no!  Condor Heroes (Huang Xiaoming Edition) (2006), the picture is good good beauty.Jiuzhaigou view it!  Swordsman (2006) there is laughter and tears of a drama, laughter, there are many now know philosophy of life.  Dragon 2003 乌龙闯情关 2002 Cao Ying played Huo narcissus really good fairy ah.Liu disease has a long name I Tucao.  The bride marrying the wrong Lang 2000 Shuiyuedongtian 2003 Tong Bo, Peas, children of war, Yin snow days.Name remember everything.  Lingjing legendary 2004 Battle of the Eight Diagrams 2006 Pom 2003 reportedly adapted from the comic yung?  Pink Lady 2003 Twins 1999 Jimmy Lin played little fish is impressive, her face is the scar, swelling of the liver in the air but very handsome ruffian.  Strange new 2005 deep impression was “Komidori”, “Xie”, “Ghost Story” chapter.  The Four Imperial four treasures will be the capital in 2004, 2004 Haha, when I really laughable to attractiveness of a drama.  Soldiers assault in 2006 Baoqiang classics.I cried watching.  Legendary fantasy Shang Baoqiang also acted in the 2006 Rebels, a little spicy eyes.  Happy was so young ah!The male Shi Zhe Hao later became a director.Director of “Crown Princess up” and “General on”.  Best in the world in 2005 eighteen sky Dreams Link 2002 2007 remembers the mango for casting, there is a file “Looking Purple Link” program.  Ugly Wudi 2008 meteor shower in 2009 when the school broadcast which often put this theme song.  2009 apartment dwelling love from the first catch fourth, feeling time flies.  2010 naked beauty calculating marriage age kinda like 2011 when the article.2011 women temptation to go home Revenge, a kind of inexplicable pleasure!  Jade Palace Lock Heart 2011 because of the show, played by Riverside met Yang Mi.Second, the Hong Kong drama Condor Heroes 1995 Carman played Maid, feel great temperament.  Journey to the West in 1996, the Hong Kong version of Journey to the West is also very good to see, remember Dicky and Benny have acted.  Deer 1997 My Date with a Vampire 1998 cases God Bless, Halliday, favorite zombie film!There are several department, full of memories ah.  Witness To A Prosecution in 1999, look at this kid scared I could not sleep, but could not help but want to see.  1999 Man and Dragon dragon legends of people love, child dead attractiveness Series.  Step into the Past 2001 classic through the drama!One of the originator through the drama!Finally xiangshao turned out to be the son of Xiang Yu?!  Aiko Gods 2001 Wife and mother-child emotional Rebels 10 mother to see me cry.  2003 Princess Chang Ping deepest impression.

Yu Hua: 1977 college entrance examination candidates in mid-1977 high is this moment, I began to consider starting their own life should be how do?I decided to change their destiny, so I began to write a novel.  Pan Yu Hua Yang scenario I “National College Entrance Examination” magazine to write an article, I had to talk about the university entrance exam when | Nineteen years ago the college entrance examination paper.I said I did not go to college, Pan Yang say more interesting.Pan Yang is my friend and he asked me to write an article how the test into college, I had to sit in the front desk, I will write of this experience nine years ago.  I graduated from high school in 1977, coincides with the reopening of.At that time the news came suddenly, you have not heard in our graduation, then only the workers, peasants and students, is the need to go to the countryside or factory jobs after graduating from high school two years later, in order to apply for university.At that time our hearts are prepared to going to the countryside Chaduilahu over after the fall, we suddenly came news that high school graduates can also university entrance exam, so it was a happy, hopeful to think they live in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai , without having the countryside.  In fact, we were pleased to be unjustified, we simply do not think he can not go to college, on their own how much knowledge is ignorant.We are all in this session students entering primary school that year the Cultural Revolution began, the Cultural Revolution ended that year graduated from high school, so we do not seriously studied.I remember in high school, and often can not tell the school bell ringing class, I often in class when the bell rings, the textbook tucked go to class, and seeing school students flooded out of the classroom.At that time in the classroom just like the marketplace as noisy, the teacher lectures in the above simply can not hear the voice of the students laughing and joking in the following spoke in their own words, and can easily in and out of the classroom during class, even if the climb from the window you can go out.  Four years of high school, is so over, it’s time to review the college entrance examination, many of our students are still not up seriously, though wants to go to college, but who are not serious lectures, but to change bad habits at once.But he added that previous graduates, it is extremely serious, most of them in rural or factory spent a few years and ten years, they have tasted the difficult life, so they know it is time to change their fate from the heart of the great opportunity.1977 The first entrance down our entire Haiyan only accepted than forty candidates, of which only a few graduating students.  I remember volunteered to fill in before the college entrance examination, a few students in our class have completed the Cambridge and Oxford, became a joke.But then we did not know much about the university, most of the students have completed the Peking University and Tsinghua, or Fudan University, Nankai such a prestigious university, regardless of their ability to be admitted, filling in to say, we do not know their choice of their ability to be admitted is very important, I thought it was just for fun.  College entrance examination that day, the school’s entrance hung a banner that read: a red heart, and prepare for the.On the classroom blackboard written these eight characters, and prepare for the exam and admission is.That is a red heart on any post motherland can make achievements.We were really a red heart are a ready, is to be admitted, but later found out we actually did the latter preparation, we all get the job.  College entrance examination scores down that day, I was playing in the street, and two students, our teachers stopped us, their voices are excited, he said the college entrance examination scores down.So we are not excited from the ground up, and then our teacher said: you all get the job.  So, I did not go to college, our students in that grade, only three people were admitted.So when the students met on the street, are LaBangSheng, everyone laughing and seemed indifferent, get the job of students more than one, but who is not uncomfortable.  Then I would no longer apply for college, my parents wanted me to continue to apply, then I do not want the university entrance exam, for which they regret, they exceeded my confidence in my estimation, I think they can go to college, I feel nothing I hope, so I joined the work.First in health school for a year, and then distributed to the hospitals of the town, he became a dentist.Our hospitals in the street, free time, I stood to the window, looking out over the street, sometimes staring fancy twelve hours.Then one day I looked in the street when the heart suddenly took to a wave of sadness, I thought I would be looking at a lifetime this street, I suddenly felt no future.This was a moment, I began to consider starting their own life should be how do?I decided to change their destiny, so I began to write a novel.    From “The road is not a repeat of the” Writers Publishing House, 2014 edition illustrations from the network Click here to read the original order the latest “contemporary-long-stories” 2017/03

Now this age is the age of the Internet technology is very advanced, you can every day on the street, in restaurants, tea shops, etc….Everyone is holding a machine – Mobile.    Yesterday I attended a friend’s birthday party, held at a KTV, I told two friends went with location not far from my house, about half an hour’s drive, my two friends, a flower named tart Q, called the old leaves.In the car on the way, I’m watching their every move, but I am very disappointed, tart Q I sat back seat, the phone has been ringing, a micro-channel tone, tart reply has been busy with Q.The old leaves it, also looked down at the phone, is to buy a new iphone8, big screen, watching the envy ah, I started very curious to see he had been staring at the phone, he was curious why.Although this is not very good, but still “Curiosity killed the dog,” I sneak a glance, he looked into fiction.    I’m a bit speechless at this time, and then looked at the local bus pass, the scenery is pretty good thing, opened some windows, the car started, a slight cool wind in his face, and more comfortable ah.What a warm yellow lights on the road plus the color looks.Really sorry for them, so all the way to like a picnic, watch the scenery is not bad thing.    Station, and after we got off the bus, walked slowly toward the destination.After then I also looked at the phone, and then reply to the question of my sister, I basically did not see how a mobile phone.    Arrived at our destination, my friend went out to meet us.It is a large package, which a lot of people do, smoking, drinking, singing, but most is to play mobile phone, all mobile phone overuse ah!We found a place to sit in the corner, there are a few familiar friends and play dice with us.    12:00 arrived, all of a sudden a “wish you a happy birthday.”The song rang, we dice a few friends spontaneously stood up, singing along, birthday cake waiter was slowly pushed in, out of the way when off under lights, the scene was very ‘warm’.    Why is the “warm” it?Because, the cake is to promote the waiter, waiter lights are off.Birthday song sounded when only a few of us to stand up and sing along, others may actually like “the matter concerns an armchair” continue to bow to play phone, and instantly I felt very awkward scene.    Technology developed even then, I also want to control the machine is human, not a machine to control the human race, and now, after 90 young people began, 90% of the basic cell phone party, went to relatives before the wedding, my cousins they are basically mobile phone their hands, eyes leave the screen, the same table to eat, they say five hand index so clear.    Communication between people is so farther and farther away, the phone is progress, but I think the human race become increasingly dependent on mobile phone, not even a phone, not the network seems to live without feeling.    I hope you liberate your hands, the liberation of your eyes, take a look at the people around, take care about the people around, so that the distance between people getting closer, do not let the people around you feel lonely.    This article from the micro-channel public number: rice Reading Original starting reprint please indicate the source and author

[180] partner, all that is required color value.[Statement] The following photos and written by contributors authorized Fun University platform release is strictly prohibited any form of theft and recently reprinted the weather should be very comfortable with the new military training background information to fill in a lot of people do not complete and this is the reason a lot of people missed heard more complete information to write the more real the opportunity to go to the wall Oh (backstage expected queuing time: 9 days) Thursday Changsha busy crying after day rescue dogs · the 83 single planet is not suitable for your school: Qingdao technical College Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong birthday: August 14, 1998 constellation: Leo & professional Grade: Electrical sophomore signal: 20,170,914 Biography: people in Qingdao, height 175, weight 52 kg, love photography, love retouching (although not very good) love travel, love sports, climbing stairs or a party, love to laugh, laugh low point.  Requirements for TA: to talk to the best course in Qingdao is not all things like photography course, is the best of friends optimistic, cheerful, attitude to work has its own complementary character?It is important to talk something  ?No background signal is sent to the public, access to contact Huang Daqian School: Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus Birthplace: Guangdong Birthday: March 10, 1996 Constellation: Pisces & Professional Grade: Art and Design senior signal: 20,170,914 Biography: height 167 weight 55 (a little fat) usually like, listening to music, travel, painting, watching cartoons.Character, more sunshine, like positive energy, not like Jack, it is a little funny than usual.Eason was a die-hard powder (interested to talk..) Requirements for TA: the character to be good, sunshine, lively, like the best sports.the best.Higher than me..Boys like to play basketball.  ?No background signal is sent to the public, for contact options Sissi School: Wuhan Institute of Business Birthplace: Hubei Birthday: November 11, 1996 Constellation: Scorpio & Professional Grade: Biopharmaceutical junior signal: 20,170,914 Biography: Luchi, like reading, eaters, super eat like food.Like food friends add me Oh QAQ requirements of the TA: interesting blue child paper, paper you good girl.  ?No background signal is sent to the public, get contact any Ye Hua School: Hebei University of Geosciences Birthplace: Hebei Baoding Birthday: July 2, 1998 Constellation: Cancer Professional & Year: Product Design Sophomore signal: 20,170,914 Biography: love sports, 178, more love to laugh, a little humor, like fitness swimming, like to make friends.  TA’s requirements: 165, love sports, a little sun, a little naughty, like playing the best basketball.  ?No background signal is sent to the public, access to contact Wang naive School: Shandong University Birthplace: Shandong Weifang Birthday: October 25, 1995 Constellation: Scorpio & Professional Grade: Senior Financial signal: 20,170,914 introduce myself: I am a girl.  TA’s requirements: male or female, fun on the line.?Send a signal to the public number backstage, get contact first secret school: Shanxi Agricultural University Birthplace: Shanxi Birthday: 1997 XX XX, Constellation: Leo and professional grades: Financial junior signal: 20,170,914 Biography: height 165 cm, weight 46 kg photo does not show his face, O (∩_∩) O?Because the requirements of the TA’s so beautiful: tall and 180 or more, height is very important very important very important good character, treat people good, the best sun-type Haha, did not too many requirements, like to make friends  ?No background signal is sent to the public, for contact options sheep Sisi school: Yunnan University of Finance Birthplace: Yunnan Yuxi Birthday: October 14, 1996 Constellation: Libra Professional & Year: electricity supplier junior signal: 20,170,914 introduce myself: Is not a Single dog, nothing good presentation.  The TA requirement: 180, color values of all the requirements that.?No background signal is sent to the public, access to school week in and week Contact: Huaihai Institute of Technology Birthplace: Jiangsu Nantong Birthday: October 20, 1992 Constellation: Libra Professional & Grade: Computer Science and Technology signal: 20,170,914 Biography: optimistic, cheerful, height 163, weight 52 thin, extra baggage industry ~~ requirements of the TA: good personality, looks correct height of not less than 178.  ?No background signal is sent to the public, for contact options are: partner basin Friends of the crowd: a sincere desire to make friends, willing to show their beauty and talent, can take kindly to want to know (of course need to identify malicious villains themselves ) fairies and little meat rules of engagement: 1.Reply [partner] to obtain registration link 2.Each issue has a link at the bottom of copywriting partner registration form oh 2.Fill in the registration form information to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information publishing rule: daily screening of eight small cute released, privacy-related information used only for registration.  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She flew to bury their sons, but less empty handed her a note, open an instant tears ran Author: Anonymous this world there are people who, secretly in love with you.  Angel of paper from the beginning of August 2017 No. 18, US users are frantically looking for a man.  Nobody knows his name, who lives where, where to go, the only clue: Southwest Airlines Flight 1067.  August 18 that day, you get on the plane flight yet?  Or you have relatives and friends to meet people on the plane flight.  If so, I say thank you on behalf of.  Such a simple message, millions views, 5.8 people thumbs up.  After watching many of the media are wondering: What heavyweights wandered off?  We are looking for self-help.  Unraveling only to find that things are not so simple.  Ten million spontaneous gratitude, after all, we should start talking about the flight number 1067.  August 2017 No. 18, 40-year-old Tricia Belstra ride to and from Colorado and Indiana flight No. 1067.  Every year she would take the flight to see his son, but this time just sitting, she looked very sick.  Frown, his face very poor, barely tucked between his legs a vomit bag sitting in the middle two lonely strangers.  Eyes red from crying, mapping out the window at twilight, is particularly poor lonely.  Then a flight attendant brother saw her discomfort, stepped forward and asked softly: Madam, you are okay, is not where uncomfortable?  Tricia waved his hand, give me a glass of water it?, Empty less quickly turned to pick up water, then sat next to a strange female passenger, pour a glass of Diet Coke before handing Tricia, however Tricia shaking hands, even the glasses are Nabu Wen.Strange female passenger Tricia cup to his lips, when flight attendants small brother also came again, are you sure you do not need help?  Warm and caring brother flight attendants Tricia Belstra strangers, so Tricia could not tolerate the emotions no longer stretch, tears streaming down Wow, this time I was going to bury my son.  Tricia husband died early, she has been 20 years and son had each other, she put all the love, the best of care are devoted in the son.  From a little taught him to speak the first word, how many sleepless nights to plan carefully planned his son’s food and clothing.  It does not matter plain dress themselves, children self-esteem, strong comparisons heart, decent and pleasant to wear.  Handsome, handsome, and wearing the trend son Kyle, the school lost a lot of small girl, all around him round and round.  Tricia not only focus on his son’s instrument, often took him to travel.  A variety of scenic spots go free, eye-opening, long exposure.  Kyle encouraged according to their preferences, choose the right sport, exercise.  The son Kyle is particularly disappointing, with our words of high academic achievers.  Out come is also a talented.  In early August this year to get a master’s degree at the University of Washington, Washington Redskins hired management.  At that time my mom came specially to celebrate his son to get a master’s degree who had been protected by the loss of his father, but the mother meticulous care, Kyle let himself feel: I am surrounded by loved children.  However, all the better, in an abrupt end on August 13th, the day Kyle quarrel with his girlfriend, his girlfriend broke up strongly, Kyle constantly begging call, but in the end can not restore hard to persuade.  Itself some anxiety and depression Kyle, inner world suddenly collapses, can not extricate themselves into a bad mood, perhaps feeling abandoned by his father since childhood due to the sensitive, fragile, can not afford to let him temporarily abandoned again blow.  Determined to leave his girlfriend, but he became overwhelmed by the last straw.  No August 13, he committed suicide in his girlfriend’s room.  Perhaps at that moment he was too painful, so I did not expect 25 years devoted themselves to caring for her large mother.  Kyle’s mind as a dead bolt from the blue, bitter split in the heart of a mother.  Lost her husband, also lost his son, God knows it is a taste of what can she still have to accept the fact that white-haired people to send black people, Qiangdajingshen, get on flights, to meet the other end of the cold body of his son.  Funeral arrangements for the next day, after tomorrow, she can no longer look forward to, come back to see her son leave, can no longer expect his son pick up.  Removed fatigue, grief recall and son enjoyment, pleasure and torment repeatedly intertwined, a person sitting at her on the plane, the body could barely ? and attentive flight attendants brother, to see it all in the eyes.  After listening to her story, the little brother is very sorry, we continue to appease her emotions, until a few days did not sleep a wink Tricia fell asleep.  After the plane arrived, sitting next to a strange woman gently woke Tricia, also scored to help her luggage.  When Tricia approached the door and saw the flight attendant brother was waiting, eyes gentle and firm, he handed a napkin Tricia.  Tricia stepped off the plane, opened the note, and instantly burst into tears.  On that humble napkins, little brother a painting seriously wrote: In 2004, my brother away from me.Until now, I am very sad.I will not pretend to understand your feelings as a mother.But I’ve seen the way my mother was sad, this sadness will never end.  My mother also wanted to reduce the grief, but she found it almost impossible, so please do not take the time to do so.  Instead, you should go do something fun to do, try to visit Xu Jiumei contact relatives and friends, or to travel.This may be you owe it to yourself, for his son to do, please do not always give yourself pressure.  You know, this world there are a lot of people care about you, even if you now feel, like me, I will not forget you, will want to know how are you doing, or how recently you.  You will become a strong man, I will always support you.  Such warm words to see into the heart of a stranger from a plain do not believe, Tricia could not stop the tears, but this time in addition to sadness, is moving more.  The next day she quietly attended his son’s funeral, did not imagine the collapse uncontrollably, her heart firm, we are stronger than ever.  She showed the note to see the pastor, the pastor said Tricia: He was an angel sent by God, thank you, air crew, thank you as a stranger, wrote a warm and moving words.  After returning from the funeral of his son, Tricia who can not wait for the flight attendants want to thank the little brother, but suddenly found himself did not know his name.  So she put this story network, thanks to the unknown little brother flight attendants.  I did not expect the story Tricia, and quickly lead our sympathy, netizens have forwarded her letter of thanks.  After the media learned of this moving story, also joined the ranks of the diffusion of power to.  Seem to last that did not find the little brother is not important, we just want to put this love, this kind-hearted, always pass down.  Like flight attendants small brother said: No matter what kind of trouble you’re in, whether you have the feeling that this world, it was always secretly love you.  He can be afraid dirty seat, I would rather sit in the ground floor of migrant workers.  It may be enough to eat themselves, but also donations vagrant.  He may be one hand against the wheelchair afraid you slip away the strange little brother.  You may leave a note on the seat, to remind you: wet chair.  Do not wet clothes good.  This world is sometimes very cruel, cruel cynicism to you whether you want to continue struggling in this world.  But some people always love you, quietly, to forbear stubborn heart, in the most gentle comfort.  ■ Author: Anonymous, graphic from the network.  ■ next (ID: nexthopescom) special authorization works, reproduced please contact the author.  ?Click to read the original text, subscribe to our.