In the winter of another year, it was really a year that passed so fast! Before I knew it, I was more than half of 24 years old. I’m going to be 25 years old. If you have to say one big thing this year, it is to buy a car with a stupid goose. It’s just for the convenience of travel and the work needs of geese. We started planning from the beginning of this year until October 20 this year to book the car. The other day, when Goose and I came back from Store 4, we had a feeling that we couldn’t say for sure.! After all, this is our first time. I have to say here that Goose Zi studied hard and deserves our praise and affirmation.. At the same time, every time Goose learns a car, I basically have company.. I used to think that driving school was not a school but a place to study cars.. But I don’t think that’s all right, because Goose still knows many friends in driving school.. Here we clap again! Slowly the goose found out that she liked driving. Goose likes to drive from the 11th of this year. Goose and I went to my aunt’s house during the 11th. The weather was better that day. I wanted to ride my aunt’s bike and take goose for a ride. When I rode my bike to the main road, I did not see Goose for half a day.. When I looked back, I found the goose was riding my father’s tricycle! Geese can’t ride a bicycle, but a tricycle can ride it. It’s really bad. In order to be safe, Goose and I rode on the road. Goose is riding a tricycle in front and I am riding a bicycle heel in the back! Later, Goose Zi ran a few laps on a tricycle and felt so funny that he became more and more daring.! I felt the situation was not quite right, so I took off the rice from the tricycle. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Goose took a 90 – degree turn on her invincible tricycle and hasn’t slowed down yet.! I guess I want to play drift! The result was that people and cars rushed into the river! When I saw this, I jumped into the river and pulled up the goose. Fortunately, there are more grass in the river, because it is autumn and winter, and the water depth is about half a meter! A few young people playing nearby pulled up the tricycle with me! I remember swimming in this river with my cousin when I was a child! But that was a long time ago! Fortunately, I had the foresight to take down the rice, or a bag of rice planted by my father would have been destroyed, and up to now we have not finished the bag of rice!     We made a delicious meal on the day of the sun, and the goose praised the old tree directly.! Anyway, we had a good time that day. Work is subject to a three-day probationary period. Today, the old tree laziness has been on the shift for nearly ten days. In fact, the old tree laziness is like a child. Before that, the old tree laziness had the habit of drinking white wine at home, while the old tree laziness had stomach trouble and could not drink wine.. At home, there are many prohibitions! I tricked the old tree into coming to work in the city, and if I drank, I would be fired and my salary would not be paid. This is the rule in the shop.! At that time, the old tree showed a strange expression when it was lazy.. Then he said he would not drink. I saw the old tree lazy expression and went on to say, but you can still come to me for a drink while you rest. I am preparing good wine.! At this time, the old tree said in his lazy mouth that it was inconvenient to come and go with expensive fares.. But I know he still wants to go in his heart!     In fact, at the beginning of November, I also visited Hanchuan once, which was just passing through Hanchuan to Yangshui Lake.. In order to find Jibao! Old Tree Lazy will go to Yangshui Lake to dig lotus roots, but Xiaoji and Eggs will follow Old Tree Lazy all the way. On the way home the egg himself. But Xiao Ji has been following Ma River, which is separated from Yang Shui Lake by a wider river. Old tree lazy boat to the other side of the river, xiaoji also want to come by boat, but was driven down by old tree lazy!When the old tree was lazy for about half an hour, Xiaoji got on board with a group of people crossing the river.. Then he played on the other side of the boat for several hours and disappeared on the other side of the river.! That day Xiaoji didn’t go home until more than 9pm, and skunk had to call to say Xiaoji and sloth had not come back to Yangshui Lake until now.! The next morning skunk went to ma he to find Xiao Ji. Later, the ferry boatman learned that Xiao Ji was among a large group of people and had already reached the other side of the river.! I think this is bad. Xiaoji has never been to the other side of the river, and the way home is a highway except this ferry.! I told skunk to guard at this ferry to see if Xiaoji could return to this ferry and go home! I took the bus to Hanchuan and then to Yangshui Lake, because there was no direct bus! That afternoon, I went all the way to find Xiaoji! But there was no news at all! Later, I came to the place where my father dug lotus roots, ( because the Mid – Autumn Festival came once this year, I still remember the way. But that time, I searched for half a day before I found it. This place is really hard to find! Old tree lazy also did not receive me, finally fourth uncle received me! At last I arrived, the old tree lazy hasn’t come back yet, and at last uncle Wu yuan called back the old tree lazy on his motorcycle.! The place where the old tree is lazy is very humble, that is, a shed has been built next to the lotus root field. there is nothing but a bed inside, but there is more toilet for the second time, unlike the first time when there is no toilet at all.! That’s standard defecation everywhere! The first time I came was in summer, when the power was cut off and it was hot at night. Mosquitoes carried people away directly. I couldn’t bear to look straight, so I took the old tree home lazily.! That is, when we walked a long way, the lazy tricycle tires of the old tree were not inflated and pushed away.! Goose also said that I had been relatively white all summer and tanned myself that time! After arriving at Ma River, Lao Shulazi stopped his tricycle at his aunt’s house, and his brother took me and Lao Shulazi home on a motorcycle.! Because Yang Shui Lake is a little far away from Ma He, walking alone is estimated to take an hour or two! ) skunk was surprised that I came so soon. skunk and I came to the ferry, and I asked the boatman in detail.. The result is that he didn’t come back after seeing Xiao Ji crossing the river. We reluctantly left the phone number to the boatman and asked him to call us when he saw Xiao Ji. We got on the boat and went to Mahe River. I asked Skunk curiously why we didn’t pay for the boat.. Skunk said that because she helped the boatman sell tickets on the boat, the uncle who originally sold tickets fought with others at the ferry for a day and the landlord also welcomed Skunk to continue selling tickets tomorrow! This time I was thinking, skunk’s communication ability is really strong! I don’t think the end of every story can be disappointing, at least I do! But when we despair, there will always be unexpected surprises waiting for us! I borrowed Aunt Dai’s bike to bring the skunk back when I got to the Yangtze River Slope. On my way home, I said to skunk, I will come here tomorrow to find another day. If I still can’t find it, I will return to Wuhan in the afternoon.. The skunk will come for another day the day after tomorrow. That is the last hope. May God bless you and hope to find it! After we arrived at the village entrance, the weather was already dark, and it was a chilly autumn evening! I used to shout a lucky treasure and rushed out two dogs, one of which was obviously an egg! The other one I guess is fufu, because I heard skunks say before that fufu is now about the same size as jibao! Eggs rushed to me directly with excitement! The skunk not far away found something wrong, because fufu is so timid that it is impossible to stick to people. this is not fufu, but must be jibao! There is no street lamp in the countryside and nothing can be seen in the dark overnight. I was thinking this could not be Xiaoji, because Xiaoji is on the other side of the river, and I did not see Xiaoji come back by boat, Xiaoji could not come back! As I was approaching the door, I heard a dog barking and there was a dog in the house.. Skunk jumped up excitedly and said: This is Xiaoji. At home, it is blessing that is called! At this time, Xiaoji jumped into my arms. Came to the light, if it weren’t for Xiao Ji’s hair color and intimacy with me, I simply couldn’t recognize this as Ji Bao. It’s completely different from what you think! The beautiful Xiaoji, the Dai mushroom that can carry a bowl of water, has now become so thin and thin, with the scar on her face and the big eyes that are sleepy. It is obvious that Xiaoji didn’t return last night to find her way home overnight.! That night skunk got a big pot of noodles, and Xiaoji ate two large bowls of noodles, presumably Xiaoji was already hungry! No one knows how Xiao Ji came back, but that night I thought there should be a belief that supported Xiao Ji to go home!     Today, Goose went to take a driver’s license test early in the morning, originally afraid of getting up late. The alarm clock set was completely useless because we were woken up by the band sound downstairs before the alarm clock set us up.!Actually, the band played well in the ears of half our professional team.! This reminds me that when I was a child, the old people in other villages would also invite a band, and we would see a large group of people in the evening.. At that time, I remember a band playing well, but now there is no live performance! Instead, it is to make a sound instead. Later, I heard that two old people died in this neighborhood this week. For the old people, winter is a barrier.! Most of the old people will not survive the spring of next year.! In the morning, when the sun shone through the bedroom, I overheard a report saying that Wuhan is very large, second only to Beijing and Tianjin, which is eight times the size of Hong Kong! As a living in Wuhan for so many years, I just think Wuhan is very big, but I didn’t think it would be so big! Because there is no place in Wuhan where I and Goose don’t know! Needless to say, Goose went to the client to tutor piano and violin, and also had the most troublesome on-site piano tuning rate.! Basically, I accompanied her all over the three towns in Wuhan! The second half of the year before last and the first half of last year I was still running outside. Especially in the winter of 2012, I often went out with Goose Zi. When I finished my business outside, I went to see her and waited for her to finish class! Sometimes she comes to me after class! Or maybe her students didn’t want to attend class that day or she didn’t want to attend class, so she cameo to my beautiful assistant and I went to see clients together.. We walked a lot that winter, but we didn’t feel tired at all. And it was that year that I met this penguin princess – that spring she came to our school to teach violin in 2012 without the end of the world, and that year was full of happiness and unforgettable memories.! Time went on slowly, and soon it was the spring of 2013, when our company moved from T – bridge to Wuhan University! Last spring, we were even more rampant, often playing with Goose in Wudaoli next to the company under the guise of going out to meet customers.! Last spring, many people flew kites in Wuda. I don’t know if this is also true this spring, because I seldom go to Wuda after I didn’t work in that company.! Remember the goose came to me once again. Said she had no class today. ( Goose hasn’t graduated from university yet last spring. )! We also often go to their school Wuhan Conservatory of Music to attend concerts! ) I told the manager the other day that I wanted to see the customer, and then I spent another day outside with Goose. During this period, we also saw a fat penguin kite in the sky of Wuda. I laughed at the goose for a long time, and the penguin could fly ( because my family is as lovely as the penguin in walking ). Last year, on the unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival, goose and I went to Shanghai to travel. We started late at the railway station, and finally I got on the train. Goose didn’t have time to get on the train.! Through the window, I saw the goose crying incessantly! That appearance makes people feel pity and lovely! When the crew heard the crying, they arranged for Goose to take another train to Shanghai.! I didn’t see Goose for ten hours that night. Now I think it’s really a long time. It’s winter of 2014. I never thought time would go so fast. I felt like I was just coming out of school the day before yesterday. Now it’s been five or six years in a blink of an eye.! Goose and I can’t see their faces full of young smiles. Even I can foresee that we will be separated forever in a few years. Many things will be painted on trees by rain, listening to memories, like the sun that will eventually sink to the west.! Old trees, lazy geese, skunks, emperor penguins have never come to a big city, much less seen the world. If the world is fair to everyone, they can only be in this land and love it. Through the four seasons of the year, and through the four seasons of their lives. Now they are autumn, I am their fruit, but we are not fat enough, not sweet enough, full of glittering and translucent pain! Time, that will hiss gas gun is behind him. I want to wait for me to get old. I will listen to the time and use the current words. The heart will be thin, but I will still ignore the sound and only see smoke and white. Only the birds were seen flying, white. The hound left the plank and ran further and further ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ winter finish