Most of the guys just love to play games, girls just do not understand playing computer games in the end what is attractive place Why let her boyfriend go even indulge themselves regardless of whether.These are mentioned below constellation male often because they are too focused on playing the game, while ignoring his girlfriend.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  TOP5: Leo Male him play is very terrible, and very high-handed male lion, he does not feel there is nothing wrong with playing games?But he does not allow his girlfriend to pointing this wrong, especially if the girlfriend of someone complained he was too fond of playing the game, the Lions would find such men, then loss of their dignity really furious, will be intensified to indulge in among the game regardless of his girlfriend’s feelings, but not only that male lion also very much.Some male lion will only ask his girlfriend to accompany their indulging in the game together, or is in their own time to play the game of his girlfriend turned the maid to wait on yourself, give yourself teapot, it is simply a domineering uncle.  TOP4: Aquarius Aquarius in love, and not spend too much time to accompany his girlfriend, when he was obsessed with one thing at a time will be very focused, so playing a game of Aquarius, you can put breaks all spent in the game, it will not take the time to accompany his girlfriend shopping, because she really did not understand that a woman’s entertainment in the end what is interesting?And Aquarius feel that they have their own private space, do not love will not be able to maintain their own interests Well, that kind of love, he did not want it, Aquarius believes that we must respect their girlfriend hobby not to interfere too much, or he will find it too much trouble girlfriend.  TOP3: Gemini play heavy heart, basically in love Gemini is also often left to play the game regardless of his girlfriend, Gemini never felt anything wrong is fun.Sometimes Gemini to play the game regardless of his girlfriend is not a game really have much appeal for him, but he wanted to show that he is free, in the course of love, the girlfriend can not control yourself too much.If Gemini managed more strict, the more he will be afraid of you, she wants to escape from the hands of his girlfriend.As if Buddha palm of the Monkey King, like trying to jump out of the wish, but Gemini is really not the Monkey King, because the world is not able to take control of his Tathagata.So it is best not to try to, bundle Gemini, it will only make you very angry.  TOP2: Aries Aries thought to when his girlfriend who must be the most understanding of their own people must be able to accompany their search for happiness, and if the game can bring their own happiness girlfriend Why does he not support his girlfriend really do not understand the idea, Aries is very self and sometimes manifested, selfish as people really can not understand.If the girlfriend does not play games with him, he probably knowing students complain if his girlfriend pipe it to play games, he is grumble anyway, he will feel obviously that is something to make yourself happy is to love you I say why do you not allow me to do it!In other words, Aries usually do not stand girlfriend’s point of view to consider the issue, he did know happiness is like.  TOP1: Sagittarius play very heavy heart, Sagittarius never regardless of his girlfriend in the end is not willing to keep their side to see their play those silly games.He does not feel bored and think that his girlfriend should have such thoughts, to help him barabara speak non-stop, has been in the game to show off their skills when his heart filled with the feeling of pride, he believes that this time should be to girlfriend own cast, envy or worship eyes, but if his girlfriend did not play the game against him, he will feel that this woman is absolutely ridiculous, understand style is a woman, because the occurrence of such a trivial contradiction with his girlfriend on the shooter to that it should not just once or twice.God bless, and his fortune is very busy constellation You may also like: Zodiac boys like a person’s performance in 2016’s most favored Eros four constellation 12 constellations of love most fantasy Why must things and water signs love again?

Girls are not subtle expression, like a person, can have many different representations, but the same mind.  When the girls began to feel good for the boys, we will have a series of performance from the mind to action, not intentional.  Inventory twelve constellations of the girls, when it finds that they have a crush on the boys, have a variety of manifestations, very different.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.Aries women have a favorable impression of the performance of boys Taurus woman have a favorable impression of the performance of boys and two children have a favorable impression of the performance of boys and Cancer woman have a favorable impression of the performance of boys and female lion have a favorable impression of the performance of boys and virgin women have a favorable impression of the boys performance scales women have a favorable impression of the performance of boys Scorpio women have a favorable impression of the performance of female shooter boys have a favorable impression of the performance of boys and Capricorn women have a favorable impression of the performance of boys Aquarius women have a favorable impression of the performance of boys and Pisces women have a favorable impression of the performance of boys

Many people say that marriage is the burial tomb romantic, just busy work every day to make money, completely lost the longing for life, it is not true, there are a lot of people will enjoy life, often give their other half to create a romantic, to relieve the pressures of life, between two such people will forever one kind acquaintance of freshness, just like each other’s love for the package plastic wrap.Well, let Xiaobian tell you what constellation husband romantic route it to go.  The first: Pisces men attentive even after marriage or Pisces will be very concerned about the other half of the romance, love each other if he is, he will feel that distressed the other half is his duty and responsibility, so he will be married always considerate attentive care, the only thing you have to do is be prepared: he was so playful romantic surprises, but exclusive restaurant of such high prices will become less and less romantic.Basically marriage Pisces but it is still quite pragmatic.  Second: Scorpio Male Scorpio is so in love with a sensation inside and out, pretend marriage will not pretend that courteous, marriage will not let you have too big a gap, he’d always felt that love will be expressed, so even if the marriage after an old gray-haired, and still feel for him to kiss on the pro, the hold on hold, though not Xipixiaolian, often plate with a serious expression, but within the heart is Life love is still so hot flag.  Third: male shooter Sagittarius men most often gives the impression that is helping them, but in fact, when he finds a person is actually very hard, when they found a person when they are willing to do a lot of things to each other and I do not mind the opinions of others.Even married, romantic surprises will be much.But also keep in mind that even married and do not control too strict in his possession Oh, you put his foot, he will respect you ten feet.  Fourth place: Virgo man for all the requirements of excellence, strive for perfection Virgo requirements for marriage is the same, he wants to perfect, so if you can make romantic day was stable, can solve the problem, then they will try to do it but if most romantic are no practical utility, they will begin to stop, so to say the marriage of Virgo can be very romantic, but he needs your enthusiastic response.  You may also like: Zodiac how to behave like your ten boys out of the 12 constellations 12 constellations put marriage psychological fetters of old friends out how to make the twelve constellations happy thing

People alive, we must eat, eat delicious dishes have the most beautiful.Vegetables grown in the garden, vegetable garden flourish without water, so they dug wells.    He began to dig wells that only three feet ten feet deep, can be like digging in the spring on the pulse, and Wang and clear water, dozens of acres of gardens which are used well water, have not seen the end.That’s, life is bitter.Whether Inoue kick of adults, children playing or the well, are wearing a patch pile patched clothes, really nice day Chikangyancai.Grandpa’s neighbor three big hump, accidentally fell and broke is the year when the elm tree picking leaves to eat.It was reported that his head fell into the trunk gone, few people desperately seized the edge, finally pulled his head out, but falling big hump is the eternal immutable.Three grandfather lived until the 1990s, body bone pretty tough, to talk about things that year, he was really sad and spirit.Poor rich sad past, today’s spirit.In fact, his house in the village on the living standards belong to only moderate, but he was contented, always say life easier now, happy ear to ear.    At that time people labor all day, but you can not fill his belly, do not enjoy the sweet life, but in labor apart, drink a few mouthfuls of cold water it well, thirsty heart, moisturize, relaxation nerve to remind, only slightly mellow feel a little life.    In those years, although the day was poor, but the big rain, summer is often flooded low-lying.One year after a heavy rain, water from that well and wellhead within two feet, fetching water are not shy, just bear with a hook hanging from the bucket towards the well of a button, a mention of a full bucket of water will come the.    Later, I do not know what the reason, the day the drought year after year, declining water level in the well, gradually pour enough vegetable garden with well water, so there has been an unprecedented phenomenon: the water grab.Especially to the season of sowing or planting cabbage, water grab more serious.Before dawn, people will have to ride the dim moonlight, lug buckets up quietly to the garden, in order to fight that night through well water accumulated under.Who would not want to sow the seeds germinate early, who do not want early cabbage planted survived ah!People sometimes because of competition for water will also be some quarrel, not surprising.    Since this mouth old well there is no enough water for people to use, and later, people will spend money in old wells near the mouth of the mouth of the new hit motor-pumped wells, drilling wells, people are very happy, around to watch, although each home hundreds of dollars to be spread.    Wells lay, really powerful.That original old wells mouth, already met at the end, although not dismantled, filling, and had no one used, surrounded by well covered with weeds, distance to go, no one will make people think the wrong graves burning paper, previous layers of footprints never find missing.    This mouth wells, connect the tube, the machine was opened, the water dragon will jet out sprang a few meters away, to shed a few acres of gardens less than half will be finished already, the employer fetching water than before, with a donkey, horse waterwheel much faster.In the well, in the garden busy people like my heart like eating honey happy, wearing body gradually got better, I do not know Shashi Hou missing patch clothes, and sometimes there will be one or two suits and ties, give this quaint count , Eau background with a little embellishment, adding another round of fun and atmosphere, but also to increase the point of the talk of gossip.    Later, the home took place new changes, irrigation, ditching dig trenches.Over the years did not repair the bridge, it has been refurbished, and because they built dozens of bridges production.Big Yellow River gravity irrigation practice.The reason, say from oilfield near the home, due to the large number of extraction of groundwater wells, resulting in declining water table, water problems, it will affect the oil production, also affected agricultural production.According to the higher levels, to minimize the extraction of groundwater, but how to ensure that agricultural water it?That huh comprehensive agricultural development experimental zone.Countries to increase agricultural investment, increase infrastructure construction, achieve a healthy agricultural development.Food production with success, the Yellow River has been effectively controlled, the prospect of vast rural areas is getting more and more beautiful the.    Because of these changes gratifying, home of the water table to recover, that mouth met at the end of scouring through old wells dug, again poured out sweet water, like a dead tree and made a heavy bud, flourish , back to life.Old well is a reproduction of prosperity that year, the well wiped out the weeds, the well appeared laughter of people.Needless to say, the days are getting better and better.    I think the rise and fall of the mouth of the old well, it will not be a simple repetition.It changes will remain in people’s memories, inspire people to contrast, to think about the past, present life.

Whip to draw beautiful stave whip sound as crisp slap whip on your back you moo desolate twice tearfully looked in front of millions of toiling masses who are the lifeblood of farming to pull carts to bite the bullet “to kill dumping ground cow “tomorrow you will be tempting dishes on the table no tomorrow human history had removed the heavy page you will completely exit the stage of history are reaping the heaven-sent high-tech treasure of coal —- —- natural gas —- wood shed the last tear him unfit to bite the bullet “cow” Maybe we will become a pile of meat dishes on the table the whole nature of the universe mechanization 2,010,829 Tian rain [editor: Kang Huimin]

Has been eager to travel a stay away, there is no tie him no worries, not even destinations.Only a heart filled with love, along with the breeze accompanied by streams, exiled himself in a dream in the distance.For a long time, the mind also as boring as weeds in the city surrounded by steel and concrete, once dreaming of landscapes, fantasy ever faint heart, had gradually pale, without a trace until.    The walk out of the bar, my heart suddenly a move.Where are you going?Lijiang it, Yimiyangguang period of mood, gurgling streams rhyme yo.I did not expect an unthinking proposal, even immediately get family support.Simple things, happy mood, finally began his journey of our stay away.    There is no doubt Old Town of Lijiang is a charming, fascinating and charming, warm and enchanting, the people here are delighted to feel the mystic Naxi culture and romance.And I have a little disappointed.Ten years ago, and her husband to honeymoon, two young hearts here enjoy dance, bridges, bluestone alleys have left us a sweet and romantic figure.But now, modern commercial elements make this ancient city publicity and noisy, I could not find the original Zaixun calm and beautiful.    On the third day, we entered the Beam River.Entered this quaint town, my heart was firmly grasped, this is my dream from afar, this is the place to wander experiences with the rest of.Dream of Red Mansions Bao Dai Chu Jianshi gem There is a saying “This sister I have ever seen,” I have shown signs of Shuhe, had the feeling of deja vu, really want to say, “I came to this place.”.Ten years ago no clear Lijiang been here, why so cordial?Maybe I Shuhe and has a kind of a past life, had met the fate it.    Beam River is one of the more intact town to save on Tea-Horse Road, it yard, Qing Jun scenery.The whole town can only use one word to describe the “quiet”.This “quiet” but did not decline as the bleak, but showing a peaceful and warm.Patchwork of houses, old paint wood facade, mottled bluestone alley, all in the years to leave its recounting the vicissitudes of life with deep, perhaps under every piece of quartzite hidden in a distant and mysterious story.And now we have been unable to reproduce again bustling with lonely on the old Tea-Horse Road, one can predict that an ancient tea horse culture will also be replaced by modern urban civilization.    This quaint town is quiet, as if time here has still.Roadside shops are open, but had not deliberately attract customers.Store folks either concentrate on doing their own thing, or smiling at pedestrians, in stark contrast to the noisy and impetuous Lijiang Old Town.Slowly walking in the varying width of the alley, enjoying full of ethnic customs of goods, but not to buy any one of these fine things always feel once you leave this quaint town loses its beautiful.A small roadside ditch water clarity was astonishing, the city’s ever seen the water so no impurities.A woman washing vegetables under the ditch, water washed vegetables in the sunlight of the more charming green.From time to time or carriage horses slowly through the streets, the legacy of the Tea Horse Road inklings.    Tired, just went into a tea bar.Enter inside noticed the name “westerly skinny horse,” I like this name, and shuhe style is very ride, but after really do not want to think of a “heartbroken people in the End of the World”.Beam River is warm, quiet, not sad.Chaba playing on some of the old songs, very consistent with my mind.Perhaps their age, I like the nostalgic thing, an old song can single cycle to heartbreak.Children eat, her husband asleep, I was in this nostalgic melody in mind every now and then.How long did not enjoy this quiet time, how long did not allow herself to calm down.I think that says a lot in front of the inn sign Shuhe, “listening to music, reading, chatting, in a daze..”What a wonderful life, this is not what I dreamed of you?Daze, you can sit quietly in a daze it not a blessing.Here, and only here I can arbitrarily squander my time.Past all the happy or sad have ceased to exist, the soft time Shuhe’s me getting drunk.Over the past thirty years it does not seem real, but today is the true self, only the real life.And I’m more like the real you, more like real life.    Happy time is always short, Beam River day trip ending soon.I give up my nostalgia, but this could not be a better hold on forever.Perhaps the good always regret it, month over loss, water overflows, to understand the true meaning of the United States is blank.    Goodbye, Shuhe.Thank you for giving me this soft period of time, thank you for allowing me to experience impetuous calm, thank you taught me fall in love with the real you.

Everyone is too young, youth who are not crazy.In those years the boys caught up with the girls, the girls obsessed with the boy, now where to go.Once on the playground, park, library, education in.And left many youth-related mark, once crazy in retrospect, it is not still so Lili in the head, youth nice!Envy had hyun rotten flying student, however, who is not a student coming from it?We take a look at twelve constellations student what crazy things are done, what are not the same color?Crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy Aries student thing Taurus student thing Gemini student crazy things Cancer student student thing Leo student crazy things Virgo thing Libra student thing Scorpio student thing shooter crazy crazy crazy thing Capricorn seat student student student do things Aquarius Pisces student crazy things first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Whether two people seduces the dark, there are still a people to love each other, want to make their relationship from friends to lovers upgrade, you have to have a person to love.So, to say, confession of love from the start!A good confession can impress each other’s heart, it will quickly win!Not a good confession is counterproductive.  Today to brief you properly due to win twelve constellations of confession way, come to observe and learn about it.  Properly the way to win the confession Aries Taurus scored properly properly properly the way of confession confession way to win the Gemini properly the way to win confession confession Cancer properly the way to win the lion’s properly the way to win the confession of a virgin properly duly won the scales properly properly confession way to win the Scorpio way confessions properly properly striker scored confession confession way properly the way to win Capricorn pitcher properly properly properly properly the way of confession confession way to win Pisces

As the saying goes, life was a confidant enough.Daughter easy to get, hard to find friends.Like love easy to get, hard to find marriage is the same, if you have no money no room, even if TA love you, willing to suffer with you, but also her family will not agree.Tell us a tragic fact that marriage is not you love me, I love you can, but more is needed and a few other things do matter basis.Let’s take a look at what constellation of male love easy to get, hard to get marriage?  Tiancheng Nan easygoing Libra, treat a friend warm, romantic uninhibited outside, often close confidante numerous, often deal with their feelings is adrift, Libra girlfriend general do not know how many times it can be to eat vinegar , but the real faces to their own marital problems, Libra people know what to do, and was very hesitant, I simply could not decide, do not know how to face, like a child is very upset.In his heart be not so strong like Capricorn sense of responsibility.  Recommendation: experiencing their own problems and decisively deal with that problem, and that only wise.  Leo Leo is a man who grace, passion and prestige is to live by in his career, your life style so many people worthy of admiration, treat their feelings willing to use their unlimited loyalty to deal with, he makes you feel only she can give you is the happiest woman in the world, face their own love affair to man Leo does not have enough conditions, it is absolutely not going to face, even if there are friends willing to help him, his Siyaomianzai the character will not accept the help of friends, rather drag on, and do not owe.  Recommendation: identity can not replace everything, some things can be dragged, but missed the marriage may regret for life.  Taurus men cautious Taurus, treat things never impatient, born with a sober mind, in his heart about marriage event, the future is very realistic, save money, buy a house is his prerequisite, only it’s only a the husband is a good and responsible, there is such a good idea and the goal is, he did not really have ideal conditions, but do not want to Capricorn Taurus people are so stubborn, even to ask a friend to help, will be completed marriage event, but the body of the debt will pressure the breath of his heart will lose a lot of confidence.  Recommendation: owe favors, no big deal, cheer up is a man of style.  Capricorn Capricorn man is a realist, is a very responsible man, treat their emotional specificity, face their own love affair to see more than anything else heavy, if insufficient condition, he was afraid to face, in his heart can not give women a safe and stable and happy family, he never for their own selfish and harm each other, in which case, Capricorn boys can only choose silence instead of their inner pain, and even run to remote areas to cry also possible.  Recommendations: What women really do not mind you these, you do not get too stubborn.Put down the hearts of machismo is their advantage, marriage can also work with you might also like: inventory of failure when the twelve constellations female love love will desertion Zodiac sign of character to delete all the girls after breaking the constellation

Since ancient times, there has been-law issues are, and it is a very vexing problem.This is one of right and wrong, who do not know, not all clean government too hard chores Well.Some people, it can be a good deal-law issues.However, some people, the problem will only become increasingly worse-law.The zodiac, the constellation of these women always like to bully her mother.  Scorpio women: vengeful Scorpio woman is a narrow-minded female constellation, they especially like to hold a grudge, do not like to lose.The elderly would have liked to nag, but they might inadvertently say the words, but the Scorpio woman will always remember.At that time they will not attack, only to bully her mother from elsewhere have to come back, or feel uncomfortable.  Female lion: too assertive female lion very assertive, they do not like other people control.When the tube with their mother, they will put up strong resistance, whoever you are, I will not hesitate.This time, they never realized that he was bullied by her mother.Thus, it is accustomed to, often bullied her mother.In fact, there are probably well-intentioned mother.  Pisces women: Two-Face is a typical Pisces woman who sided.In front of her husband, always pretending like obedient.The husband can not see where is the eldest, who have to listen to her.To evoke the mother is not at all rude, I did not even look at the mother as one of us, that the mother is superfluous.  The above is a total bully her mother’s preference for female constellation.Her mother is older, they should be better.Even if there is something wrong, we all have to give in a little, way to a brighter future.You might also like: these signs more wear more patience Zodiac is what happens after you see through the mind of severe straight male cancer constellation male girlfriend what can be preoccupied with the past will eat alone will not be the first constellation constellation network original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.