Even then strong love have had shaky, love of two people love each other and hurt each other, although some couples noise constantly, but it can work to the finish, but some couples can only parted ways, just like strangers.You want to know his love and index it?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it!1, you feel special for you?Yes, sometimes not shown in Figure 2, he gave you a gift usually pick?Pick the cheapest you like the most expensive 3, do you usually eat together?Weekend free time every day to eat 4 together, he take care of you right?Not very much care to take care of like a general 5, you feel together with him?Very romantic and very plain like a general 6, his shortcomings in your eyes?Shortcoming particularly little of the disadvantages small 7, you do not mind that he was very close with the opposite sex?Particularly mind like a general 8 do not mind, do you think you are a lot of people do suspect?Have not been very suspicious okay 9, your hair will change according to what?10 According to the trend with the mood, vehicles they like you often use?Subway car Bus A, index 80% love both of you are concerned about each other’s feelings, will care about each other, and not ignore each other’s feelings.And you also trust each other, although you will not have too close contact with the opposite sex, but if you find the other more intimate with the opposite sex, you will not be particularly nervous because subconsciously you all trust each other, it is also because the trust so that you spend time and again quarrel, go all the way.B, love index of between 60% live you still pretty sweet, but your time together and some less.Although there are from the United States to say, but the distance is the biggest killer of you get along.Less time together, most of the time is a person, it is sometimes possible to have the illusion that he did not love, you will feel the other side ignored.But that may be just the other side too busy, with no time to accompany you.C, the love between you love index of 40% has been a vigorous period of time now has come to the plain as white water.So you think you appeared to be no love, but your love life has been reflected in every greeting concern is the witness of love.But these are too bland, like a glass of water as placid, so let you produce some misunderstanding, but there are still between you love.d, love index of 20% and perhaps you think it is a torment with you!You have been in a fight, sometimes you can finally say a few good words, but the next second will dispute broke out, so, again and again the cycle continues until you are feeling tired.Quarrel let you forget the sweet once in your memory the rest of you just to hurt each other, so that you have always wanted to separate the idea of.Re-answer the first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

In love, you silently paying their true feelings, you’ll want to know that he paid a fraction of the true feelings How about you?I wanted to know if he really does?That fate to do this test to see it!1, you are in front of him put on a sexy evening dress, he would say how?And then pulled down a little, let me see.Very beautiful, really right for you.Or pull up the point of it, do not swagger.2, if in order to shock him, you say yourself are now dating another man, he would react?Well, you should go for realistic and feelings, to try Well.No, I will not let you go, you’re my little girl.Silence, did not respond.3, how he introduces you to the male friends?”This is a non keep me in a little girl.”” One of my friends.”Few take you to see friends.4. How do you go to bed from the beginning of life?When first met, he proposed.Dating at least five times, only a matter of course.He let you choose the appropriate time, do not do their own decisions.5, if you do not say that he is not very fond of asking your past?He hardly ask, when you talk in their own past, he always told you: people want to live in the moment.Sometimes you will be asked about first love, but most of the time do not ask.Always ask a roundabout way, first love, her boyfriend at the university, and even just friends, one by one to intervene.6, and when you, suddenly my wife’s phone, how would he do?As usual, in front of your face to talk to his wife.Say hello to you, in a low voice, go to another room indirectly phone.Soon the end of the phone, tell someone immediately called her past.7, when he was sick, they will tell you?Rarely tell you, he seems to never get sick.After a good disease will tell you.When they are sick, they will quickly tell you.As shown, if nothing inevitable occasion met, he must face your girlfriends 8, how would he do?Openly and people to meet, nothing is taboo.When your girlfriends and meet, you can feel his cramped and a little uneasy.Tactfully tell you, yourself something to go, you will not see the girlfriends.9, if go to the cinema, he will propose the kind of advice?Love it or watching erotic movies.Depending on your choice, what want to see what.What popular, to see what new releases.Your score: Your answer is: your feelings do not score high Oh!To clear thing: He may not like you, but you are young, your body.He with you, it is very possible to relive the share of so-called “first love” feeling, he is a very macho man, in his eyes, you is not important, but a crush on him, one for he devoted little girl Bale.More importantly, as any party feelings, mutual respect is the most basic code of ethics, but he even this is not willing to comply.Sometimes you feel he go away out of frustration, but in fact he does not respect you a performance.You have to be ready at any time to get rid of him, but he may have more than one girlfriend!Before the truth is exposed, or take the initiative and go before him, in order to avoid future heartbreak.Your answer is: This is a moderate score of file.As a married man, he has his own difficulties, work pressure, family also hiding something.Your appearance, so he felt life in a few more new ideas.He may not be true for you, but at least he still cherish you, he knows you exist value, but also taking advantage of the value of your existence.In his eyes, you and his wife to a very different attitude in his life, his emotional foundation of your most from such a fresh feeling.From the current point of view, as long as you obediently listen, no noise no trouble, is he not made excessive demands, he would not think of being “break up” the word.Do not forget, this man has some sense of family responsibility, once he needed to make choices, you will be mercilessly thrown Bureau.Your answer is: do not lower your score, so you are also faced with a most embarrassing situation.His extramarital affairs, sexual dysfunction mainly fair to say that he likes you, even in his heart, it is possible to get rid of the idea of moving off of first wives and marry you.The idea, after all, can the idea into practical action on the more difficult.For you, you are willing to accept a man has cheated on husband experienced it?If you really love him, that we should try to play down their feelings, do not let him know.Otherwise, firewood ran into the fire, burning is likely to spark a dangerous!Also, do not persuade him to divorce, do not you ever.Men are impulsive animals, but their impulsivity is temporary, he also ordinary people, can not jump out of the circle of common sense.If he is moving the truth, saying he loves you, it might faint smile, thank him, that’s all.You’re a smart woman, you need to choose between reason and emotion, whereas he and your feelings, sincere even then, it is impossible for a long time.You might also like to re-answer: your fate and how much you love a bit of charm, you know?  A problem in the second test where your love?  You are what kind of star-type princess

1st lovers: month 1, 10, 19, 28, born on the 1st lovers love is very strong, dull, steady love interest to No. 1 can not very lovers, lovers do not like the No. 1 self tortured, repressed love the way.No. 1 for lovers, love is to be open and aboveboard, and full of joy and hope, especially if you considerable importance “reciprocity” of love that only a mutually attracted to each other, to be able to love the basic conditions, No. 1 lovers and not hard in pursuit of favorite object, “stalker” the situation is also rarely seen.  The interaction between the No. 1 and lover lover is like a hunting game, whether it is hunting the other side, the other side or hunting, No. 1 lovers always feel constantly in pursuit of a “conquest” of stimulus.No. 1 lovers and lovers can always expect sparks, always recognized the importance of both parties in this relationship; such No. 1 lovers, of course, special attention to the other half of La loyalty!  Lovelorn sticking point: Be careful with your subjective consciousness too, from time to time to be with your opinion as a priority, but will not stand partner!  What kind of lover you are No. 1?  Monthly No. 1 1st born lovers: particularly like the dominant situation, love the object to be excellent enough, special enough to be able to attract him.  1 month 10 born lovers: What is very clear it wants!Guessing game ambiguity make him / her lose patience.  Born on the 9th month of 1st lovers: special character mysterious, low-key, do not have some attractive; love playing with very hot, but also need time alone.  28, No. 1 Monthly lover born: the most gregarious, gentle lover No. 1, but without guarantee in terms of money, the cause of it, but can not concentrate talk about feelings.  No. 2 Lovers: Monthly 2, 11, 20, 29, born on the 2nd of lovers in love is the most easily accessible situation lover, whether actual or imagined, No. 2 lovers of romance, but almost never Intermittent!Basically No. 2 lovers can not stand the loneliness offensive move, never even know how to say no clearly.No. 2 inseparable lovers like to have a relationship with a partner, like an intimate act between each other, is the standard “sweet type” lover, also particularly vulnerable to gentle, considerate objects to attract.Sweet touch and limb, in the No. 2 lovers in love is indispensable!  No. 2 friction and withstand very lover quarrel, all disharmony, the state is not gentle lovers, No. 2, is a great pressure.But the No. 2 soft-hearted lover easily, also called the highest rate digital composite, No. 2 hard to refuse lovers tenderness offensive to others, often can not withstand begging lover, who came back to hurt their own people around him.  Lovelorn sticking point: 2 lovers sweet sweet together, but it is also very sticky sticky!”Sweet burden” best describes the 2nd lovers, lovers of breath and escaped accidentally let!  What kind of lover you are No. 2?  Month 2 2 lovers born: It will not suddenly amazing, but to get along together, but staying strong!Good-natured people could not bear to refuse.  Born on the 11th of each month No. 2 lovers: the appearance of calm and gentle, but inside extremely warm, dynamic nature of this quiet time when pondering the introduction of special.  20, No. 2 Monthly lover born: do not try to steal the spotlight in the crowd, but it is an innate fascination with attention, people will remember that on the 20th of lovers!  29, No. 2 Monthly lover born: know best how to control the “need” and “needed” power relations between lovers in particular will be willing to follow the lover 29!  3 lovers: Monthly 3, 12, 21, 30, born No. 3 belongs to lovers lovers living in the moment, not the actual thing, hard to get them fantasy happen, so take a direct, sensual attraction , like the same good face, flowing hair, easy to attract lovers No. 3, No. 3 lovers make this trait successfully topped the appearance Association membership No.!Exquisite curves, thick chest are particularly.Basically No. 3 lovers do not like a rational attitude towards love, believe love is the most important thing is “feel”; therefore, the 3rd lovers like to point out objects and tricks, immersed in a wonderful atmosphere of love, positive It is the largest meaning of love.Therefore, when emotional problems, or sadness, anger.When other negative emotions, we need to solve the brain, which is what most lovers of the most objectionable part of the No. 3, the most intolerant part.It is interesting to note, No. 3 overall look younger lover with his age, in fact lively attitude is the No. 3 lovers keep youth, vigor one of the main oh!  Lovelorn sticking point: be careful ah, beautiful, exciting things are so easy to catch your eye, your heart will temporarily follow the fly, can not love people suffering from this fear often it!  What kind of lover are you No. 3?  Month 3 3 born lovers: fun, active and strong, loving life, better know how to dance lovers in social, recreational world with him.  Born on the 12th of each month No. 3 lovers: not only know how to control their own principles, but also to meet others at the same time, this type of lovers is obvious personal style individual, people’s eyes difficult to transfer.  Month 21 born No. 3 lovers: open-minded, optimistic attitude towards life, unconsciously on the infection to others, people in unconsciously, have been addicted to this feeling.  No. 3 monthly lover 30 born: to look so lively and agile, but deep connotation very, very pleased with his company, and he likes to emulate him.  4 Lovers: Monthly 4, 13, 22, 31, born on the 4th of lovers, the sense of security is always the first consideration, but, second, third, fourth considering I’m afraid sense of security.  No. 4 lovers concept of love is very traditional, will be very serious attitude to face and for love.Lovers take the initiative to No. 4.Hey, they do not easily fight the battle not sure; however, when people take the initiative to express the goodwill of lovers No. 4, No. 4 lovers tend to jump into the fastest speed trap.  But, No. 4 lovers still very principled, and then how to love, no matter how blind, if the other party can not reach No. 4 Lovers basic requirement – that is, when the other party does not belong to you alone a man, lover will eventually No. 4 from short blind in sober, no results from this relationship.  No. 4 lovers especially need a sense of security, so it is especially needed to understand and master all lovers.No. 4 lovers have always been spotted, understanding, ready.It will pay action; therefore, the object No. 4 lovers often from her friends to start, start from the general relationship between the initiation of love buds.  Lovelorn sticking point: Be careful with your subjective consciousness too, from time to time to be with your opinion as a priority, but will not stand partner!  What kind of lover are you No. 4?  4 month born on the 4th of lovers: the ideal wife and mother, a good husband type, he must rely on the details of life can not go wrong.  4 lovers each month on the 13th birth: Lovers on the 13th of hate alone, but why they really have the ability, that make you willing to run to and fro with his.  Month 22 born on the 4th of lovers: both strong and accurate intuition lovers, for their principles, you still follow it to do so for the better!  Month 31 born on the 4th of lovers: the appearance of the rules, wild heart, drop table greatest lover, the more in-depth understanding of the more challenging!  5 Lovers: Monthly 5, 14, 23, born on the 5th of lovers, love and daily life is not much different, “fresh” is of the highest guiding principle No. 5 lives, so No. 5 from concentrate is not a lover, not only the No. 5 lovers love or a partner in the first place.Under this premise, “short and powerful” love sparks particularly attractive 5th lovers, and those intelligent, with special talents objects also makes you feel a deep challenge.  Compared lovers, No. 5 is more like lovers competent playmate, there are always full of energy waiting to explore the world more interesting things, if too much of a lover to lover 5th constraints and limitations, but let 5 No. lovers want to run away!But relative, No. 5 lovers is also very fair, they can give a great companion space, because, well aware of how precious freedom is, of course, none other than the non-lover friends 5!  Lovelorn sticking point: the 5th lovers of life are particularly casual, flexible, difficult to grasp your partner’s whereabouts and your heart!If there are special needs a sense of security partner, something to test it before two!  What kind of lover you are No. 5?  5 per month was born on the 5th of lovers: a strong curiosity living players, there is such a sweetheart, very ordinary little things of life, will become a fun and entertaining!  No. 5 monthly lovers on the 14th birth: 14 born lovers both altogether and directly, without correction for style, it is easy to get to appreciate the opposite sex and same-sex.  23, was born a month on the 5th lovers: 23 Born lovers, most know how to plan their own lives, lover or partner, just a part of it, not even think about sticking too tightly ah!  6 Lovers: Monthly 6, 15, 6, 24, who was born lover is a standard type of sweet lovers, really know how to convey emotion by things around, can tell a neat situation, then, for the heart feeling, No. 6 lovers never not suppress or waiting, we must fully demonstrated.No. 6 for lovers, love can not pay lip service to put into practical action be considered, therefore, it is easy to find in the crowd on the 6th lover’s lover, the two movements, but rather intimate discourse.  No. 6 lovers not only know how to partner to create a romantic atmosphere, itself can easily be moved by the romantic context, it is easy for the 6th lovers a poem, a lyric or famously have the feeling, and is likely to be a strong eyes conquered.Basically No. 6 lovers and partners need to maintain a close relationship, you can not stand the two separated lovers or act too independent, therefore, the 6th lovers need a thorough understanding of the partner, the best overall grasp his companion.  Lovelorn sticking point: too tired to love their lover, but let Valentine’s breath!What wants for Valentine’s packed, ready, but the other side will feel in love with their Mom and Dad 6 miles you what kind of lover?  6th month of the 6th born lovers: 6 person born know best how sweetly lover!People who want to challenge, may have to do a little mental preparation, their strong love is not so easy parry.  Born 15th of each month No. 6 lovers: Serious man / woman is the most beautiful, 15th-born lover passion for justice for the family and focus on appearance, enough to make people attracted to.  Born on the 24th of each month No. 6 lovers: perfectionist type of lover, even he himself, are perfect too hard to find fault.  7 Lovers: Monthly 7, 16, 25, born mystery lover number, so that they can not be said to have a charm and sexy.No. 7 lovers can be said to be born lover, I think a relationship must have the original appeal of.No. 7 has a very rich imagination of lovers, lovers in love No. 7, the other ingredients fantasy lover is much greater than the mile!Therefore, in romantic relationships, No. 7 show lovers also try to avoid positive or accept love, they like good and, by implication, meandering way forward, because too direct way there is only one meaning – the meaning is literal, so As a result, No. 7 on which lovers imagine a living space will disappear.  No. 7 lover is like a “natural loner”, usually number 7 lovers like himself and his companion, like their own decisions, living arrangements, in a romantic relationship was also considered relatively self.So, No. 7, also known as Lovers “parttimelover”, part-time lover, they can not be on call around the clock, badly in need of personal space.And 7 if you want to go for a long time lover feelings, the other party must be able to give a lot of space and distance.  Lovelorn sticking point: too sensitive 7th lover, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, often choose in a do not care, indifferent attitude towards things, but often cause misunderstanding and hurt companion.  What kind of lover you are No. 7?  7 7 monthly lover born: 7 born lover like a loner, but why seemingly no one can get close to, the more so that their price rise!  Born on the 16th of each month No. 7 lovers: 16 born lover, was born with an elegant and calm temperament, the more he kept a distance, on the people they want to take a closer look!  No. 7 monthly lover 25 born: 25 born lover observation, understanding class, people feel empathy with them.  8 Lovers: Monthly 8, 17, 26, born number 8 are born with powerful energy, in the 8th lover who also has an enough to confuse people like charm, which shares the full energy of temperament to No. 8 lovers of the charm of natural, like a natural love Trader.  Control of the power relations of 8 people is worth pondering game, and between lovers, No. 8 is quite keen on such a wrestling game, especially like to be a strong attraction for each other, we can describe the 8th lovers a little finger to control his lover, and the other party also ordered him to be happy, 8th lovers is to have such a capability, like love high above the king, can not be violated.  In fact, this regal lovers hope lover’s eye, always just himself, but the king’s dignity does not allow 8th lovers concede emotionally, therefore, 8th lovers never deliberately show their love and emotions, but whether they look what a cool, ruthless, in fact, my heart is still very passionate yearning, especially for very persistent desire to love.  Lovelorn sticking point: the 8th lovers usually heavy love, hate too heavy, the other half of the heart must be strong enough to be able to afford the job.  What kind of lover you are No. 8?  Month 8 born on the 8th lovers: 8 born lover magic-like charm, but they want to control it is difficult, it is better to surrender himself some faster.  Born on the 17th of each month No. 8 lovers: 17 born, is the most calm, rational lover, often have to rely on feelings instead of rational, long sustain than anyone else.  Month 26 born on the 8th of lovers: the seemingly gentle enough, but it is very resolute lover, clever means of carrot and stick, meet in the situation on the road, but double the fun stimulating miles!  9 Lovers: Monthly 9, 18, 27, born on the 9th of lovers was “born to pay those” born happy to please others, as long as the other party can receive a get, can feel happy, this is the 9th lovers the greatest return.However, the 9th lovers, while not openly expressed, but at heart, the same love and respect in return, is also very eager.  9 people are naturally optimistic, humorous, but seemingly 9th lovers have an open mind, in fact, in love or are more conservative faction.Basically 9th lovers attaches great importance to the relationship between “official” and sneaky, or “underground lover” this identity, 9th lovers can not stand, this relationship will soon end.In addition, the requirements of No. 9 lovers partner is very high, want them to have professional competence, talent, charm.Basically others certainly, he praised his partner, on the 9th lovers love words like sounds like a.  Lovelorn sticking point: I really do not know the number 9 is to a lover object of worship it?Or a lover?Sometimes excessive care about each other’s conditions, the background, but will let the feelings become reality.  What kind of lover are you No. 9?  No. 9 month 9 born lovers: an open mind on everything are holding strong interest, has his, life feels more exciting, is a good playmate and life partner.  Born on the 18th of each month No. 9 lovers: an endless, intrinsic worth a careful look lover.  27, No. 9 Monthly lover born: extremely sharp rational and emotional, so 27 born lover become a wonderful complex, people can not help but want to figure out their own in the end is not in his head seeds in?

The twelfth lunar month were 49 Aquarius.Aquarius also known as Aquarius, the Gregorian calendar date of birth is 20 February – 2 May 18, belongs to air signs.Aquarius is a pioneer of new ideas, the pursuit of different personal lifestyles, they are always a crowd of people in the most personality, the idea and practice of others and always out of tune, will make people feel very strange bottle difficult to understand.They love knowledge and explore some new knowledge has a strong thirst for knowledge, as long as the things that interest them, they are willing to learn.  Aquarians are very smart, maverick personality, like liberty, the pursuit of freedom, like innovation, the pursuit of the spiritual world unity.They like to make friends, friends are very important for them, as long as Aquarius really put you as his friend, perfectly willing to go through anything for you.Aquarians are very personal, independent, and their biggest feature is the innovation, the pursuit of a unique way of life, friendly and pay attention to privacy, like to make friends but difficult to ingratiate themselves with them, they need to really ingratiate themselves with very a long time.  Aquarius always have in mind the idea of strange, fanciful head, and they love innovation, like to explore new things, the pursuit of a different way of life, do not like being in a rut, in the pursuit of their own unique way of life, they have endless creativity.Aquarius women love freedom, do not like to be tied, its own way, I do not care about the opinions of others, maverick, do something you enjoy, do not care about other people’s views and feelings, say things at his own interest.Aquarius man is very difficult to understand the constellation of men, their way of thinking and behavior of doing things, and all normal people not in the same dimension, difficult to understand what they really think in the end is the heart. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

There are people looking for love will have the urge to want to go on and ideas for a future can be expected is a blessing and the illusion of love, such expectations are valuable, not blind waiting.So between you and the TA future can do?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it!  1, you have great expectations for the future it?  A little bit looking forward to a great → 2 → 4 was not expecting → 3 2, you would imagine that he and the other half of it coming?  → 4 fantasy fantasy will not see mood → 3 → 6 3, you expect the future will force you into it forward?  → 4 will not be hard to say → → 7 of the next 54, and the partner can be expected when you are in any mood?  → 6 → 7 meet the happy excitement → 8 5, you want your future faster point is to slow it?  Slow down a little faster → 7 → 8 can not say → 6 6, you are now trying to do in your future?  Yes → 9 No → 7 is not entirely → 10 7, no future love, you will continue to adhere to it?  Continue to adhere to decisively abandon → 10 → 8 look at the situation → 9 8, no future love, do you think the significance of the stick?  There are fantasy expect miracles → → 9?Did not adhere to the sense → 10 9, your future is your own call the shots it?  Must be → A → B should not be → 10 10, you think your future will do better?  Will →?Will not is hard to say → d → B test answer: A, between you and the TA future can be optimistic about the future and all of your TA, and you also really looking forward to this future can come a little faster, the future can make you between love become more beautiful.You are trying to do now and for the future of your TA, you believe you have a particularly bright future, and this is your special are confident that you will cherish the feelings of a man.  B, between you and the future uncertain future between you and the TA TA is not optimistic, you want to cherish currently have immediate well-being, as for the future, do you think is the best step by step, and a big reason you are currently not you see the future and the TA.The future does not look forward to when your heart is afraid, when you face the feelings of a coward, and afraid to fight for themselves.  C, between you and the TA in the future want to have a lot of difficulties and obstacles in the future is not so simple between you and the TA, your future there are many difficulties, difficulties and obstacles will block your future.Unless strong enough between you, otherwise this love was soon faced with collapse.In fact, you do not dare to think about your future and TA, your heart know better than anyone, want to have a future and TA will be how tough things.  d, not between you and your future TA and TA and no future, your time together did not go far direction up to consider, you feel emotional need to try, because love does not want to have to grow old impulses.TA and you have no future but when you feel more relaxed, you feel this kind of love will not bring too much responsibility and pressure on yourself.

1 covers When I first arrived I rented a house, and I had a conversation.I took him to see the kitchen.Big kitchen, I said: very clean, and I just cleaned, everything cockroaches!Oh, no cockroaches.I quickly put on the ground that small piece of wipe off stains.Uh, it may be left out yesterday I embarrassed to say.Smiled covers.Fortunately,.He says.Look at the bedroom, the bedroom getting bigger.I said, very clean, and I asked housekeeping.You do not always see the ceiling, there is a bubble before it rains, the top Well, a little water seepage.Later resurfacing through the roof, rest assured, you will not fall down saying plaster, a plaster falling, popping grumble soon fell into our feet, crushing.Uh, it may be two days before the rain I said awkwardly.Fortunately, laughed covers.He says.Finished finished, it is not rented shack out.Walked back to the living room, I’m embarrassed to talk.Covers himself looked around the room.Before you say, you keep the cats?He suddenly asked.Ah, right.I said nervously, not knowing where to go dodging roll Do not worry, these cats are loved, no trouble talking, the cat jumped out from behind the curtains, he hit a slap on the leg covers!Then dashed to disappear.I am silly in place.You kind of do not eat at night!It this is uh cordial.I tried to explain.Covers smiled, shook his head.Fortunately,.He says.I found out he would say okay.2 covers or later moved in, he said from his company near here.His few words this man, reclusive, I am in order to catch a manuscript, and day and night reversed.Shared a month, he and I had said a total of two sentences: covers ah, wash the clothes, the clothes close friends.Covers, ah, what to pay utility bills.So this month, I only know that he is a man, a year older than me (written on the ID card), working at an Internet company, and the rest do not know all.Also, people seem afraid of this hot, hot summer, I want to streaking, he also wore a long-sleeved shirt.One night, I was to weigh new buy instant noodles is not lighter than ever, covers a sudden knock on my door.Can I borrow a phone to use it?It covers that my phone is broken.It can send a text message.Covers added.I handed him the phone.He sat while typing.Who made the?I casually asked.colleague.He said, just dinner, did not ask her home.girl?I asked.how do you know?Covers asked.Your ears red.I say.Covers not speak, keep our noses hair SMS.So for a while, come back SMS.Covers and back to a.Repeatedly ten minutes, he only gave me the phone, but also careful to record all deleted text messages.girlfriend?I deliberately asked him.only friends.Covers dropped so many words, out of the room.Ha ha.3 With that exchange, I was completely at home, sit still, have the opportunity to beat about the bush, would like to set out a little, then covers his mouth.Assumed a posture answer any covers.In order to hide this guy I actually came home and pretend to sleep, in order not to leave her room, he gave himself to buy a water dispenser.Later, once I came to the big wide.Weekend, covers at home, big and covers a wide cried shouted to us to go out drinking together.I know how he wants.Because I was thinking.- covers your wallet dangerous friends, ha ha ha!Covers a moment’s hesitation, I agreed.He also called on a man, a girl.According to him, a girl his own at home, bored, and by taking her.Pooh.And you send text messages that?I asked him.Covers nod.Look good?Look good?Big wide very excited, singles right?Fortunately,.Covers only answered the first question.Fuck you okay.The girl was pretty, kind of no significant mountain dew beautiful, it is not look too happy.I’ve seen this face.That all men are called out on my own two appointments, but found a large group of people drinking wine girl, his face is the same expression.Big wide saw it.To defuse the situation, he told a joke.I have a friend, two days before the car broke down.You know how bad law children do?Big W, said his car every time closes a door, a window will automatically open, ha ha ha ha ha.Girls face expressionless.I wrapped the covers and wrapped in clothes.It is not very funny ah, ha ha ha ha.Big wide overjoyed.Fortunately,.Said covers.Girl ignored me and big wide, and covers non-stop talking.Covers, you look this good or bad clothes?Girl open a page of online shopping using a mobile phone, it is not black and I do not take?It covers a passing glance.Fortunately,.He says.By the way, you is not seen recently out of that film?how?It is recommended?The girl asked.Fortunately,.Said covers.Your last trip to the department where it is?Really fun?The girl then asked.Fortunately,.Covers added.For less talk, he tried to drink.I’m all right and big wide dry, deliberately gave him some spirits, no ice, covers take over, without looking, one drink.Later, he was drunk mess.I took a taxi to take him home.Oh, also took out the wallet from his pocket, he intends to pay four people drinks and found the girl already paid.Hey, how good a girl.Before leaving, the girl has stopped me.You filled this.She gave me a small paper bag, hangover, go back and let him drink it.You are not like him?I could not help but ask.Girl looked at me, surprised: how do you know?A donkey saw it okay?!The girl did not speak, gently extended a hand to pull on the covers of hand.Five seconds.Then she hit the car, leave.I suddenly felt very guilty, as if to say and what not to say.Big wide sitting on the ground, still talking closes a door, a window automatically opens.It’s enough.4 The next weekend, I sat in the living room, and eating takeaway covers.Pretty girl.I say.Fortunately,.I perfunctory covers.It is also good.I say.Fortunately,.Covers continue perfunctory.She said she likes you.I went on to say.It covers the rice was a bit choked.Such a good opportunity, do not miss.I advised him.Covers not say anything.After a long while before he said: I can not love her.why?I was surprised at this baffling answer, you are Buddhist disciples?Puritan?You just returned from Thailand back?Or – do you like men?!I subconsciously grabbed a jacket.Covers shook his head, thought, then shook his head.Not like her.He repeated, got up and put the box into the trash takeaway.Neuropathy.He seems to have girls said the same thing.I do not know how girls think.Sometimes at night the girl sent him a micro letter, also sent to sleep, covers just look, not to return.Girls can not find him, find me.I’d love to chat with her, anyway, they do not talk about money.Unfortunately, the girls were in fact covers things.You say, why can not he like me ah?The girl asked.how could I know?He feels hurt.I lied to her ex-girlfriend dumped him six months has not recovered yet.I can wait.The girl said.Such as a hair.I said, is a good man and more.Maybe you have around a good man, but also single, you do not think?What a good man?The girl asked.For example, just say, he is a text worker, writing make money, of course, I still have not sold, but in the future to sell, maybe it is money.I continued, and that people are very loyal, and I would like to call back the words carefully and found the girl pulled me black.5 Later, the girl gave me a phone call.Three in the morning.I pick up, inside it is a clear voice drunk.Hey!In the absence covers?In the absence?Girl on the phone call, let him on the phone!Sister, now three points ah!Normal people are asleep.I say.Why do not you sleep?!Girl shouting.I do not sleep?!I could not sleep bother anyone!You definitely want the girl, sleep, ha ha ha ha.Girl insatiable.roll!I hung up the phone!I roar.Call phone covers!The girl said, I want to ask him what I want to ask him in the end I like it or not!Why do not you just ask him?I ask.Girl voice suddenly low.I can not I.she says.If he did not like how I do?If we do not become even friends how to do?The girl kept saying, you know it?You must know right?I did not speak.In fact, I have not drunk.The girl said.Wine is not to say it can embolden?The girl went on to say, if I was drunk, there is not the courage to face this problem?But I drank a lot of wine, or dare I still can not ah the phone suddenly no sound.I slowly clenched the phone, maintain a posture for a long time.Until the other party hang up the phone.After six long time that I did not hear about her covers.She did not find me.I still occasionally encourage wide and large covers to drink.Sometimes the girls will go.She drinker three are better than us, often only drink the last of her still awake.She helped us pay the score, before each disband would give me a bag of medicine sober, I will let account covers drinking.I’m sorry but some, and covers said: It is not something to buy something to thank her, after all, wine is not cheap.Covers say: every time I put the money back to her.Not so good?I say.She did not want to owe.Covers said she is not easy to make money.You can compensate it meat.I said excitedly.He covers his head: I can not love her.Really can not.Then came a long period of time.A month, three times we drank wine.The girl did not come, do not know why, I do not ask, do not say covers.Still later, I came home one day, sitting in the living room covers actually saw before them a dozen beer.Drink bar.Covers said, his face very serious.I walked over and sat down, opened a bottle of beer.She married.Manhole cover suddenly said.I was surprised.From the statement covers off of, I probably figured out how it was.To marry the girl home, and felt she was a person in Beijing, not what mix it rushed to her arranged marriage.For this reason there is no noisy girl I do not know, just know that she resigned last month, back home, got married yesterday, married a local civil servants.Things for her resignation, and did not even say manhole covers.Covers only see an empty table.Two days later, that table sat a couple.Covers give her a call, do not answer; micro letter to her, not to return.Two people instantly role reversal.Until the evening of that day, the girl sent to covers a long list of voice.You heard?I asked, vaguely excited, alas, so the idea of the story, too fond of.Covers nodded, then played from the beginning.Girl’s voice sounded calm.Covers, I married it yesterday just after finishing the wedding.I’m sorry, I do not tell you resign.I do not know what to say.I had a great time in Beijing, said do not be sad to see you later want to be difficult, but I pulled it off your hands, though you do not know, hey.That five seconds for me very happy.You do not speak.I always do not speak.You say, I am glad that you?From twenty-four to twenty-six, I like you two do.Two years of my age, maybe it is a long time.The next one has been brought to the tearful voice.But I think always, always love you, ah, always, always, from young to old, very like the kind of love I really want you to wait, maybe some time maybe you’ll love me, but – I’ll wait not played for a long time of silence.Then the girl said the last sentence: Thank you.Thank you, I love you so many years.Thank you, let me always be with you.It covers these words from scratch player.Again, and then again.In fact, you like her, right?I asked him.Covers not speak.He silently rolled up his sleeves to show me his arm.I know, why he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt every day.He has a tattoo on his arm, thinking the text with a word.This is my ex-girlfriend’s name.Said covers.Actually got it.It turned out he really ex-girlfriend.Why did you split up?I ask.Covers shook his head.many reasons.He said, I thought many times, it is necessary to wash the tattoo, but each time at the last moment, not resolved.I will never forget her.Covers that sometimes I dream about her, her dream came back, and I together.If I can not forget her, and how to love others?It covers calm tone, so that it is not responsible for another person?When it comes to the last word, he had some not continue.However, you still love her, right?I asked.Covers know who I’m talking about.Covers and silent.It can not be the first few times, he continued to click on the micro-letter page, repeat the girl said that a few words.I heard more than a few minutes with him.I heard the more feel strange atmosphere, just like wake.Why should I follow affected by this crime?Not listening not listening!Roll to go to sleep.The next morning, found sleeping on the living room sofa covers, a dozen empty bottles at his feet.Where the cat was chasing a room full gallop.Covers grumbling talking in your sleep.I’m going to shake him, thought, hold back.This time, you have a dream who?7 Two months later, covers resigned and left Beijing.I want to change jobs.He says.In this work, always thinking about her.He added.I did not say anything, helped him pack up, oh, by the way let him settle the utility bills.Covers go by train.I sent him a taxi.Drive out some, I suddenly think of it, he took out his cell phone, send text messages to the covers: covers, next time you come across like, like you, to be with her, right.Soon covers Re: Why do you say?I slowly Qiaowan next sentence – because people love each other, we should be together.

When in love fear is a long distance relationship, think of each other, they are not able to go to the other side.All miss only able to communicate by phone, many people will therefore not get on.So you have to endure a long distance relationship is how long it takes to live with it?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it!  Which of the following is your favorite weather there?  A, sunny B, rainy C, snow days d, typhoon-day test answer: A, half a year you are a work resolutely person, you do not sit and wait for a problem to solve their own good, but very active thinking about how to make things go faster you want to become that kind of.So you will supervise all day with their lovers, so they have to speed up the progress of changing the status quo, so almost half a year, you will be able together.  B, a year more than you think, you know two people who want together is actually very simple, as long as there is one person to make sacrifices on it, you are willing to make this sacrifice people.But then, how to sacrifice themselves later in life they will be affected, so you will ensure both the quality of life in the premise, as far as possible a little faster, almost a year.  C, two years in the eyes of everyone you are a workaholic, so you are not likely to give up their current jobs go to the other side of the city.You only continue to do ideological work with each other, trying to convince them to come to you.So you spend more time, takes nearly a full two years, you can say goodbye to long distance relationship two people, eventually living together.  d, in 2045 you were a character very lazy person, so all kinds of sad you from the very beginning, you should slowly back to the habit of this kind of life.Do you think you every day by phone is also quite good, after all, and he is quite free, no one will come to interfere with yourself, so you almost need four to five years before they can together.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Trees often with the wind, proud to show off graceful dance from that, it kept the show off every day, but do not know his body long insects, leaves gradually yellow, trees still never tired of praising himself, others looking at it with the eyes of ridicule, but it does not words.Woodpecker saw it, it kind of quietly alighted on a tree, silently for it to catch insects.Trees found woodpeckers, ferocious say, woodpeckers, pretend to be installed, dare to tread in front of me on the nose, face, expert, not someone else will give you a look at the disease, there is no big deal, more than anyone else strong ah.Woodpecker like not to hear, still silently to bite the bullet for the trees to catch insects.One day, the wind was so big, so the trees would help wind power, it will be to catch the worm woodpecker, woodpeckers with branches fiercely knocked to the ground, without any preparedness Woodpecker broke his wings Qin also the blood, it can not fly, hop hop slowly walking home.Since then, woodpeckers never gone to a tree, because its wings hurt very badly.As the days passed, the trees are still very moist day and enjoyed themselves, especially in the windy day, it intensified Raining Cats.When Woodpecker injury fully recovered, woodpeckers flew first to see the tree, but the tree has died, broke down the middle.To recommend the latest information sauna

Usually at the time of the first meeting, most people will be more cautious and even feel very cold, but some people also face simmering even if no matter how high the cold does not come, is simply a high cold insulator, particularly familiar with the way you look just like you chat up, but also with dancing, simply ADHD, but they also get along particularly well, so come and see what they sign it!  Gemini people, especially Zilai Shu and in particular chatter, the key focus will be Geminis very sultry, very actively Laoke came over with you, and holds the large Gemini resources gossip you put up with words, that topic is lots to talk about at all, if you’re not too tired, they can talk to you all day Xialiao.And amazing thing is, you can talk to the last illusion that you know several years seems to have become old friends.  Aries Aries frank and lively, they see unfamiliar people would not look like muffled, Aries people like children, to live a simple and happy, their childish simply no way to make people feel they are very high cold.Even if they drum face also did not install ferocious look, to see unfamiliar people will be very natural to get along as a companion, vigilance can not see the slightest, so keep Aries people familiar it is very easy.  Sagittarius Sagittarius is a super Zilai Shu, because they liked the lively atmosphere, so the atmosphere is a bit depressing when Sagittarians incite a lively atmosphere, but also to treat people who are not familiar with very warm, even if no matter how high you cold, they can warmly greet you over.And do not take you as an outsider, to talk to you like an old friend with sentiment also have to pat you on the shoulder.And Sagittarius people are very humorous, funny, funny very good at it?Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Since small camel learned that his feet, eyelashes, and there are so many lump of meat usefulness in the desert, you can be happy.Leaped at home for three days and three nights, a little like a camel coup, he was proud to take make that very little red horse eat into trouble, let it be humble little.The next day, the clear, bright and small camel, see bottom small mirror stream.Small camel left to see, so beautiful; the right to see, beating the United States.It wagged its tail, body shook, leaned casually drank the water tastes.The little red horse looking out into the distance beautiful scenery and listen to the trees singing birds that move, suddenly see the shadowy little red horse in a small stream on a small mirror camel, he gallop past, said to himself: If it is the last in a small stream according to ‘mirror’ the little camel, I was going to teach him a lesson, so that he no longer imposing a.That thing is really small camel, with his mouth sarcastically shouted: Hey, you look in the mirror again!?Haha.Do you know that my body is a treasure oh: “ hump lashes —— feet something, you have it?We take a trip to the desert?Ok!On the third day arrived, the small little red horse and camel into the vast desert.At first, little red horse has raced, but after a while child, little red horse dragging a tired body, plodding pace, to move forward step by step.Finally, a small red horse tired panting, breathing, breathing room, a sudden burst of wind and sand blowing over overwhelming, small camel bent down, close your eyes and nose, small red horse is also learned to look.While sand in the past, a small camel’s eyes and nostrils went into a little sand, and small red horse do?He was in pain Wawataijiao.And he went for a moment, a small red horse hungry growling.Small hump camel was eating food, drinking hump in the water, little red horse nothing.They later walked out of the immensity of the desert.Small red horse tired a few days did not come out to play again, but do little camel?And laughing for a few days, because he won a proud little red horse.To recommend the latest information sauna