Shop dispensers, to that of your son, bowing, while two people talking while walking downstairs.
  Wen nine looks to see that your son, could not help raised his eyebrows, toward the stairway..
  See the side of the small boy with the treasurer of the guests upstairs down, while the temperature was nine act recklessly blocking the path of the guests, not just mad, he reached out and wanted to pull warm September, and ejected her from the store.
  This man did not realize that, nine speed warm pretty fast, so he did not catch, she has in front of where one of the guests.
  ”Zhou Gongzi, hello, do you remember me?”Wen nine that went in front of your son, greeted him.
  This your son, i天津夜网s none other than the last time in the market, spent ninety nine ounces of silver to buy a warm color bird Zhou Xiangting.
  Zhou Xiangting impression of the nine temperature is also very deep, warm from the last time he bought nine birds there, back to the capital, gave Guo Jiuye, sure enough, Guo Jiuye extremely happy, to Zhou Xiangting business, the line many convenience.
  For ninety two silver, flowers really value when!
  Next month, it is the Queen Mother’s birthday, and Zhou Xiangting it again to the county, but also can not look good baby Looking back, when the Queen Mother birthday gift.
  I did not expect, even here to see the temperature nine: “Little girl, you ah!long time no see.”
  This is the treasurer of the fur shop with that warm look down nine small boy, I did not expect warm nine surprising guests they know this sto深圳桑拿网re, stared, I feel incredible.
  ”Zhou Gongzi to the store, buy a fur?Ever buy the good stuff?”
  ”Hey, The苏州桑拿网re’s no

  Chen diving now they will have nothing to worry about, as long as the child go and seize Mu Zhen dry confrontation, everything will come to light.
  However, Mu child was far Ye Xue Fu and Chen diving imagine a more cunning.
  When Chen dry all hospital intensive care unit were searched did not find the man, the first time they called the Mu son called and asked how she was going children!
  Mu child was realized that something was wrong child, her side to appease Chen dry, he said Chen may be dead or diving turn the ward, and while he started to pack up and prepare to flee.
  She was sure that they have exposed.
  Chen and Ye Xue Fu diving to snare Although she designed this perfect, but still see through the sub-Mu.
  Mu son realized that as long as Chen dry traveled all the hospitals, it must have identity was exposed, she certainly will not be a waste of time.
  Although the three-year latency was exposed, but she also got some of the past three years the number of research confidentiality, although the superficial epidermis, but enough to let the organization know that the current level of research on bio-genetic sub-group of the day.
  Although Mu sub-task is not completed satisfactorily, but did not let the organization down, she can be considered active and return the.

124 Chapter clues interrupt [9] burst more

  Charcot Chen diving around will know all the truth, he volunteered to go to Mu child home Helenians.
  Since yesterday evening

  768 warm boiled frog

  Wen nine Yamen day to find a warm Aoyama third day, she let Wen Qingshan moved into the house that the money spent on rent.
  Wen Wen Qingshan said nine lie, this house is to buy land Liang.
  Wen Qingshan greedy, even to ask Wen nine deed and deed.
  The house is rented, of course, is not warm nine deed and the title deed.
  However, even if 广州桑拿网the house is warm bought nine, nine temperature is unlikely to meet the greed Wen Qingshan.
  After admitted to the big house, Wen Qingshan and began to make more extravagant claims.
  But it was warm with nine Lu Liang bought him a concubine.
  A Dangdie, so that my daughter-in-law to buy their own concubines, to satisfy their desire XG, this kind of thing most people simply can not do it, even if the thought would not have the nerve to propose opening.
  Wen Qingshan had seen thick skinned to a certain extent.
  Such a request, Wen nine of course impossible to meet him.
  Wen nine also know that even if she ignores this requirement Aoyama temperature, Wen Qingshan night will not be for a person to sleep, certainly can not be lonely in the hands of Wen Qingshan is not no money now.
  Sure enough, the next few days, even from the ki深圳桑拿网ln yard Wen Qingshan, to be WHORES whither mansion, accompanied him overnight.
  This situation is expected to warm nine杭州桑拿, of course he would not, and now she became the Wen Qingshan, to like him have his own temper.
  Wen nine programs like warm boiled frog, so Wen Qingshan into the trap he had set in unknowingly.
  Now, she is still a little fire to simmer, to meet the basic greed Wen Qingshan, so Wen Qingshan believe

  Who cares what the car does not drive ah.All rushed off to talk and fairies.
  Lu seventy-one direct apology, and then negotiate with them to see how they do.
  Three car owners want to leave Insurance.Finally, Lu seventy-one each vehicle directly to a sum of money, the money of the writings on the line.
  Lu seventy-one not signed, but off the ocean can ah.Owners who want to turn off the ocean’s signature, took the money, reluctantly drove away.
  Fairies like mood is not good, no wonder car get distracted.
  Will re-sit the car, there is no land seventy-one driving mood, Guan Yang did not, so the two men sat quietly, do not want to talk.
  Guan Yang mind still a bit chaotic, but a lot of things, he felt he straightened.However, Wen Xiaoya not determine the baby’s biological mother about it, I realized that this painful truth and to determine the relative, was more difficult to accept.
  Baby feelings and Lu Lu family home, is really too deep.She even willing to do cattle and horses in the land home, did not want to leave the land home, did not want to leave their parents, I want to cover parents upbringing of her home and land.Now, however, the facts placed in the front, they have been ignored dust dispersed, revealing a past history of true colors.
  The baby is not the former, but the latter.
  Lu seventy-one is now cluttered abnormal head.
  She is the child should be drained of blood, her father is

  He took a deep breath, calm down, open the mailbox.
  Pandora’s Box, has finally been opened.
  A fish made a video to San Wenshan.
  After Sang Yu debut, has enough money on hand and contacts, then that she dug out nanny Wei Chunmei.
  After leaving the mulberry family, Zhuo Li Wei Chunmei took her money to start a small business, a house and a car and her husband have a son, easy life is booming, among the middle class, happy.
  Sang Yu Wei Chunmei is to be found in fear, and in the psychological tactics Sang Yu, Wei Chunmei indirectly admit that the year.This scene was well prepared to record a video of Sangyu.
  Sang Yu Wei Chunmei threat, so she went to Zhuo Li, otherwise the video will be made public, to use their influence so that Wei Chunmei ruin your family no peace.
  Wei Chunme杭州桑拿i agreed, to this point, she had promised, or video outflow to the popularity of Sang Yu, a little stir up trouble, she 苏州桑拿would ruin.At the same time, there it was just an accomplice, the mastermind of what can stay out of grievances.
  Wei Chunmei about the Zhuoli out according to the instructions of Sang Yu, let Zhuoli admit that the year.All this is a full account recorded down.
  Sang Yu do this is to prepare Zhuoli hold that against her, she is a public figure, such a scandal enough to ruin her, she has not hesitated to guess at the worst point of view Zhuoli.
  But also to the breath, Sang Yu originally wanted the video thrown in the face of San Vincent, let him look at his own virtue pillow.
  Can be very clever, on that critical juncture, Sang Wenshan move a big surgery.At a small window on the ward, saw Sang Yu Zhuo Li Wenshan carefully fed mulberry medicine, the tw

  ”but.”Diya Song Zhe, the voice,” you are here.”
  Yang Wei body slightly shocked, listening to the Song Zhe, with a slight tearful voice: “You’re here, you let me go back where ah?”
  ”The family have called home talent ah Yang Wei,” Song Zhe looked up, propped himself laughing, telling myself not to be too embarrassed, he was hoping that, as usual, do not care, do not care, but he knows he can not do.
  All in all, it seems that the phrase “I used to love you” before, not worth a mention.
  He looked at her dry voice: “Yang Wei, you are not at home, where empty, you let me go back and do what?”
  Yang Wei silent.
  For a moment, she almost total surrender in front of him, defeated.But when she spoke, she would mind flashed those three years.
  She was in the empty room, then spent a long time.
  ”I get used to it.”She whispered opening.
  Like her, took so long, not used to it yet?
  ”Song Zhe, in fact, you’ll come out.”
  As she.
  ”You will encounter a favorite person, you will find that, in fact, apart from me, there are a lot of good in this world

  ”Thank you.”
  ”No trouble, I would have wanted to see the early Ming 深圳桑拿brother.Early Ming brother communications for many years, until just got it today.”
  Heng Yu curved lip chuckle, walking and 南宁夜网talking with Fangyu Hao.This is two years of the faithful, but also the same as the revolutionary comrades, these are smooth and slick people, do not have to worry about being cold field conditions.
  Then, please Fangyu Hao Heng Yu sent a car to light a fee Han people back to the hotel, he and Zhang Ge, Xiao Fangyu Hao Sheng, who along with three others went to participate in the welcoming dinner.
  Welcoming dinner has not yet begun, but already gather a lot of people, these are the same people promoting trade union executives, the mainstay of the revolution, Heng-yu, who had a good talk with them until dinner fast start Sunzai An hastily rushed over to participate this welcoming dinner.
  Heng Yu had just returned, and he just Sunzai An ordinary words Xu Xu, Yu Heng rested the next morning, Sun Zaian sent over this and ask淡水桑拿网ed him to discuss issues related to preparations for a large and established his government.
  December 30, held a big success.Heng-yu as important overseas representatives attended the meeting, Zhang Ge, Xiao Sheng also have a place.
  A large continued to convene three days, three days, hundreds of Chinese well-known politicians, celebrities together.
  At 22:00 on January 1 1905, it was over, formally announced the establishment of the Republic, followed by newspapers, radio, radio, the news quickly spread throughout the country.
  Then celebrating.
  Busy this matter, see Heng Yu Ping Cheng Lin back to the mother, to accompan

  Taking advantage of these women dressed effort, Fang Yin quietly came from the backyard Fuchu, watching the backyard that more than one hundred people lined up neatly in practice, square face a slightly changed from Yin.
  ”How do you still here practicing, I’m not telling you where it disbanded change?”
  This number hundred people, but Fang Yin from private soldiers.
  The so-called private soldiers, that is, those soldiers there is no official record belongs only to a person from the party Yin army.
  Such forces would have been considered more common in the official, who did not do Private soldier?
  Only in Jingyu government, private soldiers is absolutely not allowed, Mayinglong most taboo is to have private soldiers.
  Also said before, Ma Ying-long repair lower house owners in many of them, so he is very insecure, men were in possession of private soldiers, it was his very taboo thing.
  Fang Yin from this a hundred private soldiers nor to rebel, just to deal with Kung put.
  So Kung put a downfall, he immediately let these people be dissolved in situ.
  A soldier suffered a straight face, he said: “Your honor, you say disbanded disbanded, we have to give a

  Read and write is painful, but if only for a moment every day of work, is not so bitter.In particular, ever since Ning’s not toss him, he told Wang Xiangqin houses, barns became the other end of the first manure 苏州夜网pick diligent work, happy time of day than suffer more time.Lang feeling, life is really good, life is still something to look forward.
  Who knows.
  This is his mother really should be the old saying goes, did not last long.
  Really is not long, Lang felt that he had a good day was not long nightmare come again.
  He wanted to rescue it, stumbling to distinguish Zhu mother said: “I have to pick, pick manure!Sisao other end, short-handed!”
  Not to leave the main room of Wang Xiangqin busy statement: “all right, Rokuro busy you go, now very few places in the job, your job to become your Mahone.”
  Shiro aside immediately nodded: “Is not it pick manure?To me, and do more two hour, what job are done.”
  There is no love, heart if the ashes, want to live.
  For Lang, the worst thing is not the favorite of the family to be 北京夜生活网robbed, nor is it about to face a big magic Wang Ningshi, but.Days sin still may forgive, human actions can not.
  Do not forget, just two days before he voted in favor, raise your hands in favor of pig to test even think we should let the stove go along with.
  Then how happy he is, at the moment there is more despair.
  Unfortunately, no matter no matter how desperate he must face Sao Ningshi.
  Ning’s other end, pen and ink, paper and ink are readily available, as that part

  Ten minutes later they finally crossed, diving Chen is the first thing children took their clothes in wood Hatta hands quickly put on, we just have it when in the hot springs pool wearing swimming trunks, when everyone change well, only his clothes when he was still bare obviously quite unnatural.
  Chen replaced diving swimming trunks when staring at Chen Feng Fei Qiuhuang diving back to see it, intently.
  Zhao Happy really can not see passed, coughed remind Feng Fei Qiu Huang: “See what see, never seen a man ah?”
  ”Men are not too rare.”Feng Fei Qiu Huang disdain:” You think I have to see how rare it?But he just’ve seen my clothes, and I certainly see how he was getting dressed, or I would not be a disadvantage?”
  ”You have not seen this theory.”Zhao Happy speechless.
  Chai Hatta at the moment vigilance is very strong, since they rid the country of the moment those officers began checking documents, prepare his heart was all used in the other’s body: “Miss Phoenix is probably looking for opportunities shot it?”
  Fengfei Qiuhuang face slightly changed.
  Indeed, eight diesel