Conscious breathing air, three alpha at each other, and gradually recovered.
  ”Jutta trumpet teacher is the spirit of power level?!”
  ”FML, why the school did not have a marked Omega!”
  ”just now.How to do?”
  The swimming pool of a few test staff at this time came out quickly, will close the door, then embattled.
  But diffuse out of the air from the swimming pool becomes sweetly, the temptation to come to Alpha.
  But the moment, the smell of pheromones over Omega Alpha has quickly gathered in front of the swimming pool, some bad self-control alpha has begun crazy, crazy hitting the door.
  Schools test students more, they will not be affected by the pheromone, who heard at this time to join the ranks of Alpha resist, but they are fighting hurricane awareness of α, β, and they will eventually have gaps in strength, many beta has been injured, the door is also crumbling.
  The swimming pool, Fraise effort to get a little big, fumble chaos rub in South Fei Yu who, even breathing becomes extremely sexy, with a sweet flavor, quickly put South Fei Yu of drowning, just deep which trap!
  Slightly larger than a year of testing staff some apprehension eyes looked red south Fei Yu, “Jutta, I have to report to the above, the fastest inhibitors gets here, I give you the Omega, you first go out..”
  Although Jutta is a teacher, self-control better than students who, after all, but she is α, the face of such a delicious Omega, all anyone will come to naught it?
  He is also afraid that will hurt the Omega Jutta.
  Nan Fei Yu also want to get out ah, but Fraise do not know where the strength, firmly push lightly on her body, but also a variety of ignition!
  She gritted his teeth, holding together Fraise jump into the pool!
  Cold water, Fraise choke a few saliva, South Fei Yu see he could not swim, quickly pulling him to float on the water.
  Fraise like catching at straws general, tightly holding her waist, chin and knock on her shoulder, look under heavy hot breath on her profile, t都市夜网hat terrible lime aroma Cecil strands wrapped around she was.
  Nan Fei Yu slams him in the press on the wall, shortness of breath, scarlet eyes gazed at him, as if the next second he must be eaten!

  Small fingers clenched his spoon, Yanjing Yang blushing, no hum.
  At this time, the door bell rang suddenly.
  ”So early?It is who ah?”Don Crisp secretly sigh of relief, she put down the spoon,” I went to open the door.”Then, she walked out of the.
  The door to Jiang Bo words, he came very early today outside the door Tang crisp, just worry about Don Crisp not get up, they have been waiting, counting the time, think it is almost the only press the doorbell.
  ”Jiang seniors?”Don Crisp bit stunned.
  ”Early ah, I think your feet have not healed so fast, just after breakfast to buy, we intend to ta南宁桑拿ke the opportunity to take you back to school.”Jiang Bo Yan shy smile,” I will not bother you?”
  ”Early, how would you determined, thank you Jiang seniors.”Don Crisp did not expect the other party to the last little things like that, would be so sorry.
  Since the other party come, too embarrassed to let her leave him directly, “Then you wait a bit, I went to take textbooks.”
  Don Crisp Fan Shen walked back to the house.
  Well yesterday Yanjing Yang wipe her a drug effect today walking, her feet had not so painful.
  Returned to the house, Don Crisp looked at a table over there, Yanjing Yang is head down, slow eating porridge, a little back seems a bit lonely.
  ”Jiang seniors through, he take the opportunity to take me back to school.”Don Crisp took the side of the sofa bags and textbooks,” You eat breakfast dishes keep on南宁桑拿 the line, I come back to pack.”
  Yanjing Yang looked up, yo black round eyes looked at her.
  ”Well, I go to class, seniors, etc. so that the river is not good, you eat slowly.”Then, Don Crisp then holding the bag, walk out.
  Suddenly remembered what her footsteps meal, the body returns.
  She went over to the table over there, one hand南宁桑拿 holding a textbook, the other holding the little guy on the face of.In Yanjing Yang surprised eyes, she quickly into his little mouth and gently touched three times,

  For fear of hurting Lin Han, ginger and so did not dare struggled hard, but now this situation, is not there something wrong.
  Just went to the tangled point, he does not want this to happen in the case of Lin Han drunk, but they can not refuse her.
  Lin Han regret it up in case?
  Ginger and looked at the body, Lin Han licked his lips and said, “There is nothing like?”
  Ginger and some of voice hoarse, “I’m afraid you regret.”
  Although men and women seem to make people feel a little location where the wrong, but now the ginger and have already stopped this, but in his and his will to fight.
  Lin Han some serious sat up, I do not know what is thought, then said seriously, “Nothing, I’m not afraid of you secretly transferred out of my money.”
  Ginger and: “.I’m not talking about this!”
  Will girlfriend how brain circuits to the Qing Qi breaking her back, but the next second ginger and no time to think this is a.
  He was again overwhelmed Han Lin, and how they have to struggle in order to ginger and said, “for a hair to dirty the bed.”
  Lin Han is really a routine and more people each time he totally st深圳桑拿网oked.
  The Han Lin no longer continue to talk, but again kissed him, she said, “It took me five hundred million from your mother put you there to buy.”
  As for the money there to get her on the matter.
  Other savory lips and teeth to make ginger and head of the string suddenly cut off, he reached out and hugged each other, some wet hair so submerged in the pillow.
  Outside of the waves lapping the beach, the sun is no longer dazzling, crabs on the beach in quietlyHe punched a hole in the sand and buried himself inside, next to the wind and the leaves made a noise.
  The sun will soon be down the mountain.
  Author has to say: ah my body was done, and then I began to write a special episode, to see the title favorite to buy it.
  In fact, this is my first time to write original, many deficiencies, we have been grateful to see me now, I广州桑拿 like it Favorite author!Or is my c

  ”Ye let me catch you pour.”
  ”.Without it, I do not run.”Zhou Zhou Ji quite speechless.
  Gu tired book thought for a moment, slowly let go of her hand, 南宁夜生活网opening a long while: “Let’s go.”
  Ji Zhou Zhou looked up: “Where.”
  ”living room.”
  ”.”De le, to wait for the leaf guide.
  Zhou Zhou Ji Gu tired Pie Zhaozui with the book went to the living room, thirty minutes later, a long yellow hair dyed a baby-faced men rushed in, delicate features and lively, although his face anger, but because of a pair of drooping eyes, not a little momentum.
  Even after she came to know that this man is trouble, Ji Zhou Zhou saw his face, still in the heart whistled.No loss is fiction world, this man with all passers-grade Meiqingmuxiu.
  ”See what?”Gu suddenly asked tired book.
  Zhou Zhou Ji casually replied: “good-looking.”
  Her voice faded, while the two men paused, Gu tired book silently stepped in front of her, blocking most of her sight.
  Pour leaves angrily: “Do not think say a good word I will let you, say that you know is in which part of the story?!”
  ”My own guess is?”Zhou Zhou Ji stuck his round head from behind Gu tired book.
  Ye pour more angry: “Nonsense!My story so complicated, how you might guess!”
  You can come on, this world is not set to the place, is a direct copy of the real world, this scr天津桑拿ipt is good, but it is also the reality of people write, you have to do with a piece of paper people.Let alone are not what suspense drama, all according to routine to go, what is difficult to guess.
  Zhou Zhou Ji innocent looked at him: “I really guess.”
  ”Even to be able to guess, detail is never guessed,” Ye dumping sneer, “Quick said, is who leaked the story to you!”
  ”If you do not believe, I have no idea, say details of something, you do not have the lens in advance hint yet, follow the laws of clips, can roughly guess what the next scene will shift, com

  Then he discovered t杭州桑拿hat leaf skullcap always neat tie in the waistband hem of the shirt actually pull out, lazily resting on top of the pants, he reached the window suddenly pushed to the maximum, a gust of wind rolled into the house call.
  Ye qin leaning against a wall corner, almost embedded itself in the wall himself go, slender cigarette dangling, hanging eyelids, rubbed thumb that support roller type lighter, snapped to a fight, let the wind to the volume of Mars put out.He had to be patient, repeated many times, as if unconsciously take it play.
  Jia three to see his face, feel a little surprised.Ye skullcap sharp facial features, carved out of snow and ice cold and hard, his shrewdness deep, has been the idea in mind of a person, after the army, but do not allow yourself awake, and wherever stretched like a flag.
  But at the moment he was against the wall when the cigarette lighter, 北京体验网allow a few hair flying in the wind, he turn his face against the wind, Jia three found his sense of awkward self-sustaining whole scattered, than the red house to play dawn also scattered group of soldiers, far more than scattered, distracted simply ecstatic.
  Su poured sitting on the bed, holding the hand tied together, those shoes bend carefully enough.
  Her field of vision to see a pair of shiny boots into the hand caught people, Ye skullcap squatting silently to her release, belt toss easily hang on the shoulder.
  His fingers touched the cool her bare ankles, the Soviet Union pour winced, so he grabbed the back, neatly dressed with kitten.
  Sue watched him pour the top of the hair, hair spray comb through the hair dark and hard, glowing point of light: “You just said what it means?”
  Ye qin backhand to pull over a stool in front of the dressing table, sit face to face with her, is not a common serious attitude.
  He looked at her, silent for a moment

  M smiled feel Panpan.
  ”Mom, I went to work.”Hunters say hello meters out the door, riding a cable car to the factory.
  In recent years the popularity of artificial intelligence, new technology has a factory reform every year, are cut each year, the boss heard that they also intend to invest heavily in new equipment, the factory yard panic.
  To work, if we are afraid to say one more thing, for fear of being caught pigtail, to attack when they were lost work.These people, no culture can not hack it, age is not small, and easy to find work, but why on under the old and small, have a large family to feed.
  Boundless suffering head, rice daughter fa北京风月会所ce bitter, tongue also suffused with bitterness.
  Finally, commuting to the point.
  Panpan meters a loose shoulder, every day she is most easily commute to a few hours before going to bed, eat dinner and watch TV and play mobile phone.
  At dinner, rice is not a natural Lele.
  Rice rice Panpan a cross father: “You gave him the money.”
  Hunters meters lower down, what about chewing mouth vegetables.
  Father gas meters, would like to attack, but looking at the dead-meter daughter, suddenly deflated Jin.They wear nothing more than taking all these years had dried up, and when she did not go off.Always like this, others can not persuade them into her heart.As she then insisted on giving birth to children, and insisted Division Yangshuo together, bent and Liu Kun Lanna fooling around, people say she can not influence anything.Unless she hit a wall and hit his head, that time can listen to what is the use.
  Father frustrated a few meters 杭州龙凤网chops a few mouthfuls of rice, back to his house.
  M weak mother said: “Do not be so spoiled Lele.”
  ”Mom, I know, but this time is different, he does not g

ition, Xue spent bother moved, put aside his hoe, sweet potato mud to edge sideways on the side and stamped, Li Xuemei Liu Yunfang and sweet potatoes are dug, divided the family, can be divided into plots, and Yunfang miss Huai Li Xuemei pregnant do not li苏州夜网ve with, to borrow a hoe digging sweet potatoes help Li Xuemei, the old man said sub relaxed family day, I did not feel the slightest Yunfang, on the contrary that worked hard thing more, fear not afford large children grandson of tuition, the three children two daughter not son, daughter-belly not moving four or北京夜网 five With yet born daughter, from morning to night, it seems to have many things to do.

  See Xue Flower over, she put away the hoe, rub the calluses rub the palm, “Flower, what matter it?”
  ”Three sister-in-law, and more people you know, can not ask someone to help apply the chick and the duck, I want to raise chickens and ducks.”Chicken duck provisions, can not raise too much, otherwise it is dug corner of socialism, capitalist pies, will be brought approved commune cadres.Bucket, she was thinking of the Chinese New Year to kill the old hen, a duck and then raise two chickens.
  Yunfang frown, “you are not at home you have chicken?”Raising chickens and ducks trouble enough, people have enough to eat, where there is food chicken, chicken grow too bad, do not lay eggs, it might as well not raise.
  ”Yes, these days it does not lay e苏州桑拿ggs, skinny, leaving nothing to the New Year meat, I was wondering kill it!”
  Chicken people on the team much, much more chickens lay eggs, but also a good harvest this year, several families these days ask the chicken thing, she let the sons chicken, especially necessary to Li Xuemei, years later birth, not where you come from chicken eggs, eggs not to eat anything confinement?
  ”You ask just in time, I have yet to find out, I heard someone Chia Village deposited ten chickens, ducks I was not asked before, a few days I ask you to help.”Adopt a child like this chick and the duck, n

  Heng-yu led ten thousand troops and the state all the苏州夜网419 way to Fleet of Foot, until the time when the gates of Luoyang, leaves home has got the news, 南宁夜生活网the great general himself came leaf gates.
  When Heng-yu have not yet near Luoyang, Song Yi Chung-ying had been informed sent his daughter to lead the troops to come.
  For Song Yi practice Chung Ying some dissatisfaction, although Song Heng Yu Cai Ming he has heard, but merely a young woman only, so in sending people come to assist Heng-yu, the only point Chung Yu and his name letter heavy Tian Ju policy makers to come.
  In fact only the beginning of Chung Ying Chung Yu intends to send to come, but please come from Tian Ju.
  He did not agree with Chung Ying invited to come to Luoyang, the army and the state plan, but mainly male counselors can only make plans, how the final decision will depend on the lord mind.Today the lord has brought the army and the state, he has to consider is how not to become masters in the army and the state, w都市夜网hile the use of the military in Luoyang and state control leaves home, while they contain the forces of the army and the state.
  But when Tian Ju Ye see great generals get a message actually came in person, face immediately on the bad.
  His house carrying his identity not to put on airs an adult, with his family close to adult status leaves it in person to the great general, if Song Heng-yu heart dissatisfaction, can be detrimental to the future ah.
  ”General.”Tian Ju, Chung-yu have to salute the two.
  Leaves letter now in his early fifties, Pijianzhirui body, but it is a refined temperament.He told the two men nodded and said: “two free gift.”
  ”I heard Chung Sung-mok writing to invite adults to come to Luoyang, how Chung adults

  ”You pick two things, and sent the girl that table.”Bo Bo’s mother on the road.
  Bo mother should be a cry, to choose somet南宁桑拿hing the Treasury.
  A fishing touched his pulse, secretly Tut a cry, even if not ‘suicide’ also live much longer.
  ”Girl, drug just temperature, and quickly drank, drank the medicine get better soon.”Song loving face wet nurse holding a bowl of brown concoction come.
  Looking at the bowl of medicine, A fish bowl remembered sedative soup, also thought to be among the groggy Song wet nurse put a noose in ‘suicide’.
  Lu Song wet nurse is a home and have children, dowry went with Yanlu Shi Xuan Ping Hou Fu, and later with Lu Yan Lushi widowed back to the House, her parents, brothers, husbands and children are poor in the land of his possessions, to make her betray easily in one hand and a large milk and how can we loved the little master than flesh and blood.
  But, master Song wet nurse who is behind in the end?The land house all over again, A fish found to be suspect of really a lot of people, this girl living environment a bit 广州桑拿网too dangerous.
  A fish took the drug carefully sniffed, but a little dip stick lips to tell, really is a problem.Do not know this little girl to death her body was mutilated chronic poison, see a small pulse has been half a year, and within a year you have to frail to death, a number of follow-up component emphasis, shorter.Yan Jiayu born frail, she died, and who would think.
  ”So bitter, I do not want to drink.I am a little sleepy, to sleep.”A fish directly to Yao Wan put it back, regardless of persuasion Song of the wet nurse and her maid, lay back in bed, still toting turned toward the crowd:” The little angel hold over.”
  Song wet nurse and her maid to persuade a few to see not persuade, not

  Another, this year is still very feudal, even beauty, remarried results ca都市兔兔n not marry better than the head.
  However, it’s still rather not give up: “That was maybe the blind crush on you too?Which of seriously ill or have young master, joyous find someone, you just have to be the date of birth, you will not remarried?”
  ”I went to your mother’s!”Pooh sister Wang Ning’s face, determined not to believe.
  Ning Wang’s sister and do not care attitude, she must believe Liu is immortal, then, if that immortal Liu is a liar, that she is not white so long toss?Made up his mind, she struggled to screenwriter Wang sister love, trying to convince her to become courtiers soul mate it is not impossible.
  ”Yes, your home is not the man they come from outside?Probably you have a special on the outside of it rich relatives?Eagerly came looking for you, you have to give money to you, take you insist on getting rich, then you do not become a married woman?”
  This time, let alone the king sister, and even the Winchester could not he北京夜网lp: “Two brothers and sisters you can not toss, is the figure that you’re not a liar Liu said you would make a fortune in the future?A man with diplomacy conscience, this cheat ghost, then year-old children do not believe the band.”
  Wang sister also nodded: “That old son is a master liar and said I ordered it, They will only be a Wanni Ba, only Eshi a pee, I do not see how They are too young master life?”
  ”That is, we can not have such a liar?”
  ”You wake up, you do not call that old crook few words to coax the money to!By the way, how much you originally gave him money?I