Heng-yu led ten thousand troops and the state all the苏州夜网419 way to Fleet of Foot, until the time when the gates of Luoyang, leaves home has got the news, 南宁夜生活网the great general himself came leaf gates.
  When Heng-yu have not yet near Luoyang, Song Yi Chung-ying had been informed sent his daughter to lead the troops to come.
  For Song Yi practice Chung Ying some dissatisfaction, although Song Heng Yu Cai Ming he has heard, but merely a young woman only, so in sending people come to assist Heng-yu, the only point Chung Yu and his name letter heavy Tian Ju policy makers to come.
  In fact only the beginning of Chung Ying Chung Yu intends to send to come, but please come from Tian Ju.
  He did not agree with Chung Ying invited to come to Luoyang, the army and the state plan, but mainly male counselors can only make plans, how the final decision will depend on the lord mind.Today the lord has brought the army and the state, he has to consider is how not to become masters in the army and the state, w都市夜网hile the use of the military in Luoyang and state control leaves home, while they contain the forces of the army and the state.
  But when Tian Ju Ye see great generals get a message actually came in person, face immediately on the bad.
  His house carrying his identity not to put on airs an adult, with his family close to adult status leaves it in person to the great general, if Song Heng-yu heart dissatisfaction, can be detrimental to the future ah.
  ”General.”Tian Ju, Chung-yu have to salute the two.
  Leaves letter now in his early fifties, Pijianzhirui body, but it is a refined temperament.He told the two men nodded and said: “two free gift.”
  ”I heard Chung Sung-mok writing to invite adults to come to Luoyang, how Chung adults