ition, Xue spent bother moved, put aside his hoe, sweet potato mud to edge sideways on the side and stamped, Li Xuemei Liu Yunfang and sweet potatoes are dug, divided the family, can be divided into plots, and Yunfang miss Huai Li Xuemei pregnant do not li苏州夜网ve with, to borrow a hoe digging sweet potatoes help Li Xuemei, the old man said sub relaxed family day, I did not feel the slightest Yunfang, on the contrary that worked hard thing more, fear not afford large children grandson of tuition, the three children two daughter not son, daughter-belly not moving four or北京夜网 five With yet born daughter, from morning to night, it seems to have many things to do.

  See Xue Flower over, she put away the hoe, rub the calluses rub the palm, “Flower, what matter it?”
  ”Three sister-in-law, and more people you know, can not ask someone to help apply the chick and the duck, I want to raise chickens and ducks.”Chicken duck provisions, can not raise too much, otherwise it is dug corner of socialism, capitalist pies, will be brought approved commune cadres.Bucket, she was thinking of the Chinese New Year to kill the old hen, a duck and then raise two chickens.
  Yunfang frown, “you are not at home you have chicken?”Raising chickens and ducks trouble enough, people have enough to eat, where there is food chicken, chicken grow too bad, do not lay eggs, it might as well not raise.
  ”Yes, these days it does not lay e苏州桑拿ggs, skinny, leaving nothing to the New Year meat, I was wondering kill it!”
  Chicken people on the team much, much more chickens lay eggs, but also a good harvest this year, several families these days ask the chicken thing, she let the sons chicken, especially necessary to Li Xuemei, years later birth, not where you come from chicken eggs, eggs not to eat anything confinement?
  ”You ask just in time, I have yet to find out, I heard someone Chia Village deposited ten chickens, ducks I was not asked before, a few days I ask you to help.”Adopt a child like this chick and the duck, n