M smiled feel Panpan.
  ”Mom, I went to work.”Hunters say hello meters out the door, riding a cable car to the factory.
  In recent years the popularity of artificial intelligence, new technology has a factory reform every year, are cut each year, the boss heard that they also intend to invest heavily in new equipment, the factory yard panic.
  To work, if we are afraid to say one more thing, for fear of being caught pigtail, to attack when they were lost work.These people, no culture can not hack it, age is not small, and easy to find work, but why on under the old and small, have a large family to feed.
  Boundless suffering head, rice daughter fa北京风月会所ce bitter, tongue also suffused with bitterness.
  Finally, commuting to the point.
  Panpan meters a loose shoulder, every day she is most easily commute to a few hours before going to bed, eat dinner and watch TV and play mobile phone.
  At dinner, rice is not a natural Lele.
  Rice rice Panpan a cross father: “You gave him the money.”
  Hunters meters lower down, what about chewing mouth vegetables.
  Father gas meters, would like to attack, but looking at the dead-meter daughter, suddenly deflated Jin.They wear nothing more than taking all these years had dried up, and when she did not go off.Always like this, others can not persuade them into her heart.As she then insisted on giving birth to children, and insisted Division Yangshuo together, bent and Liu Kun Lanna fooling around, people say she can not influence anything.Unless she hit a wall and hit his head, that time can listen to what is the use.
  Father frustrated a few meters 杭州龙凤网chops a few mouthfuls of rice, back to his house.
  M weak mother said: “Do not be so spoiled Lele.”
  ”Mom, I know, but this time is different, he does not g