Small fingers clenched his spoon, Yanjing Yang blushing, no hum.
  At this time, the door bell rang suddenly.
  ”So early?It is who ah?”Don Crisp secretly sigh of relief, she put down the spoon,” I went to open the door.”Then, she walked out of the.
  The door to Jiang Bo words, he came very early today outside the door Tang crisp, just worry about Don Crisp not get up, they have been waiting, counting the time, think it is almost the only press the doorbell.
  ”Jiang seniors?”Don Crisp bit stunned.
  ”Early ah, I think your feet have not healed so fast, just after breakfast to buy, we intend to ta南宁桑拿ke the opportunity to take you back to school.”Jiang Bo Yan shy smile,” I will not bother you?”
  ”Early, how would you determined, thank you Jiang seniors.”Don Crisp did not expect the other party to the last little things like that, would be so sorry.
  Since the other party come, too embarrassed to let her leave him directly, “Then you wait a bit, I went to take textbooks.”
  Don Crisp Fan Shen walked back to the house.
  Well yesterday Yanjing Yang wipe her a drug effect today walking, her feet had not so painful.
  Returned to the house, Don Crisp looked at a table over there, Yanjing Yang is head down, slow eating porridge, a little back seems a bit lonely.
  ”Jiang seniors through, he take the opportunity to take me back to school.”Don Crisp took the side of the sofa bags and textbooks,” You eat breakfast dishes keep on南宁桑拿 the line, I come back to pack.”
  Yanjing Yang looked up, yo black round eyes looked at her.
  ”Well, I go to class, seniors, etc. so that the river is not good, you eat slowly.”Then, Don Crisp then holding the bag, walk out.
  Suddenly remembered what her footsteps meal, the body returns.
  She went over to the table over there, one hand南宁桑拿 holding a textbook, the other holding the little guy on the face of.In Yanjing Yang surprised eyes, she quickly into his little mouth and gently touched three times,