When these fruits are cooked, they become a good medicine!

When these fruits are cooked, they become a good medicine! Fruit is rich in a variety of nutrients, good for the human body, and tastes good. People usually like to peel and eat, or wash and eat directly. Many people may not know that some fruits will be nutritious if they are cooked. When the fruit is cooked, it can even prevent coldness, and it can also increase the health effect for the middle-aged and the elderly. Some fruits are cooked and become a good medicine. Salt steamed orange effect: cough and phlegm orange peel has two ingredients that have the effect of relieving cough and phlegm, one is nartin and the other is orange peel oil. These two ingredients will only come out of the orange peel after cooking.…
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How much should a baby drink daily

How much should a baby drink daily Water, milk, and juice are essential for your baby's growth, but too much is too much. Drinking too much or too little will reduce its value, but it will not help. So how much should these drinks drink? Take a look at the daily inclusion plan developed by American experts for your baby. 1. Milk: After about 2 cups of babies are 2 years old, they should change from whole milk to skimmed milk, or only 1% aunt's milk. But not too much. If you consume more than 3 cups a day, your appetite will be suppressed. 2. Water: About 4 cups, remember to always drink water for your baby, and carry a baby-specific water cup with you. Try to choose cups with…
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Uncover some skin care truths that destroy skin

_1 Uncover some skin care truths that destroy skin Since ancient times, people who love beauty have tried all kinds of methods for the skin, but they do not know that there are rumors about skin care misunderstandings. For a long time, they can not only skin but also destroy the skin. Today I will reveal the truth for you one by one, and you wo n't even know it!   1. Collagen ≠ Magic Essence If the collagen component in the cream can really activate, then we will all be young forever, but in fact? The top American dermatologist sheldonpinnell explains: The only effect of such a cream is to achieve the most epidermal cells to lock in moisture, temporarily make the epidermis full and feel good. 2. Good skin…
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What kind of person would you be when dealing with people

What kind of person would you be when dealing with people Please choose yes or no for the following questions: 1. I greet myself when I meet acquaintances.   2. I often write to friends to express my thoughts.   3. I often chat with people I do n't know when I travel.   4. I was glad to have a friend visit me.   5, I rarely take the initiative to interact with strangers without an introduction.   6. I like to express my opinions in the crowd.   7. I sympathize with the weak.   8. I like to give ideas to others.   9. I always like to be accompanied when I do things.   10. I'm easily persuaded by my friends.   11. I always pay attention to my appearance.   12 If I'm late for a…
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Yoga action stars love who loves not

Yoga action stars love who loves not Core tip: relax your neck and make your back straighter. Enlarge the chest and increase the flexibility of the spine. At the same time, the blood flows to the neck and chest, which increases thyroid function and body contouring. Although difficult to do, it can provide fresh blood to the endocrine system and prevent hardening of the shoulders and neck.   Christy Turlington has a world-class model of "standard face shape with no error of 1mm", and the lady who edited "How to be a happy person" became a career starter when she did yoga. At the age of 26, she started practicing yoga and became a yoga professional in the world.   Posture one. The bull head posture expands the chest under this action,…
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Yoga is also for men

Yoga is also for men Why do men practice yoga?   If you haven't experienced the panic of staying up all night after 30 years old, the mountain climbing hall after work, and the short circuit of the boudoir in the near period of your career, you can skip this topic completely.   Men's rules of the game make their health problems more prominent. Society's requirements for men are more one-way: control the world. Therefore, men are only allowed to express their successful side, so when men face stress, they have less channels to vent, and often ignore their physical condition until blood pressure rises and heart problems occur. Chronic stress is 6 times more likely to cause heart disease and cancer than risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure;…
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Understanding Men’s Defective Marital Relationships Is Healthier

Understanding Men's Defective Marital Relationships Is Healthier The more concealed the more stimulating men are prone to being teased by nude photos and striptease. This is because women are "tactile" and men are "visual." The strength of this sexual consciousness that men like to see women's nudes is determined by the relationship between the inherent eroticism of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the object. That is, the more concealed the part of a woman, the more irritating this kind of psychology for men.   We must rely on the touch to reflect the psychological characteristics of intimate men, which determines that men like to touch the sexual psychology of women, and men have a profound "contact with heterosexuality". This is in line with a zoological principle: "Sexual behavior is…
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Venting is also needed for health and psychology.

Venting is also needed for health and psychology. Replenishing can be healthy, know more often; "discharge" also health, little knowledge of the line. Medical experts believe that there is a "discharge" of physical, psychological and physical psychological integration, which is a good way to maintain health.   Physiological "snoring" sneezing, tears, snoring, spitting, sweating, exhaling, urination, etc. are physiological "discharge", the body of toxins, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, can be released a small amount.   Therefore, you should drink plenty of water at ordinary times, eat coarse grains and fiber-rich foods regularly, defecate regularly, and urinate smoothly, so that wastes are not allowed to stay in the body. Bathing and haircut should also be taken at the right time, and the clothes should be changed and wrapped to prevent dirt…
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White-collar aerobics can protect the body

White-collar aerobics can protect the body White-collar workers who are sedentary often do not move, and it is easier to get close to obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases, so it is necessary to move to prevent these diseases. Office work has a fast pace, so exercise should be easy to learn and effective. The following is a set of aerobics suitable for office work. As long as you stick to it, you can not only change the disease, but also use it for health.   First, first brush the comb straight, use a wooden comb (don't use plastic or metal combs, preferably boxwood combs, if there is no wooden comb, you can also use your fingers to replace it) from the forehead through the top of…
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The strongest and most effective way to lose weight

The strongest and most effective way to lose weight Stop doing sit-ups: If you've been doing traditional sit-ups, and it's too fast, let's face it, it won't do anything because it strengthens the wrong abdominal muscles. Fortunately, a fitness scientist at San Diego State University in the United States tested the ten most popular abdominal exercises in the end and concluded the most effective "redundant meat killer". For best results, this exercise consists of three groups every day, and each group lasts fifteen minutes.   Scooter exercise: Just ask you to lie on the floor and pretend to be a pedal pedal bike. The correct action is to compress the floor downwards with your hands behind your head. Refer to the four fifteen-degree angles, and use your feet to pedal the…
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