Another, this year is still very feudal, even beauty, remarried results ca都市兔兔n not marry better than the head.
  However, it’s still rather not give up: “That was maybe the blind crush on you too?Which of seriously ill or have young master, joyous find someone, you just have to be the date of birth, you will not remarried?”
  ”I went to your mother’s!”Pooh sister Wang Ning’s face, determined not to believe.
  Ning Wang’s sister and do not care attitude, she must believe Liu is immortal, then, if that immortal Liu is a liar, that she is not white so long toss?Made up his mind, she struggled to screenwriter Wang sister love, trying to convince her to become courtiers soul mate it is not impossible.
  ”Yes, your home is not the man they come from outside?Probably you have a special on the outside of it rich relatives?Eagerly came looking for you, you have to give money to you, take you insist on getting rich, then you do not become a married woman?”
  This time, let alone the king sister, and even the Winchester could not he北京夜网lp: “Two brothers and sisters you can not toss, is the figure that you’re not a liar Liu said you would make a fortune in the future?A man with diplomacy conscience, this cheat ghost, then year-old children do not believe the band.”
  Wang sister also nodded: “That old son is a master liar and said I ordered it, They will only be a Wanni Ba, only Eshi a pee, I do not see how They are too young master life?”
  ”That is, we can not have such a liar?”
  ”You wake up, you do not call that old crook few words to coax the money to!By the way, how much you originally gave him money?I