For fear of hurting Lin Han, ginger and so did not dare struggled hard, but now this situation, is not there something wrong.
  Just went to the tangled point, he does not want this to happen in the case of Lin Han drunk, but they can not refuse her.
  Lin Han regret it up in case?
  Ginger and looked at the body, Lin Han licked his lips and said, “There is nothing like?”
  Ginger and some of voice hoarse, “I’m afraid you regret.”
  Although men and women seem to make people feel a little location where the wrong, but now the ginger and have already stopped this, but in his and his will to fight.
  Lin Han some serious sat up, I do not know what is thought, then said seriously, “Nothing, I’m not afraid of you secretly transferred out of my money.”
  Ginger and: “.I’m not talking about this!”
  Will girlfriend how brain circuits to the Qing Qi breaking her back, but the next second ginger and no time to think this is a.
  He was again overwhelmed Han Lin, and how they have to struggle in order to ginger and said, “for a hair to dirty the bed.”
  Lin Han is really a routine and more people each time he totally st深圳桑拿网oked.
  The Han Lin no longer continue to talk, but again kissed him, she said, “It took me five hundred million from your mother put you there to buy.”
  As for the money there to get her on the matter.
  Other savory lips and teeth to make ginger and head of the string suddenly cut off, he reached out and hugged each other, some wet hair so submerged in the pillow.
  Outside of the waves lapping the beach, the sun is no longer dazzling, crabs on the beach in quietlyHe punched a hole in the sand and buried himself inside, next to the wind and the leaves made a noise.
  The sun will soon be down the mountain.
  Author has to say: ah my body was done, and then I began to write a special episode, to see the title favorite to buy it.
  In fact, this is my first time to write original, many deficiencies, we have been grateful to see me now, I广州桑拿 like it Favorite author!Or is my c