”You pick two things, and sent the girl that table.”Bo Bo’s mother on the road.
  Bo mother should be a cry, to choose somet南宁桑拿hing the Treasury.
  A fishing touched his pulse, secretly Tut a cry, even if not ‘suicide’ also live much longer.
  ”Girl, drug just temperature, and quickly drank, drank the medicine get better soon.”Song loving face wet nurse holding a bowl of brown concoction come.
  Looking at the bowl of medicine, A fish bowl remembered sedative soup, also thought to be among the groggy Song wet nurse put a noose in ‘suicide’.
  Lu Song wet nurse is a home and have children, dowry went with Yanlu Shi Xuan Ping Hou Fu, and later with Lu Yan Lushi widowed back to the House, her parents, brothers, husbands and children are poor in the land of his possessions, to make her betray easily in one hand and a large milk and how can we loved the little master than flesh and blood.
  But, master Song wet nurse who is behind in the end?The land house all over again, A fish found to be suspect of really a lot of people, this girl living environment a bit 广州桑拿网too dangerous.
  A fish took the drug carefully sniffed, but a little dip stick lips to tell, really is a problem.Do not know this little girl to death her body was mutilated chronic poison, see a small pulse has been half a year, and within a year you have to frail to death, a number of follow-up component emphasis, shorter.Yan Jiayu born frail, she died, and who would think.
  ”So bitter, I do not want to drink.I am a little sleepy, to sleep.”A fish directly to Yao Wan put it back, regardless of persuasion Song of the wet nurse and her maid, lay back in bed, still toting turned toward the crowd:” The little angel hold over.”
  Song wet nurse and her maid to persuade a few to see not persuade, not