Then he discovered t杭州桑拿hat leaf skullcap always neat tie in the waistband hem of the shirt actually pull out, lazily resting on top of the pants, he reached the window suddenly pushed to the maximum, a gust of wind rolled into the house call.
  Ye qin leaning against a wall corner, almost embedded itself in the wall himself go, slender cigarette dangling, hanging eyelids, rubbed thumb that support roller type lighter, snapped to a fight, let the wind to the volume of Mars put out.He had to be patient, repeated many times, as if unconsciously take it play.
  Jia three to see his face, feel a little surprised.Ye skullcap sharp facial features, carved out of snow and ice cold and hard, his shrewdness deep, has been the idea in mind of a person, after the army, but do not allow yourself awake, and wherever stretched like a flag.
  But at the moment he was against the wall when the cigarette lighter, 北京体验网allow a few hair flying in the wind, he turn his face against the wind, Jia three found his sense of awkward self-sustaining whole scattered, than the red house to play dawn also scattered group of soldiers, far more than scattered, distracted simply ecstatic.
  Su poured sitting on the bed, holding the hand tied together, those shoes bend carefully enough.
  Her field of vision to see a pair of shiny boots into the hand caught people, Ye skullcap squatting silently to her release, belt toss easily hang on the shoulder.
  His fingers touched the cool her bare ankles, the Soviet Union pour winced, so he grabbed the back, neatly dressed with kitten.
  Sue watched him pour the top of the hair, hair spray comb through the hair dark and hard, glowing point of light: “You just said what it means?”
  Ye qin backhand to pull over a stool in front of the dressing table, sit face to face with her, is not a common serious attitude.
  He looked at her, silent for a moment