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Eight prescriptions for the treatment of chronic gastritis

Eight prescriptions for the treatment of chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis, including chronic superficial gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis, belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine “stomach cramps”, “small full”, “swallowing acid”, “noisy”, “naked” and other lesions, which are common and frequently-occurring diseases.The incidence rate is the first among various stomach diseases, and the recurrence rate is high.

More because of emotional unsatisfactory, liver qi stagnation; diet is not (clean), damage to the spleen and stomach; work and rest disorders, Zhongqi deficiency and so on.

Based on years of clinical practice, the author summarizes eight experiences in the treatment of chronic gastritis for reference.

  First, Yifeiweiwei recipe consists of: Codonopsis pilosula 12g, Astragalus 30g, Atractylodes Rhizome 12g, Yam 15g, Lentil 10g, White Pelican 15g, Tangerine 10g, Poria 12g, Amomum 5g, Dried Ginger 10g, Pickled Licorice 10g.

The cold elephant obviously added 12 grams of ginger, 6 grams of cinnamon, and even 10 grams of attached tablets, 10 grams of Wusong, 6 grams of Sichuan pepper; 12 grams of pantothenic acid and sea bream, 12 grams of calcined scorpion.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis sees stomach sputum uncomfortable, faint pain, sputum as falling, fasting is even worse, the intake is slightly reduced, hi hot, press, cold, heavier, weak, weak, less food, tongueLight fat, thin white or white slippery, or tooth marks on the side, weak pulse or large force.

Gastroscopic examination showed that the gastric mucosa was reddish or pale white, the mucous membrane was rough, or scattered in patchy congestion.

TCM syndrome differentiation is the spleen loses health, the stomach is not enough, and the spleen and stomach are cold.

  Second, Yiyin Yangwei Decoction composition: sand ginseng 15g, Ophiopogon japonicus 12g, Polygonatum 15g, raw land 12g, white peony 15g, licorice 10g, Dendrobium 12g, Chuanxiong 10g, Pinellia 3g.

Thirsty and even pollen; stomach sputum burning plus white flower Herba, 20g, dandelion 15g; low acid, add ebony 10g, papaya 12g, hawthorn 12g; stool 涩涩 栝 15 15g, cassia 12g; constipation plus Yu Liren 12g, hempKernel 12g; food less plus grain bud 15g, green plum 10g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach cramps, noisy burning, knowing less, dry mouth, drinking, tongue peeling or less moss or cracks, fine pulse or string; or gastric acid deficiency, gastroscopy, mild congestion of gastric mucosa, less secretions, or see glandular atrophy.

TCM syndrome is a liver and spleen yin injury, stomach yin deficiency.

  Third, the composition of Qingreheweitang recipe: Astragalus 10g, Forsythia 12g, Sabina 20g, Coptis 6g, Hedyotis diffusa 15g, White Pelican 15g, Dandelion 30g.

Swallow acid plus Wujing 3g, sea bream 12g, forged scorpion 12g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis sees stomach cramps burning pain, mouth bitter and dry, noisy easy to heal or vomiting acid water bitter water, dry stool, red tongue thin white or thin yellow, pulse string.

Gastroscope sees gastric mucosal congestion, edema, erosion and so on.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a stagnation of heat in the middle of the coke.

  Fourth, Shugan Anwei Decoction composition: Chai Ming 12g, white peony 15g, fragrant 12g, Yuanhu 12g, Chuanxiong 12g, black peony 12g, Su stalk 10g, licorice 10g.

Pain is even more than 9 fragrant insects 10g, Yuan Hu 12g; swelling drama plus clam shell 12g, bergamot 12g; sputum plus spine flower 10g, bergamot 12g; swallow acid plus Zuojin pill.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach fullness, or dull pain, pain lead to two threats, or attack and support pain, red tongue, thin white, pulse string.

TCM syndrome differentiation is due to liver loss and stagnation.

  V. Composition of Huayu Liwei Decoction: Salvia 30g, sandalwood 10g, Amomum 6g, Wulingzhi 10g, Puhuang 10g, Xiangfu 12g, Yuanhu 12g, Chuanxiong 12g, Taiwu 10g.

If the stagnation heat plus white flower Hedyotis diffusa 20g, dandelion 30g; if the qi deficiency plus Codonopsis 20g, Atractylodes 12g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach cramps pain, or tingling, sharp pain, pain fixed, dark red or dark purple tongue, tongue collaterals more rough and long color blue, pulse stagnation.

Gastroscope is more common in glandular atrophy or intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia.

TCM syndrome differentiation is liver spleen qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Qi stagnation is easy to cause convulsions, blood stasis is more gas, the disease should distinguish between qi stagnation and blood stasis, flexible medication, pay attention to blood medicine, blood gas medicine replacement.

  Six, bitter Xin Tiaowei recipe composition: Pinellia 10g, berberine 6g, Astragalus 10g, Wujing 6g, dried ginger 10g, Codonopsis 12g, licorice 10g.

Partial cold plus good ginger 12g, Sichuan pepper 6g; partial heat and plus mountain glutinous rice 10g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach fullness, after eating, or hidden pain, loose stools, and see heartburn pantothenic acid, mouth bitter and sticky, with heartburn and not like cold diet for outstanding performance, tongue reddish greasy,Or yellow greasy or yellowish greasy, weak pulse.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a combination of cold, real and cold.

This card is mainly based on the chronic illness of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, or emotional burning, or taking spicy and spicy sputum, stagnation and fire, or virtual fire caused by burning, so in the medication to master the cold and heat, virtual andThe actual primary and secondary treatments.

  Seven, Huashi Xingwei Decoction composition: musk 12g, Perrin 12g, coix seed 30g, white coix seed 10g, Atractylodes 12g, Magnolia 10g, 茯苓12g, calamus 12g.

Partial cold and wet plus 10g of Pinellia, 10g of dried tangerine peel, 10g of dried ginger; partial heat of dampness plus 10g of astragalus, 6g of berberine.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis sees chest tightness, poor appetite, less mouthful, tasteless, thirsty and less drink, bowel sputum, loose stools, tired and tired, greasy greasy (yellow greasy and hot, white greasy and cold), fine or slow pulse.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a kind of wet resistance in the coke, trapping the spleen and stomach.

  Eight, Xiaoshi appetizer soup composition: Atractylodes 12g, Magnolia 10g, Hawthorn 12g, Divine Comedy 10g, Malt 15g, Pinellia 10g, Poria 12g, dried tangerine peel 10g, ginger 10g.

Food resistance stagnation for expansion plus chicken inner gold 12g, Amomum 6g; even stool can not pass, abdominal pain full expansion plus sputum 10g, rhubarb 10g; vomiting sputum full plus musk 10g, woody 6g; greasy meatThe wounded, reused Jiaoshanyu; the rice-injured people were mainly composed of Divine Comedy and Malt; the noodles were mainly Laiwuzi.  Indications: Chronic gastritis combined with stagnation, resistance, stomach cramps, fullness and pain, phlegm and phlegm, bad smell, bad smell, thick and greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a food stagnation.

  Chronic gastritis, especially chronic atrophic gastritis, is more common in clinical practice than virtual reality.

The initial illness is in the air, and the long-term illness is more complicated by yin deficiency or phlegm.

The first step is to improve the body’s immune function, increase the release of gastric mucosal cell protective factor, adjust metabolic function, medical Codonopsis, Astragalus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Angelica, Dodder, medlar, etc.Blood circulation in the stomach, promote the absorption of inflammatory cells, medicinal salvia miltiorrhiza, Chuanxiong, Chishao, Xiaoxiaosan; three to clear away heat and detoxify, prevent cancer, for intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia, instead of Hedyotis diffusa, scorpion, half branchLotus, Solanum nigrum, etc.; Fourth, according to the patient’s physique, the condition is cold and hot, and it is ruled by people; the fifth is to pay attention to diet regulation, avoiding sputum, spicy torment and thick food, and at the same time, to adjust the emotions and avoid the cold, to develop more with less.The effect.