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Autumn is the golden period of health, but experts have reminded: there are 5 bogeys, don’t be foolish.

Autumn is the “golden period” of health, but experts have reminded: there are 5 bogeys, don’t be foolish.

Since the beginning of the autumn, some people who value health care have begun to eagerly try, and are ready to choose a variety of foods and medicines, and intend to replenish the body and supplement the autumn.

However, although tonic is important, but it cannot be blindly supplemented.

Experts said that in the autumn tonic, there are the following five taboos: First, it is not necessary to supplement the ancients to pay attention to the autumn tonic, because some people have just experienced the hot summer, working in the heat, sweating a lot, gas consumption, heat and heat in the long summer.It is easy to damage the function of the spleen and stomach, leading to loss of appetite, not thinking about diet, dizziness, weight loss, fatigue and other weak phenomena. Therefore, it is necessary to properly supplement when the climate in the autumn turns cool and the appetite is better, to reduce the excessive consumption of the human body in summer.

But now most people have better living conditions, air conditioning and other cooling measures, do not have to work in the hot sun, food is also very rich, although experienced a heat, but there is no weak performance, of course, there is no need to make up.

Second, it is to follow the wind to make up a lot of people’s body peace, there is no deficiency of the performance, this does not need tonic, but when I hear a colleague, what friends have been eating supplements, health care products, so they are not blindly cold and cold, follow the trend, just buy the same tonicTonic, I do not know that there is no targeted tonic, not only can not achieve the purpose of nourishing the body, but will hurt the body.

Third, it is blind and indiscriminate to make the autumn climate dry, easy to cause yin and jin injury, dry throat cough, dry stool, skin scaling and itching, dry lips and other symptoms, tonic should be Runqiu dry, protect Yin and Jin mainly, moreFoods that are sweet and moist, such as duck, squid, soft-shelled turtle, milk, Sydney, sugar cane, banana, alfalfa, bamboo shoots, alfalfa, mulberry, white fungus, cucumber, lotus root, lily, etc., can also be used to nourish yin and stimulate Chinese medicine such as ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Polygonatum, sarcophagus, medlar, American ginseng and other boiling water brewing on behalf of tea.

Fourth, avoid taking medicine as a substitute for food in the fall to promote food-based.

The magical effect of heavy drugs, light foods, and blind superstitions is not a scientific method of health.

It is a three-point drug, can not eat and try not to eat.

Food is used to keep health, and drugs are used to treat diseases.

Only medication is needed.

Fifth, it is more than good to talk about tonic, some people think that more and better, what chicken, duck and fish, Shanzhen seafood, precious Chinese medicine, and a variety of health care products, hate not to eat all, this supplement is absolutely not desirable.

In the autumn tonic, Yiping is the main choice, just enough.

However, it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, causing spleen and stomach dysfunction, even overnutrition, brewing wet sputum, causing dysentery, and appearing “four highs” (hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood fat and high uric acid), it is counterproductive.

If the tonic is too much and too noisy, there will be adverse reactions such as gram.