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Discussion on the Theory and Practice Effect of Dr. Qigong Myopia

Discussion on the Theory and Practice Effect of Dr. Qigong Myopia

First, the purpose of the study of this subject: At present, myopia is a common disease among adolescents, frequently-occurring disease.

It directly affects their physical health and seriously affects their major life choices such as further studies and employment.

  It is reported that the health report was published, and the Shanghai Youth Acupuncture Eye Research Institute conducted a survey. It found that the rate of visual acuity in adolescents (ie, the incidence of true and false myopia) was 30% in primary schools, 60% in secondary schools, and 70% in key classes;Low prevalence trend.

Experts especially compete with the whole society to “save young eyes.”

Therefore, myopia has become a widespread concern of people of insight in the education, health, and qigong circles.

At present, there is no specific treatment for this disease. Some students wear small-hole glasses, mirrors or various drugs. After laser treatment, the curative effect is not ideal, and even some curative effects, but they can not be consolidated, how to solve them scientifically and effectivelyThis problem has made every teenager have double bright eyes after treatment, which is the purpose of this research.

  Second, the practical effect of Qigong therapy in correcting myopia: In order to completely solve this retinal lesion and the problems of the majority of parents, I have created a “self-healing rehabilitation of myopia” in the practice of qigong correction of myopia for many years.

The practice experts have compiled tens of thousands of practitioners for five years, and solved the problem that the curative effect is not consolidated after treatment. The magical effect has been loved by tens of thousands of myopia patients and qigong enthusiasts nationwide.

In particular, after publishing in the International Qigong newspaper in 1993, they came to buy information to learn the exercises.

  This work paper “The Mechanism and Application of Special Medical Rehabilitation Therapy for Myopia” has won the “Outstanding Paper Award” in the “China’s First Flying Cup Qigong Performance Conference” in 1994.

In 1996, the “Third National Medical Symposium” organized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held an academic exchange and was selected for the proceedings.

In order to further verify its effectiveness, more and more scientific research data will be obtained for easy promotion.

In July 1997, our school and the district Yucai Middle School, the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and the Municipal Hospital established the research group of qigong implant myopia.

With the strong support of the school leaders, scientific experiments were carried out in the first four classes of Yucai Middle School, and satisfactory results were obtained.

There were 41 students in the first four classes, including 21 boys.

20 girls.

Age: The youngest is 13 years old, the largest is 16 years old, with an average of 14.

5 years old.

The 41 students who participated in the test, the four with normal vision, accounted for 9 in total.

7%, 37 students with abnormal eyesight, accounting for 90% of the total number.


After 6 days of practice, after treatment, there were 35 people with increased vision, accounting for 94% of the total number.

6% (effective).

There are 2 people (invalid) whose visual acuity has not risen, accounting for 5 of the total number.


The monocular vision rises up to zero.

At 9 degrees, the binocular vision rises up to 1.

There are three people at 5 degrees.

The average per capita binocular vision increased by zero.

64 degrees.

  Third, the mechanism of “myopia self-healing rehabilitation work” implanted myopia: 1.

Causes of myopia: Most of the causes of myopia are preliminarily formed after entering primary school in elementary school. Due to continuous intense study, the eyes are over-tired.

Excessive muscle tension around the eyes, meridians, microvascular and lymphatic atrophy, ciliary muscle spasm alignment, crystal ice thickening, normal supply of blood and various nutrients in the eyes, long-term vision will decline, forming a pseudo-impact, and thenLong-term reading due to excessive or excessive light, lack of nutrient supply, and lack of eye health knowledge can also cause eye myopia.


The mechanism of Qigong treatment of myopia: According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “qi is the basic substance for maintaining and mediating human life,” “Qi is the handsome of blood, the mother of blood is the gas,” “the blood is bloody, the qi is stagnant and bloody”.
“The pain does not work, and the general does not hurt.

“The gas runs through the meridians in the human body.”
Where the local part of the body is impassable, the blood flow will be blocked, and the lesion will be formed. The stimulation of Qigong exercise or external air will reach the path of dredging, ventilating blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so that the diseased parts get nutrition and restore vitality.Disease elimination.
Qigong treatment “modern” is also the principle, it is through their own exercises, to mobilize their internal air to make the shrinking capillaries smooth, lashes muscle tendon shift, blood circulation, and enhance the bio-magnetic field of their palms, with their own doubleThe palm sends out the air to achieve the purpose of self-treatment of myopia.

  Fourth, discussion: (1) According to the test results, juvenile myopia, mostly belong to acquired myopia, is due to long-term close-up use of the eye, the eye does not pay attention to protection and other factors, the lens is in a state of continuous regulation, resulting in increased lens tensionThick, become pseudo-myopia, if you can practice qigong self-treatment in time, you can activate the eye meridians, and the eye lens and ciliary muscle fiber fusion, so that the physiological function of the eye deformity can be readjusted.Remove lash muscle tension reconstruction, improve eyeball adjustment ability, and restore vision.

  (2) Through the pilot work of this qigong implantation myopia research paper, we believe that the implantation of myopia with qigong is the best method at present, and its development prospects are broad. The method is easy to learn, easy to learn, easy to practice,It takes no time, and the full set of exercise exercises only takes 20 minutes. It is suitable for students to practice. It does not take up class time when practicing. It costs less and has quick effect. As long as you practice for one week, you can generally rise to 0.


6 degrees, qigong treatment is not the same as drug therapy. It is a kind of comprehensive rehabilitation fitness. Students can improve their understanding after practicing this method, and can improve their physical fitness, cultivate their sentiments, and increase their wisdom.Improve students’ thinking ability, and improve the students’ academic performance and the rate of entrance to school.

  V. Summary of experience: After years of teaching, experience in treatment and statistics on research papers, I have summarized the following experiences.

  (1) The younger the age, the more effective the effect.

The recovery rate of general primary and secondary school students is more than ten times higher than that of adults.

  (2) If the visual acuity is reduced, the better the curative effect, the general visual acuity is 0.

The recovery rate of 5 or more is fast.

  (3) The smaller the diopter, the better the effect.

  (4) The shorter the onset time, the better the effect, the effect is better within 1-5 years of onset, and the onset time is more than 5 years.

  (5) The longer the exercise time, the better the effect. The longer the student takes the practice or the time of self-cultivation, the better the treatment effect and the higher the consolidation rate of the effect. After the general vision increases, it will not decrease.