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How to maintain health care

How to maintain health care

The frost is the last solar term in the fall and a transitional period from autumn to winter.

At this time, there is often cold air invading, which causes a sharp dip. At this time, it is necessary to do well in the health care of the frost season, whether it is in diet or exercise, it needs to be cautious.

How to properly maintain the frost season?

  The principle of diet and health regimen in the frost season is that the spleen function is in a strong period. Because the spleen and stomach function is excessively strong, it is easy to cause the stomach disease.

Therefore, this solar term is the peak period of recurrence of chronic gastritis and stomach and duodenal ulcer disease.

Due to the cold stimulation, the autonomic function of the human body is disordered, and the normal law of recombination and peristalsis is disturbed; the metabolism of the human body is enhanced, the dissipation is increased, the replication of gastric juice and various digestive juices is increased, the appetite is improved, and the food intake is increased, which will inevitably aggravate the metabolic function.Burden, affecting the repair of existing ulcers; going out in late autumn and winter, for a short time, and inevitably inhaling some cold air, causing contraction of mucosal vasoconstriction, resulting in inhaled mucosal contraction and hypoxia, reducing nutrient supply, destroying the defense barrier of wasted mucosa,Resistance to ulcer repair can also lead to the appearance of new ulcers.

  At the time of “Frost”, it has entered the late autumn. Chinese medicine believes that this season belongs to the “gold” in the five elements, corresponding to the lungs.

Therefore, at this time, diet health is suitable for “flat compensation.”

Suitable foods are pears, apples, olives, ginkgo, onions, mustard and the like.

These foods have the effect of moistening the skin, clearing away heat and dissipating phlegm, relieving cough and relieving asthma, and solidifying the kidney and replenishing the lungs.

At this time, you should eat less cold food, such as sea fish, shrimp, all kinds of cold drinks, etc., so as not to cause lung disease.

  After the “Colour Drop” is generally a good time tonic, the proverb has a statement that “the winter is better than the cream”, to keep warm and dry, spleen and stomach, should eat more pears, apples, ginkgo, onions, snow.

Eat less chilled food, avoid strong stimulation, overeating, but also pay attention to the warmth of the stomach.

“Spring to eat flowers, autumn to eat fruit”, sweet potatoes, hawthorn, yam, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, are all suitable food for this season.

In addition, you can also eat more lily lily, honey, jujube, sesame, walnut and other foods, but also very health effects.

  How to exercise during the frost season, “Frost” is the peak of respiratory diseases, common respiratory diseases such as allergic diseases, chronic bronchitis, and so on.

In order to prevent these diseases, we must first pay attention to keep warm. People with a history of complications should pay special attention to increasing or decreasing clothes. Wear masks when going out to avoid cold stimulation of the respiratory tract.

Moreover, it is necessary to strengthen physical exercise, increase resistance to disease through exercise, radio exercises, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, mountain climbing, etc. are more suitable sports.

After the frost falls, you should reduce the autumn freeze, especially pay attention to the warmth of the lower limbs.