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Eat according to blood type can lose weight

Eat according to blood type can lose weight

Dieting, exercise is the two magic weapons of slimming, but you know that they and your blood type are also complementary!

Choose your recipes and exercise styles according to your blood type to make your way to lose weight easier.

  Type O Carnivorous O is the oldest blood type in humans.

In 0000 BC, the ancestors of the O-type blood, the ancient Romans, depended on hunting for a living.

They get energy from high-protein foods and are strong and powerful.

The people of the O-type blood still continue the physical characteristics of the hunting nation.

  Countertype recipe: animal protein is not medicinal.

The key to controlling weight is firstly to strictly control the “import” of wheat products. Secondly, it is necessary to control the amount of food and reduce the intake of small amounts. Pay special attention to eating less foods that affect the secretion of thyroid hormones, and eat more foods that can enhance the body’s metabolism.Play a role in receiving good weight loss results.

  Avoid imports: cereals, beans, dairy products.

  Promote imports: fish, animal liver, lean meat.

  Appropriate exercise: The meaning of exercise is more evident in people with O-type blood.

Only the right exercise can help their muscle tissue acidify and fully burn the aunt in the body.

Such as aerobic exercise, swimming, speed running and so on.

  Type A vegetarians From 25,000 BC to around 20,000 BC, humans switched to animal husbandry and farming, and type A blood appeared in such settled life.

The daily diet has also changed from carnivorous to large intakes of cereals and other agricultural products, and the digestive organs and immune system have changed accordingly.

  Paired recipes: Most meats are stored in small quantities in Type A blood, while plant foods help them digest and excrete.

People with type A blood can’t digest dairy products very well, so it’s best to eat low-fat foods. The combination of some vegetables and grains is the best policy.

For people with type A blood, it is more beneficial to enhance the body’s ability to absorb plant protein than to take protein from meat.

Meat seems to become a natural enemy of weight loss for people with type A blood.

  Avoid imports: meat, dairy, wheat, pork, beef and mutton.

  Promote imports: vegetable oil, soy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken.

  Appropriate exercise: The right weight loss exercise is: quiet, a highly concentrated exercise.

Such as leisurely Tai Chi, yoga, slow skating, jogging and so on.

  Type B omnivorous as a nomadic B-type blood person is highly adaptable and can adjust itself through environmental changes like a chameleon.

People with type B blood balance earlier and have a previous immune system.

Therefore, in terms of eating, it is uniquely endowed, almost unrestricted, very suitable for meat and vegetables, and dairy foods are also very useful.

  Pair-type recipes: The best type-B recipes are “articles” that do not have a certain charter and that have multiple ingredients.

But people who don’t mean B-type blood can eat and drink unscrupulously, or they should pay attention to getting enough nutrients to ensure a diet.

People with type B blood should eat red lean meat and do not eat more chicken.

In addition, the right amount of dairy products helps maintain a nutritional balance.

  Avoid imports: corn, peanuts, sesame seeds, soba noodles, wheat and excess dairy products.

  Promote imports: vegetables, meat, eggs, animal liver and low-fat dairy products.

  Appropriate exercise: The way to lose weight is not too slow.

Such as: hiking, cycling, tennis, aerobics and more.

  The AB type takes into account both the stable type A and the hyperactive type B. The combination of these forms is type AB blood.

It is the freshest blood type of human beings, and it is only a thousand years old.

  AB type recipe: People with type AB blood have the characteristics of less type A stomach acid and type B preference meat.

Although I like to eat meat, it is difficult to completely digest due to insufficient stomach acid, which causes the digested part to become dung in the body and cause toxins in the intestine.Therefore, we must control the amount of meat, use a small amount of meat and vegetables, tofu with food, promote gastrointestinal motility, in order to facilitate detoxification.

  Avoid imports: meat, seeds, corn, buckwheat, wheat products.

  Promote imports: tofu, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits.

  Appropriate exercise: In sports, the body shape of A B blood type is close to that of type A blood, so it is also suitable for Tai Chi, yoga and other meditation exercises of type A blood.