”Ye let me catch you pour.”
  ”.Without it, I do not run.”Zhou Zhou Ji quite speechless.
  Gu tired book thought for a moment, slowly let go of her hand, 南宁夜生活网opening a long while: “Let’s go.”
  Ji Zhou Zhou looked up: “Where.”
  ”living room.”
  ”.”De le, to wait for the leaf guide.
  Zhou Zhou Ji Gu tired Pie Zhaozui with the book went to the living room, thirty minutes later, a long yellow hair dyed a baby-faced men rushed in, delicate features and lively, although his face anger, but because of a pair of drooping eyes, not a little momentum.
  Even after she came to know that this man is trouble, Ji Zhou Zhou saw his face, still in the heart whistled.No loss is fiction world, this man with all passers-grade Meiqingmuxiu.
  ”See what?”Gu suddenly asked tired book.
  Zhou Zhou Ji casually replied: “good-looking.”
  Her voice faded, while the two men paused, Gu tired book silently stepped in front of her, blocking most of her sight.
  Pour leaves angrily: “Do not think say a good word I will let you, say that you know is in which part of the story?!”
  ”My own guess is?”Zhou Zhou Ji stuck his round head from behind Gu tired book.
  Ye pour more angry: “Nonsense!My story so complicated, how you might guess!”
  You can come on, this world is not set to the place, is a direct copy of the real world, this scr天津桑拿ipt is good, but it is also the reality of people write, you have to do with a piece of paper people.Let alone are not what suspense drama, all according to routine to go, what is difficult to guess.
  Zhou Zhou Ji innocent looked at him: “I really guess.”
  ”Even to be able to guess, detail is never guessed,” Ye dumping sneer, “Quick said, is who leaked the story to you!”
  ”If you do not believe, I have no idea, say details of something, you do not have the lens in advance hint yet, follow the laws of clips, can roughly guess what the next scene will shift, com