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Korean version of stovepipe exercise challenge star legs

Korean version of stovepipe exercise challenge star legs

Now I am hoping to have a slender leg and a 21st century passionate about glamorous dresses. Therefore, it is unavoidable for men to slap a skirt for a lifetime without even passing it.

Challenge the fascinating legs that change your destiny!


hzh {display: none; }  嗜好伸展运动  1、 双腿分开站立与肩膀同宽,膝盖弯曲,双脚稍稍抬起,同时屏住呼吸。When exhaling, the toe is broken and the body is stretched out as much as possible.

  2, the feet are separated from the same width as the front, inhale, then the left leg is tilted back, lifting the axis.

In this state, pad the right heel, exhale, and put down two.

Repeat the legs 5 times.

  3, from the chair, tighten, relax the toes, so that the calf muscles have a tight feeling, repeated 20 times.

Or put your foot on the chair or the chair in your hand, and stretch your arms and press your waist.

This makes the waist and legs fully contracted, which is also a way to make the legs longer.

  Do not take the elevator when going up and down the stairs, and take full advantage of the steps for exercise.

When you go upstairs, don’t forget to step on the calf, step on the steps with your legs, lift and lower your toes, and get exercised. The feet become slim, muscle tension can be relieved, and beautiful calves can be reshaped.

  Unremitting tension bends down with the elbows, lifts one leg, puts it down, and repeats it more than 10 times a day.

In addition, the elbows are used to resist the ground, the body is lying on the side, then lifted up, and one leg is lowered, and repeated more than 20 times a day.

Only by persisting every day can you see the effect.

  Flexible use of the finishing movement Sky Walker Sky Walker refers to the finishing gymnastics after using the fitness equipment (the equipment that also gets the skiing and jumping effect).

Lift the leg after lying on the side, put it down about 30 times, and then repeatedly send the foot forward and backward.

Do not stretch your toes or bend at this time.

The biggest secret of this sport is that the longer it lasts, the better the effect.

  Shape the charming calf and stand on an object about 10cm high, and put a chair in front to maintain balance.

Slowly lift the left leg to the back of the thigh, the body weight is serious right leg.

Use only the right toe to land, so that the heel is at a 45 degree angle to the ground.

Then subdivide the right foot and heel, using only the tip of the toe.

Also carry out the left leg.

  The flexible legs have a slim, almost muscle-free leg, and are keen on gymnastics that give thighs a stretch.

Stretch straight, tummy hips, pelvis slightly lowered, horse steps, lift the heel, and then resume the straight stretch position.