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How much should a baby drink daily

How much should a baby drink daily

Water, milk, and juice are essential for your baby’s growth, but too much is too much. Drinking too much or too little will reduce its value, but it will not help. So how much should these drinks drink?

Take a look at the daily inclusion plan developed by American experts for your baby.


Milk: After about 2 cups of babies are 2 years old, they should change from whole milk to skimmed milk, or only 1% aunt’s milk.

But not too much. If you consume more than 3 cups a day, your appetite will be suppressed.


Water: About 4 cups, remember to always drink water for your baby, and carry a baby-specific water cup with you.

Try to choose cups with cute shapes, such as fruit-shaped, villain-shaped or ice-shaped, etc. This will increase the fun of baby drinking water.


Juice: Most cups or juices only give your baby 100% pure fruit juice.

Although recent studies have said that juice does not cause extra misfortune to babies, drinking too much can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain, so do not drink too much, and only drink juice during meals, otherwise you may hurt your teeth.