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Dry autumn teaches you how to protect hydrated skin

Dry autumn teaches you how to protect hydrated skin

I had a good face, because the air became very dry during the season, and the power of the sun did not diminish. Then a little breeze . the tender skin was broken!

The nose, lips, and even behind the ears are all the hardest hit areas, and the cheeks are often made like fish scales because of small scaling.

Dry skin and desquamation are like an occasional bomb that pops up from time to time to blow up your personal back, exquisite and flawless makeup, how to save it?

Maintenance First Sandwich First Aid Sandwich First Aid by Asian Makeup King, famous beauty expert KEVIN.

This method is particularly suitable for feeling that the skin has no obvious effect when rubbed. As long as the skin is a bit rough, it feels hot or red, and the skin will not crack after the maintenance of the sandwich.

You can apply a hydrating mask at rest every day, which is especially useful for dry problems.

1. First massage the whole body with beauty massage oil or lotion; 2. Pat lightly with lotion; 3. Wipe the necessary essence according to the situation; 4. Finally, lock all the moisture with cream.

In the case of extremely dry skin, deep dry lines or even scaling may appear around the eyes or cheeks. You can perform a sandwich maintenance method at night and add a local wet compress at the same time during the day.

First massage with massage oil and then apply lotion, then use a cotton pad dipped in lotion to apply a local wet or moisturizing mask on the shorts under the eyes, and then apply the lotion after about 5-10 minutes, and the dry lines will obviously disappear.

Cracks in the skin are actually caused by the lack of moisture in the skin, collagen and other problems caused by the stratum corneum, just like the long-term disrepair replacement will deform and crack. At this time, you need to paint the surface once, and you need to repair it from the inside.Insufficient wipe can save the urgency, but to reshape healthy skin, you need to pay attention to eating habits, drink more water to supplement the lost water, eat more protein and vitamin-containing foods, reduce staying up late, and allow the body to rest and restore the skin., To make the stratum corneum separate more regular, but also make the body’s protective layer stronger.