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Winter cleansing instructions to create baby water muscle_1

Winter cleansing tips to create baby water muscle

After all, it is greasy in summer, and the skin in winter lacks moisture, and often becomes dry and produces fine lines.

At the same time, cleaning is the most important in every season. If you wash your face with hot water because of the fear of cold, it will increase the moisture of the skin and lose it!

To master the correct cleansing points in winter, you must pay attention to the following conditions.

  Within 60 seconds of face washing time, many people will use the bubbles to wash their face as a medium to help massage. Unconsciously, the longer you wash, the longer you wo n’t be complacent. I did n’t expect that the skin became super dry after washing.

When all the dirt on the shell is taken out of the pores while the foam is out, rinse it off with water quickly so that the skin is clean. The best time to wash your face is within 1 minute.

  Use warm water of 15-21 degrees because it is too cold in winter, and many people wash their faces with hot water for the sake of warmth, which is very harmful to the skin!

The ideal temperature for washing your face is 15-21 degrees warmer than your body temperature. This water will not cause pores to shrink due to over-cooling, and will not cause water loss due to excess. Just fine!

  In the case of dry climate, it is best to choose cleansing products with mild and moisturizing ingredients. In general, it is sufficient to choose cleansing milk and cleansing milk in winter, and use cleansing gels with strong degreasing ingredients as little as possible.

  Recommended product 1, Granma Forlan Dream Anne Cleansing Foam 100ml / ¥ 98, using amino acid balance penetration moisturizing method, to balance cell penetration, comprehensively increase the moisture content of each cell.

  2. Levin Gentle Moisturizing Cleansing Milk 178ml / ¥ 228, containing wild sesame, sweet apricot, avocado oil and other ingredients, gently cleanse the skin.

  3, Youxi cleansing milk 200ml / 220, gentle and clean skin, moisturizing and not dry.

  Use a soft dry towel to absorb alkaline water droplets. Towels with humidity will increase the chance of many microbial growth. After washing your face, use a soft and dry towel to gently dry the water droplets.Most perfect, it will increase the chance of skin pulling.

  Wash your face with water in the morning. If you wash your face too often in the winter, it will dry your skin. Since you sleep less at night, you will not get dirty. If you only have oily skin, it is recommended not to use a cleanser. Rinse your face with water and dry it.Chance of sebum membrane to be damaged.

  Alternate cold and hot water If you wake up in the morning and feel that your complexion is not good, you can use the cold water of about 10-15 degrees and the warm water of 15-21 degrees to pat the skin 10 times alternately, which can help the blood circulation and shrink the facial blood vessels slightly., Increase skin elasticity and moisture retention.